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James Tyner
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Aug. 29, 2015
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April 11
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James Tyner's bidding problem: AKQ97 --- 85 AT9532
Partner's hand was: Jxx AKQJT98 KJ J. The 2H bid is technically incorrect (he didn't know a jump to 3H shows a solid suit in 2/1), this still does not excuse my decision not to PASS. I clearly suspected that his hearts might be solid elsewise not ...
James Tyner's bidding problem: AKQ97 --- 85 AT9532
so far it is unanimous - 4 votes for PASS. Not what I was expecting. Is it unreasonable to assume that partner holds the A,K, and A? In other words, can partner really be underwriting a 6 level contract missing 3 controls? Or is the situation just too murky and ...
James Tyner's bidding problem: AKQ874 --- AKQ942 6
I totally agree that 5H is the technically correct bid. So unimaginative this group is . Me, I just couldn't resist and blasted 7S(!). I'm pleased to see that at least one brave soul out there shares my idea of insanity. Seriously, I think this bid has a lot ...
James Tyner's bidding problem: 752 965 62 AK932
Intruder's hand was: AQJx A KQx QTxxx. I'm sure a 3H cuebid would garner a lot of votes, but it seemed unlikely that partner has 4 spades (MPs) and I am certain I would have doubts even if partner bids 3N. The hand makes 6C (the SK is ...
Are the ACBL rules open to interpretation?
Curious. So, based on some of the above comments, in this situation (assume playing in NT and the lead is in Dummy): Dummy QJT9 RHO 8765 Declarer A432 LHO K 2 2 2 Declarer claims the remaining tricks (i.e. not realizing the K is still outstanding) but does not ...
Are the ACBL rules open to interpretation?
Just a thought. . . Per the Laws, you can't require declarer to play in an irrational manner (just careless or inferior). If we take the position that the R.A. (ACBL) mandates that per Law 70E2 the claimer is required to play of a suit "top-down", then per this law ...
Are the ACBL rules open to interpretation?
In my judgment, the director should have awarded the non-offending side with between 1 and 3 tricks and the offending side with a reciprocal 6 to 4 tricks. There are 5 lines of play that I would consider "normal" (defined as includes play that would be careless or inferior for ...
Neil Silverman's bidding problem: Q Q863 T654 Q854
Hmm. I must admit I'm more worried about missing a grand than I am about going set in 6 clubs.
Responding to a 2NT Opening
With no prior agreement, I would assume that both Stayman and Jacoby transfers are in effect as this is about universal (at least in the U.S.). In this scenario, 3S is undefined and could easily be misinterpreted. I would not make this bid precisely because we have no agreement ...

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