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Jan Lagerman
Jan Lagerman
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April 4, 2014
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Captain Sweden Open

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Jan Lagerman's bidding problem: Q7542 K98752 6 8
And if passed? :)
Length Leads against NT
What about 2NT? :)
Congratulations Greg Lawler
"There were some that tried to argue the statistics/probability with him." Did they do well? :) Congrats Greg!!!
A new low for the robots
One dark evening at the pub two robots talk about todays game. -: Ok, this human leads the King and I discourage with the 3. -: Then the human still continues with the ace, so I give him the ten to be sure he does not continue. -: Oh no, a third diamond ...
10% 20% 30% 40% Is that not possible?
UI or not?
Hehe. I always thought it was my countrymen who invented it. But I do know, it was named 'Kock Werner Redouble'. Might have seen it in a book written by a Brit. Will try to find it later. Thx for telling, Richard.
UI or not?
I believe it was the swedish pair Kock - Werner who invented the SOS redouble many many years ago. It was colled 'Kock Werner redouble' before SOS became a part of the name of the convention. Any MP player above inexperienced should know that 3HX making is a very good score ...
Yet Another Look
So what is a bid called if it asks if opener really has what he promised with his opening bid? P 1H (11-15) 2C 2H (I have less than 11) EDIT: I once saw P 1S 2C 2S (I have a LOT less than a normal opener. 2D or 2H ...
Champions of Bridge and Chess Showing Sportsmanship
In the semi final of Rosenblum Cup 1994 Gawrys Lasocki was defending 6H by the swedes Tommy Gullberg and Mårten Gustawsson. AK9x KQJx Q8xxx - xx Txxxx AK AJxx This looks like a good slam, but trumps were 3-1 and diamonds 5-1 so the slam was due to go down, until ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: A82 AKT KQT964 6
Sure, if your next bid confirms primary support and a stiff club, that will be nice.
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