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Confessions of a Slowcoach
Eric Jannersten once wrote that trying to speed slow players is almost impossible. The best way to do it is to slowplay them. Not to play faster. If you play faster, he will slow down even more. If you on the other hand slowplay HIM, he might realise this is ...
The price of pessimism
KT76 or QT76? I would think the drop of the club jack (or someone dropping a club from Jxxx on the run of diamonds) would be a better chance than KQ76 in hearts. But I never win theese kind of games. :)
The price of pessimism
And you played the jack?
What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?
In 1970 the bidding box was introduced to the world of bridge during the WC in Stockholm. It had been in use for a few years in Sweden before that, but now it came out to the rest of the world. The inventor, Gösta Nordenson, died a few months ago ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: J4 KQ73 Q872 K93
Perhaps not. But if he opens the best minor with 3-3 it might. I know some open 1C with 3m-3m and 1D with 4m-4m and if that is std I suppose it can never be a 4-3 fit.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: J4 KQ73 Q872 K93
How about 1 vote for a T/O double instead of risking 3D on a 4-3 fit?
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: AQ K KT753 AQ653
Bidding clubs with 55 in the minors is what Belladonna did on a famous deal. His opps were not happy if I understood the after talk. That was after 1s pass 1NT ? so not the same auction, but still ...
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
" But unless it is very clear that the 4♥ call would have woken you up as to what happened, you cannot be permitted to take another call. " I do think this might be clear on the OPs auction. 2NT 3NT, 4H is VERY rare and odd. If someone plays this ...
Grand slam call after partners huddle.
I assume in IMPs only and not in MP or BAM. But even in IMPs 7H -1, even if a ruff at trick 1 is highly unlikely, is bad compared to 7NT=
Grand slam call after partners huddle.
Not where I live. 5NT asks for kings up to the trump suit, unless the responder just can bid a grand himself with the knowledge all key cards are present.
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