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James Vogl
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June 18, 2012
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Aug. 15
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about me
Former backgammon/poker professional. Currently a hedge fund manager addicted to bridge since 2006 but am pretty hopeless.
United Kingdom

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Having first monthly positive statement after 6 years at the rubber bridge club.
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Shoot me for going down in 4 spades, not for plagiarism.
Thanks. Identical account up until the details of the shooting itself. Not sure how great a “fact check” it is when also mentions 4s whereas the posts above have sources that sound pretty sure 4s was a total myth. Anyway, the exact facts are not that important for my purposes ...
Shoot me for going down in 4 spades, not for plagiarism.
Will cross reference that source thanks. You "don't see any problem with what you have written". Since you wrote this comment, I edited the article by just placing in bold all the same words I repeated.(Couldn't find the highlight button).... "I" wrote this paragraph before I had ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
The silliest thing about this saga is that there was no upside to the plagiarism as everyone on here seems to find those parts tedious and boring and irrelevant. Whereas his own commentary on bridge was good and no one seems to be accusing him of infringement there which is ...
Risk Over Risk Plus Reward
Why Steven? Assume $100 swing isn’t going to change your life much either way so what diff how many times you get to play?
Risk Over Risk Plus Reward
You got it. This is for the EV chapter. Surprisingly majority of general pop don’t understand this concept not just deal or no deal contestants.
Risk Over Risk Plus Reward
Right. Hence asked $100. Like to follow up in time with same question but $1000 and then $10,000
Bridge in A Box - Give the game you love to the people you love!
Good luck with the endeavour. I am working on something similar we should speak. Like some of the concepts but don’t get the box at all. People just need cards to play bridge not a box. Better to just have all the demos and info online/app
Which is more likely?
James do you have any links to a statistical study of normal as opposed to precision dice being more likely to come up 6?
Which is more likely?
Ditto Leonard I think initially tricky as so used to rolling a die being independent whereas here it is somewhat conditional.
Which is more likely?
Wow Sam 6:7 same as 36:42 Burn eventually got to so think we have confirmation! Thx

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