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So a 5-4-2-2 hand is described as a 5S4D hand?
If we have 5Sp and 4H and they open 1H? What do we do then if we want to overcall?
A Reply to David Yates' Articles
page 23 has a Avarelli Pabis-T mixup
On an Assumption
"In Reese's book Master Play, one of the best chapters is Playing on an Assumption." Held a class on that theme last week. It is one of my favourite classes for players who left the beginners lvl, starting to climb up further. I usually use Reese's 3sp or ...
Defensive Discarding Problem
I think Mike Lawrence and Eddie Kantar defended a contract this way by discarding and discarding and discarding ... until partner got the setting ruff. Was it 1990? Any way, it is worth to remember such a play.
Double Standards
So Jerry was wrong about the pre-alert? He wrote in his post: "Before the beginning of the 1st set we DID our normal prealert procedure (as in each match we play) - verbally and by presenting defense sheets, duly printed out from the ACBL defense database." It seems the provided defence ...
Double Standards
"Tell 'em what you play. Or suffer. " But here EW did tell. And provided a defence. In Albuquerque there was nothing like that. The conventional 1NT was not even on the convention card as you said, and I do not think pre-alerts were in use (1994). It seems you are ...
Double Standards
So NS were pre-alerted. Even if not before the last set. Is not pre-alerts the tool used to prevent opponents from beeing surprised and not properly prepared for a perhaps strange to them opening call? If the pre-alert was at the beginning of the match or at the beginning of ...
Double Standards
I admit I would too. On some of those 100% perhaps even a grand, even if I also admit that is not very likely.
Double Standards
" in which case slam would easily be reached." Could easily be reached?
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