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Oct. 9, 2015
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The EBU club director training material includes an example similar to this one, and the trainees are asked how they would rule if declarer (who claims the rest giving no line of play) is (a) a beginner, or (b) a grand master who protests that the winning line is obvious ...
What is fair.
MH: "East's 2S bid was highly questionable in terms of hand evaluation judgment, but you can't adjust the score for that." The EBU recently changed its advice on fielded misbids. It used to give an automatic adjustment of 60%-40%, but now it recommends the TD rule on ...
Score adjustment against/ No score adjustment for my partnership?
I think that to award an adjusted score here you need to make sure all the conditions of law 73E2 apply. Did an innocent player draw a false inference from a manner(ism) of an opponent? (yes); did that opponent have no demonstrable bridge reason for the action (detaching a ...
Card dropped on the floor
Marion hasn't actually said if this happened in a major tournament or a club game, but if it's the latter this is really an understandable error for an inexperienced club director, and this talk of "firing the director" and "not suitable for the job" seem an overreaction to ...
Another idea to improve system compliance
The rules of my local club state that players are encouraged, but not obliged, to use convention cards. If they want to use complicated systems (EBU level 4, but the bar could be set lower if you prefer) they must provide their opponents with two properly completed convention cards at ...
The price of headaches is, he said...
No, I don't. Participants in drug trials do have to give their consent, so they are volunteers, but they are not given any choice in which treatment they are given. A lot of trouble is taken to ensure they are randomly assigned to different treatment arms, to avoid any ...
Unusual over unusual
I count back stepwise from the next legal bid in partner's suit until I come to a cue-bid. That's the one that shows a good raise in partner's suit. The other one shows a good hand with the fourth suit. So when 2NT shows the minors: 1 ...
Was I injured
If one member of the partnership thinks it's invitational and the other thinks it's weak, the system notes that say it is forcing are just wrong, that's not what they are playing. If the difference in meaning between "invitational" and "weak" is sufficient to change your call ...
Director call vs. fun
I don't see how it's inconsistent. If declarer says ", ace" they haven't finished saying "queen", so they don't have to play it. Isn't that what I said? Incidentally, the reason is not that declarer could have been trying to say something other than ...
Director call vs. fun
For me it's when the declarer finishes naming it.
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