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April 4, 2014
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Board 2 of GNT Final
”Days of Thunder” was a strange name I did not hear before. I always called it ”Garozzo defence” after the famous shift Garozzo did in the BB 1979 in Brazil vs US.
A well selected opening lead
"As some of you know, I have been on the receiving end of many of these leads," :)
James Tyner's bidding problem: AKT8653 KT7 K 75
Either I would jump to 2S on the first round OR if I play WJS I bid 3S (forcing) this round. If I bid 1S and can not force with 3S I would feel bad about my system.
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
Well yes. West did not belive in overcalling 1Sp with 7hcp (all of them outside his suit), and the suit wasn't good enough for 2Sp. Times were different back then.
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
Even if you wasn't sure it would be ruffed?
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
I suppose many do, but in this case West did not know for certain that East had a ruff. (Had East made a lightner double of 4H I agree completely with you). Here he simply led the normal card (3rd from six). South was void in diamonds so a diamond ...
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
But should West encourage with the queen on the ace? Does the ace promise the king?
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
And if the heart jack would be a small card?
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
South was void in diamonds.
Attitude or count (or suitpreference)?
I should have said so ofc. It did promise the ace. I did edit the OP to add that info.
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