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Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
Hi everyone. Please note that I am writing this in a personal capacity, but of course with some insight into the matters at hand. I cannot help but start by sharing some personal frustration over some posts, mainly on the other thread (I will not mention names). A lot of ...
Do What Is Possible, Not What Is Easy
I have not received any communication from Mr Hasselgren. I may anyway comment on the whole matter in a few days. By the way, for starters, I share the dismay.
Jan Kamras elected EBL President
I haven't been visiting BW for a while so belated but sincere thanks to y'all for your good wishes.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
I believe some of you misunderstand the review process. The only thing reviewable is the *process* used by the TDs (Laws applied, questions asked when polling, facts not considered etc.) in arriving at their ruling, not the ruling itself. If the ruling is "no adjustment" after an impeccable process it ...
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I totally agree, and this should be compulsory reading for all responsible for youth bridge in their NBOs. I haven't read all posts so forgive me if repeating something, but the Swedish federation is very much going that way, particularly the mini-bridge thing to get them playing cards and ...
What is a Patton?
Mike: I have never heard of "aggregate" being the other part. It is IMPs converted to "BAM-points" according to a suitable scale that depends on the no. of boards per match. I like it a lot for shorter (say less than 12 boards) matches compared to just IMPs/VPs since ...
Jan Kamras elected EBL President
Thanks a lot Kniffe!
Jan Kamras elected EBL President
Thank you Tom!
English selection problem - EBU response
English selection problem - EBU response
Hi Tom. My comment was limited to DB's assertion above (and a general opinion about trials). I frankly have no idea how the SC should have decided in the situation at hand. Luckily I have never had to face something similar since I never held direct trials. If you ...

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