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Jane Eason
Jane Eason
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Basic Information

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May 23, 2014
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live on a farm with my husband, Bill Eason, three horses, a pony, a mule, a cat and two dogs. Hobbies are genealogy, playing word games online, driving my mule, horseback riding and bridge. I love teaching play of the hand and defense. And I especially love running two 49ers games at MA Lightman BC, Inc, Memphis, TN.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Make that "memories"! Traveling with friends to tournaments and post mortems with friends at the end of the day.
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd Fall National Mixed Senior Pairs, 1st Zone Life Master on the Microsoft Zone
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Eason, Brent Manley, Jack Hudgins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
M. A. Lightman Bridge Club, Inc., Memphis, TN
Favorite Tournaments
Any Nationals, but I have rarely been able to go to them.
Favorite Conventions
Rousinou leads, third and fifth best leads, J, 10, 9 showing zero or 2 higher vs. NT leads, upside down attitude and mostly upside down count.
BBO Username
MawJ and jobanjo (I play under the name MawJ because BBO said my old name from the zone and early BBO was taken. It was actually taken by jobanjo.)
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Dahl and Oshlag Win Fast Pairs
Way to go, Richard! Congratulations on a spectacular showing for the whole tourney, and on your stepping-stone squeeze!!
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Thanks for your input, guys.
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Sorry I didn't make it clear, Alan, that this was a no trump contract with defenders having no black cards, the K having been played, and losing diamonds in dummy.
Missorted hands that worked in your favor
I'd like to edit my previous comment to add that my hand was 4 clubs and 5 spades, and that the opponents had a 5-3 spade fit, but I don't see an edit button.
Missorted hands that worked in your favor
My pick-up partner and I sat down against the 1-seed on the last round of an open pairs. We'd had a good and lucky game, and I felt sure we could win the event by simply avoiding a disaster. On the last board, relieved to have a clear-cut bid ...
How would you rule? (follow-up post)
I also voted Other. And here're my points: South's failure to double an alerted 2D followed by his failure to double the 5C response to Blackwood could have suggested to North that a heart lead was superior to a diamond lead. Had the 2D bid been alerted, South ...
What's the best result you've lost IMPs on (or worst you've gained on)?
Many, many years ago, playing on a pick-up, win-loss Swiss team, our side was cold for 3NT or 4H. Partner opened 1NT. RHO bid an artificial 2D. And I bid 3D, which I intended as forcing. But partner passed, and we played our 3-2 fit. 3D was down one after ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
Suppose the situation occurs where two players expose a key card at different tables in the same event. At one table, the law is enforced and the offender pays a costly penalty. At the other table, the law is ignored and the player suffers no penalty. Further suppose that the ...
How would you rule?
Declarer loses the trick she conceded. She could easily have played a heart before running diamonds, as she has obviously miscounted diamonds. (By the way, it's my understanding that after play ceases, there is no longer a dummy.)
15 Card each Bridge
In the 60's or 70's, there was a bridge game with six suits, the two additional being Wheels and Rackets. And it was played with six players, three on each side.

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