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Playing with Michael Rosenberg against WalterAvarelli and the BlueTeam
Barnet Shenkin is no joke. If he played small, so would many others without a thought. I think you are missing things. "but I'm pretty sure I'd play it the same way he did." If you would, playing with your left hand, you are a helluva good player.
Playing with Michael Rosenberg against WalterAvarelli and the BlueTeam
Haha. No, I was not offended. More amused. Sry If I gave the wrong impression. I was amused because I strongly belive that this is a deal few If any players would make. Presumably you think a lot If players would make it as ’what else can one play’ but ...
Playing with Michael Rosenberg against WalterAvarelli and the BlueTeam
Sry, but I think you are dead wrong. The deal presented by Barnet demonstrates that in his best moments Walter Avarelli played bridge like few others are able to do. "How was he supposed to play it?" To me this question is extremely degrading of a world class play. You ...
Any converts?
Avon: Do you know if any other countries felt the same about the BT as the US teams? In Sweden we had Bridgetidningen as our main information channel, and Erik Jannersten who was the editor was a fan of the italians so here we did not hear much, if anything ...
Jordan Kaye's bidding problem: --- 83 AJT9765 QJ95
I have a sneaking feeling that double is the right bid. Not a sneaking feeling. More I KNOW DBL is right. But I can't do it. My hand refuses to grab the red card. :)
0/3 Ambiguity
In BB 1983 I recall one top US pair managed to get to a grand, off 3 aces. As often is the case it was a misunderstanding of the earlier bidding that caused the disaster.
David Libchaber's bidding problem: KJ965 J A742 K75
Even if I now know 2Sp is a make, I would not ever let it slip away undoubled at Match Points. Probably not even at IMPs.
Belladonna as declarer
I first saw the deal in a book 'Bridge with the Aces' written by I think Ira Corn. I bought it on my first trip to US (I was on a swedish navy ship on Hudson river 4th of july 1976) and it was filled with nice deals by mainly ...
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
If they bid 6H on my right, I will double. :)
The sneak
Just after Zia's Bolstips (if they don't cover...) many years ago I played 4H. A5 KJ763 Q765 Q8 4 AQT82 82 AJT92 I played 4H after 1H P 2NT P; 3C(min) P 4H 3C did not say anything about clubs. Just minimum. West led a spade. I ...
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