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Opener's splinters after a 2-over-1
We play 3N any light splinter, 4C/D heavy ones. After 3N partner may ask 4C if really interested.
BW 2/1: Opener's "High Reverse"
After 3 I'd bid 4NT as a slam invite and the problem is more or less solved. Would it be a RKCB for you ?
Polish club 1!C-2m continuations
Yes, I know why, and even I had a (small and weak, but I'm quite prod of it) part in the discussion before this move, some 10 years ago. Władek Izdebski finally decided to choose double checkback because of its simplicity and direct approach, suitable for popular, standard system ...
Polish club 1!C-2m continuations
You're right, I messed it up. Thanks for correction. But I must add that the transfer checkback has been abandoned in his recent books (WJ XXI) in favour of the methods from my comment.
Polish club 1!C-2m continuations
Izdebski's treatment is more or less the same as your methods. It's a double checkback where 2d strong rebid after 1c - 1s - 1NT does not contain hearts, as distributions 5s-4h are covered by 1t - 1s - 1nt - 2c - 2d (forced) - 2h (at least one round force).
Polish club 1!C-2m continuations
There is indeed a great benefit in this switch! The basis for it is simple: if you have a GF response with 5+ clubs, the opener has almost certainly a weak notrump hand. But if you have GF with diamonds, he may have also a natural club opening. Therefore with ...
Bidding the Odds - can we do better than Kokish Relay?
Thank you for this nice contribution. IMHO the idea is fresh, convincing and simple to implement. Don't you think, however, that in followups after 2NT (hearts) it would be beneficial to exchange the meanings of 3C and 3S ? This would leave more space for positive unfitted cases, while 3S ...
Pre- or Post- Accept of Minor Suit Transfers?
@Benoit:"Im also convinced that 1D–1H= spades and 1D=1S= hearts is a serious improvement but this is another story". I've heard about this switch before, but never could figure out how to proceed further if the responder has both majors (44, 54). Strong cases may be probably ...
Pre- or Post- Accept of Minor Suit Transfers?
Very interesting discussion :) Here are my 2 cents. The approach where the bid 2S was either a balanced invite or transfer to clubs (weak or strong) was ruling in Poland for last 30 years. Currently it seems to decline, mainly from practical reasons (camouflage, avoiding lead-directing double to 2S, etc ...
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
Paul, You seem to miss what I try to say in my primitive English. In your posts you would never call me or anybody an "idiot" (THIS is probably our common background). But "not honorable" is not triggering any warning signal in your writing. You think so and you write ...

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