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Jameson Cole
Jameson Cole
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Feb. 3, 2011
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Silver Life Master
Jim Cole & Denis Murphy
2 over 1
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The Right Choice
In my simple way (non expert) of thinking, I decided to lead to the HQ and if that held to play for split aces by leading a spade thru East with an obligatory finess to follow. p.s. love your articles. you'r making me a better player.
The Dirty Aces
Oops, sry
The Dirty Aces
Missing a card in Lazys hand
Jameson Cole's bidding problem: AQJ64 5 Q3 AJ942
At the table, I expected to hear West leap to 4H, which he did, so I thought it best toshow a second suit. But we hadn'f discussed it so missed the spade game with 4H making. I am of the continuous camp now.
Be Prepared
(1S). 2H. (3S). ? Do you have a use and meaning for this sequence?
Be Prepared
why not call these lebensohl doubles?
6 nt doubled
I presented this as a lead problem on Oct 3. 7% voted for a spade lead. And of course I included the auction and the opening leaders hand.
6 nt doubled
Only 1 person voted for a spade lead. The doubler's hand was: SAK874 H2 D875 C10864 The leader's hand was: S93 H1097653 DJ4 C975 So there is no way to ask for a spade lead, other than by partnership understanding. As declarer, you are forced to pass and ...
Opponents show majors over your 1NT
A couple of years ago I did a sim re' overcalls of 1nt & concluded that with a 1- suited oc that lebensohl applies adequately, but with a 2- suited oc, dbls should be primarily for takeout, since the likelihood of their making a 2 level (& also 3 level) was quite ...
Jameson Cole's bidding problem: KQJT A A42 KJT95
FWIW, 4 -1; 4 just makes

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