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Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
Is it not also a matter of overcalling style?
Jan Lagerman's bidding problem: AQ9842 A765 K4 K
In diamonds if I understtod it right, there was 10 tricks. In spades two more, but I am not completely sure of the layout. Doubler was something like 3343 3hcp with QJxx of diamonds.
Jan Lagerman's bidding problem: AQ9842 A765 K4 K
I gave this problem to a lot of people and no one gave a satisfying answer how to handle this. Therefor this problem.
Jan Lagerman's bidding problem: AQ9842 A765 K4 K
No, East just made a Striped Tailed Ape double, and you missed a slam.
Normand Houle's bidding problem: x x AQxxxx Kxxxx
I remember when 2rounds later they were in 6h and RHO was thinking to bid 7h which was an easy make.
Blocked suit squeeze
It is not a steppingstone. In a Steppingstone you have your tricks, but due to a blocked suit you can not take them. But when you cash the squeeze card, the opponent who controls the blocked suit must release a winner. Now you cash a winner in the blocked suit ...
Peter Fredin won this slam. Will you...?
This weekend Sweden Danmark Germany and Netherlands played a friendly team tournament held each year. The most spectacular deal IMO was when Peter Fredin held: AKT7x T72 x QJ8x In third seat he opened 1sp Next said DBL Partner bid 2sp RHO passed Peter passed LHO doubled a second time ...
Blocked suit squeeze
Isn't it just a 'simple' strip squeeze.
Hard to Believe
If they do, we would call for you Ed, and then I assume even you will have a problem how to solve it.
Hard to Believe
The hand itself is hard to belive. I have never seen anything like it live at the table. I suppose one should open 2C and then bid clubs and diamonds naturally followed by 5NT or something obscure before bidding 7NT in hope some naive opponent doubles.
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