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Jan Lagerman
Jan Lagerman
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April 4, 2014
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Captain Sweden Open Chennai 2015, Budapest Wroclav 2016

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ATB - aggressive slam bidding
World Championship Humor
I also remember laughing out loud when someone in the rama in Stockholm 1983 knocked down an ash tray on the floor and Edgar Kaplan commented cooly -: "That was one down" and Jean Besse yelled -: "No no, he can still make it"
World Championship Humor
Not sure this qualifies, but it is quite humourous. In my phone I have 2 pics from The Bridge Rama in Lyon. They are taken from the same deal and one pic shows Bermuda Bowl screen and the other pic shows the Venice Cup screen. What is so extraordinary is ...
Redouble of a Delayed Balancing Takeout Double
How do you know they made a mistake if you only had a raise to 2?
Showing the Joker
Nick: Ofc I was not 100% sure but I always suspected something like that, and that was also why I put in the quote (may not have been exact, it was many many years ago I read that) which I found intresting.
Showing the Joker
Thx. One may wonder what the X in Yehudits post meant? Even if Benito would have bid 4H, he might not have played the same kind of double as Belladonna and Avarelli. The above deal indicates, as I wrote, they played true penalty doubles. At least on some boards, unless ...
Showing the Joker
Didn't Avarelli also pass 2D X with a very weak hand, few diamonds and many (6-7?) spades after something like: 1NT (weak) P 2C P; 2D X P ? The X was penalty, but it looked like a strange decision when I saw it many years ago. (I think Kaplan ...
Procedural Penalty
Is this not an example of what some years ago was called 'convention disruption'?
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