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Janusz Lekki
Janusz Lekki
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Jan. 14, 2014
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15 hours ago
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2!C as weak majors 5+4+
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1!c-2!d: What do you play it as (in 2/1)?
Me too... Surprisingly, not very frequent sequence.
(1!S) - X - (2!S) - X
Right you are. But there's also some tradeoff. Quod libet.
(1!S) - X - (2!S) - X
- Responsive double for minors or GF with 4 (with or without stop); - 2nt, 3, 3 - transfers (better than 13 cards and a willingness to play); - 3 = regular invite with 4.
2!d Opening to Show a Balanced 18-19 HCP?
Recently I started to play such 2 after three passes. In this position I do not need Multi any more. From my (modest) experience, the natural 2 alternative does not bring anything extremely useful, while removing strong balanced hands from other openings is quite valuable IMHO. Positive factor ...
How do you play redouble here?
I play it as a transfer to . In such situations, redouble starts a chain of transfers, ending at a simple raise of the partner's suit (the weakest option). The idea is following the Useful Space Principle methods. This particular sequence is very effective for transfer approach, allowing to ...
Double after game force has been set
I'll be probably a lone fool here, but here's the treatment advocated by a book "Modern relay systems" (D.Kowalski, in Polish): Direct double after first GF relay (2 here) and intervention = shortness in the enemy's suit. May come handy if bidding gets turbulent; Double from ...
2 way weak-strong 2 bids
This scheme is very similar to Foster Taylor's (?) one I've read about in the old journal from '70 (?). I was so much impressed by the crystal clarity of this structure that I started to play this way just on the next day. Unfortunately, being rather unexperienced beginner I ...
2/1 vs. Precision
@ML Controversial opinion. A Precision 2 was introduced to Polish Club in the '80 and was always considered its weak point - the necessary evil facilitating bidding after 1. No improvements in subsequent bidding have been found in spite of many effors. Extension to 6 helps, but the ...
Gazzilli doubt
"...the direct 2♠ bid showing spades and clubs preeempted the hearts, right?" Absolutely. That's why I don't play G. after 1, see above. "Nor am I seeing how 6 card Gazzilli solves what to do on 1♥ - 1NT auctions when opener is 4=5=2=2 and ...
Gazzilli doubt
Well, if 2 is a (nonforcing) way to escape to a low contract I cannot deny it's advantages over Gazzilli. But the merit of Gazzilli is a comfortable way of bidding strong hands and I'd focus on this aspect, accepting occasional shadows. Where the big gains are ...

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