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Jan Lagerman
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April 4, 2014
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Captain Sweden Open Chennai 2015, Budapest Wroclav 2016

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Fundamental Principle
Andy: You mean the line after low-X in the blank WBF CC? Yes, from what happened in Lyon that line probably have to be filled in properly. Not sure it is enough room for a lot of different combinations, but surely ...
Seen on BBO and another claim at the bridgeclub.
So the combination shows up after 37 years. Not sure I will see it again then. :(
Fundamental Principle
Ok. If you did circle the the possible cards you might lead, all is fine. But people who write 'attitude leads' only, must, at least if they play WBF events, be sure what they do.
Fundamental Principle
Ofc he should. There is no objection to that. A complete description should be given when asked. Here it was written 'attitude leads' on the card and no question was asked during play. (Actually declarer summoned TD during next board while he was dummy) I was just wondering if Kit ...
Fundamental Principle
AJ873 63 963 J98 T6 AKT82 AK53 A2 (3C) P (P) 3NT The lead is Sp 4 to 3, king and 6 East playes a low club to 2, king, 8. West continues with the Sp 2. You look at EWs card and it reads 'attitude leads' vs NT. Here ...
Fundamental Principle
Kit: What are your thoughts about describing 'attitude leads' on the card? There was an appeal in Lyon when an attitude leader led the 4 from Q542 (if I remember the spot cards) and lost it to a world class player who thought 4 + 2 must be from a weaker ...
Claim ruling poll
Is it not a deal in Right through the pack, where two guys play vs their GFs? They have all the cards and bid a grand when one of the girls 'save' in 7NT. The guys now in a VERY gentleman way start to play for zero tricks, when they ...
ATB - Missed slam
I asked Mikael tonight and was told that 4S is a slamtry. 4H is a puppet to 4S to pass or continue (ie stronger than 4S).
ATB - Missed slam
A monster is a good expression. 3 spades, two hearts, aces and a source of tricks. How does a better hand look? South did not even try. (I assume 4H is Last Train)
Claim Rules
Me myself would never claim on a squeeze unless I thought the opponents would understand my claim, even if I was 100% sure it would work.
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