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James Vickers
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Oct. 9, 2015
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Unusual over unusual
I count back stepwise from the next legal bid in partner's suit until I come to a cue-bid. That's the one that shows a good raise in partner's suit. The other one shows a good hand with the fourth suit. So when 2NT shows the minors: 1 ...
Was I injured
If one member of the partnership thinks it's invitational and the other thinks it's weak, the system notes that say it is forcing are just wrong, that's not what they are playing. If the difference in meaning between "invitational" and "weak" is sufficient to change your call ...
Director call vs. fun
I don't see how it's inconsistent. If declarer says ", ace" they haven't finished saying "queen", so they don't have to play it. Isn't that what I said? Incidentally, the reason is not that declarer could have been trying to say something other than ...
Director call vs. fun
For me it's when the declarer finishes naming it.
Director call vs. fun
"Classical case AQx in dummy, declarer leads small, LHO plays King, declarer says Que... Ace." Are you assuming that the director will make declarer play the queen if this happens? I wouldn't.
Do You Count Your Cards?
I recall the Hideous Hog was once caught in the endgame with an embarrassing card, and found the only way out by slipping it into his sandwich and eating it. It caused him terrible indigestion because it was a queen rather than a spot card, so there must be some ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
Or Sergeant Bilko, who could count a thick wad of banknotes (even mixed denominations) by holding it up to his ear and flicking through them with his thumb in about half a second.
The Hand That Changed The World (of Claims)
I didn't mean the original insufficient bid, which the next player had the right to accept under both sets of laws. Before 2007 the offender could make a substitute call, then get a TD ruling and take back the substitute call and make a third call. I assume that ...
The Hand That Changed The World (of Claims)
I think this law was introduced to continue the trend of penalising players who refuse to call the director when attention has been drawn to an irregularity. Before 2007, if a player made an insufficient bid and corrected it before the director was called, the TD would cancel the replacement ...
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
Bud, I don't know what procedures you follow in the USA, but in England if EW were judged to be playing an illegal agreement the score would only be adjusted if the non-offenders scored less than 60% of the matchpoints or equivalent (+3 IMPs). If NS's score on ...
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