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Janice Sandberg
Janice Sandberg
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Aug. 20, 2010
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22 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired from the Miami Herald, currently living in Houston with my husband Eric, whom I met playing bridge on OKB. 

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with screens see below (my only time for sure) and finding it a piece a cake as I learned to play on OKB and knew how to alert my own bids :-)
Bridge Accomplishments
Playing in the WBF mixed pairs Montreal 2002 (too naive to know how dumb this was) and making it to the finals
Regular Bridge Partners
Eric (etsand)
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Cheating on BBO
I played on OKBridge during that time. Still do. A novice then, I would play with my teacher, go over the hands, and then later I would look at the winner’s hand records so I could learn. One pair’s results were suspicious even to little me, ie passing ...
Roland Wald R.I.P.
Pre-BBO he was already helping novices online in our Fireside group on OKBridge. No pay just willing to fill in as teacher as needed. I will miss his Shabbat Shalom posts every week on Facebook. I’m so saddened. May your memory be a blessing.
Spingold, Vegas on Twitch!
I agree. I also like the played cards to go away. I’m going to try listening on my phone and watching the regular BBO feed on my iPad so I can have the settings I prefer. Wonderful for those of us on mobile devices who can no longer get ...
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
I read in the Bulletin that your wife Marjorie Michelin went over 20,000 masterpoints during the tournament and that you won the Educational Foundation knockouts together. Congrats to you both!
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
I was taught the mnemonic O SH*T Starting with 3 O is zero - bad suit bad hand S is suit - good suit bad hand H is hand - good hand bad suit T is top - good hand good suit I can remember that!
What to do
Been there. We just wrote Autowood on our cards. :)
Followup to the Well
I saved a hand of yours from Nov 29, 2016 to discuss with my partner. You were in 4th seat The bidding went: 1! - P - 1 - X- 2 - 2NT all pass 1 was precision. I was a little surprised that 2NT was natural there. Would it ...
High Level Reverses
An option is to open 1 with 5-5 in the blacks and a minimal hand. Unless you get preempted by pesky opps it's often easier to bid spades twice. Nothing is perfect obviously - pard may take you for 5-6.
2NT is (almost) never natural?
Thanks Will and Frances, I've added that good option.
BW Bridge Polls Feedback Request
Id like to see my percentage even when I take the check mark off "bid publicly".

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