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James Vogl
James Vogl
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June 18, 2012
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Oct. 19
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about me
Former backgammon/poker professional. Currently a hedge fund manager addicted to bridge since 2006 but am pretty hopeless.
United Kingdom

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Having first monthly positive statement after 6 years at the rubber bridge club.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
Don't you have an opening bid and your pard acted over 1nt whatever the system, shouldn't you make some kind of noise other than a minimum response?
Who should 'scape whipping?
Can one "like" a poll on BW in same way one can "like" an article?
Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
Sorry Marshall, just so many posts on BW becoming a bit of a bore on pedantic rulings all the time, given up on them, rather spend my limited time on the beautiful puzzles on here instead. Chris, not my technology. Nothing perfect I guess.
Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
Can't be bothered to read this rather tedious post all the way through. But just to let you know, a friend of mine is working on "hawk eye" technology for games. In bridge the camera and sensors would record all games, hand records and viewgraph would be automated with ...
In the Well: Adam and Zach Grossack
@Adam. Hope you enjoy pro bridge because I am not sure about your above logic re "no better time to try it". If you have a degree and are young and take a long time out to play pro bridge you will have a big gap in your cv. Come ...
In the Well: Adam and Zach Grossack
@Zach, I have limited experience too just to my boy who is nearly 5. I never wanted him to play just saw me on bbo and kept watching and clicking buttons. Because it is fun is exactly the reason to play without realising it is intellectual. E.g. My Zac ...
In the Well: Adam and Zach Grossack
Great answer. Only just saw this. Why 13 as a starting target age? Reckon so much harder to learn by then compared to 7 or 8.
In the Well: Adam and Zach Grossack
Hi guys. Zach, on the subject of Meckstroth asking how to encourage youths to play, you wrote above: "I was reading an interview somewhere with Uday and he was saying that we need to find a way for people to Learn bridge quickly, and not over the course of weeks ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
I have no idea on whether this was tax evasion or avoidance or have enough info to tell, nor is it my business. It would be totally insane if these guys had to serve any custodial sentence especially such a long one even if they were guilty: A) why not ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
Awesome and I don't even have to buy the times to understand it now. Thx!

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