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Jan. 14, 2014
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Inverted Minor holding a 4-card major
I play a somehow close structure (however my 1 is a real suit): 1 - 2 is weak Multi (Lauria patent?); 1 - 2 is weak reverse Flannery; 1 - 2 is more or less like inverted minor (10+); You have awakened my interest, please feed ...
Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
Interesting opinion, I've met this treatment already but I was always thinking it sacrifies too much bidding for the not so frequent hands. Maybe I was wrong with this impresssion. To clarify: you mean 2 as weak 5 4 and 2 as a stronger option ...
Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
1 - 1, my favourite problem child :) Definitely, I support bidding 2 with 5323. And what about weak 2 as the direct response to 1? This - among other benefits - clarifies many problem cases. If 2 response is weak on 6+, you may use 2 ...
After double, you may play the 3NT from any side :) As extra bonus, such double may be converted into $$$. In your previous post you aimed at 3NT and didn't care about playing 2NT.
If we follow your idea, why not to reverse the meaning of 2NT and double? Wouldn't it be much more flexible to double with values (with a stopper or without) and propose a minor contract with 2NT? Not always you have a stopper in a 5+ suit that was ...
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
I was reasoning purely hypothetically. My intention never was to suggest that it's you who "did not read to the end". I am sorry if it could be taken like this. Honestly speaking, absolute majority of my bridge friends think in your style and I must accomodate. But, God ...
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
In his first statement, DG rather clearly defines the condition: "I like over their 2M (doesnt matter which M they opened)." So using this (DG) treatment after Multi or Flannery would be, hm... speaking politely: a proof that you did not read it to the end. But you may use ...
Systems after (weak two) - 2N - (P)
Let me cite David Gold from some other thread here: "I like over their 2M (doesnt matter which M they opened). 3C-forces 3D, can be to play, 3 of their major next is stayman and others show diamonds. 3D is xfter to other major (room for super accept if they ...
Am I just wrong?
EK: "I’m holding ♠xx ♥AQJxxx ♦ ♣xxxx and double...." MR: With that hand, you don't deserve to defeat ANY contract. Right, you should first have a look under the table in search for a missing card.
Showing both majors over 1NT - 2!C
Dear Etienne, I understand the idea very well. But look, if the responder will bid his M4 he will be the declarer (of course if this suit will be agreed). You will get what you want without any dirty tricks! Instead of forcing poor declarer to remember the inversion, you ...

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