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James Vogl
James Vogl
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June 18, 2012
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March 17
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Former backgammon/poker professional. Currently a hedge fund manager addicted to bridge since 2006 but am pretty hopeless.
United Kingdom

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Having first monthly positive statement after 6 years at the rubber bridge club.
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Crouch and Cope Win Silodor Pairs
Congrats guys
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
John “one hand means nothing”. Totally disagree. In certain cases one action yet alone one hand is enough for me: Take this hand from a Bermuda Bowl over 50 years ago.... unnamed superstar passed after a very long think after hearing 3D-X-P-???? with xx, AQ10xxxx, 10xxx, void. Miraculously finding his ...
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
I love bbo and love people cheating against me. Sterner competition what’s the problem for online practise sessions?
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Ok forget this particular hand for a sec. A number of world class players have private messaged me and said cheating is rampant on BBO. Let me ask the question which is much more interesting than whether I have a balance or not, WHYYY do people do it?
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Ok john even if your estimates right 0.5 x 0.1 x 0.5 (say) being generous is a 2% possibility so I go to bed optimistic there is a hope they are just clueless or lucky. Sorry gavin no idea that info could expose. No probs if BW ...
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Glass half full :) I think it’s just not this one hand. As gavin mentions lots are up to chicanery on bbo. Just thought amusing happened to me in literally the first hand first board of a speedball I ever played.
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Thx Gavin, not interested in reporting to BBO (I don’t care about winning and paradoxically playing vs opponents who can see all the cards may improve my game more!) and I didn’t ostracise as didn’t name names! Am really interested in knowing why oh why anyone is ...
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
random? what % of players would not redbid 2h you reckon? thought automatic. coupled with the other two actions i eat my hat if this was rub of the green result, and i am the least paranoid guy in the world
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Ron, there are a zillion hands where i need help analysing. Whether to open or balance is about judgement or bidding theory which is not the purpose of this post. More to try and understand why something clearly more sinister goes on, not just in World Championships but at every ...
Which is the biggest sin? (corrected version)
Our style is sound openers and balancing at match points looks clear as a passed hand. The post want really about my actions!!

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