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Janusz Lekki
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Jan. 14, 2014
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2!C as weak majors 5+4+
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Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
In one of the recommended methods in Polish Club, 1M - 2nt is currently a game try with a 3+ fit (we don't like Jacoby, our workhorse is GF 2c). And now a 3c rebid means "do you have a decent invite?". This has an upside that the responder may ...
Questions regarding a Two-way Multi
If you try to employ first principles approach you have to define conditions at least so well as in case of sims. Even more - I am convinced that it requires much deeper understanding of inner relations, while sims "see" them in a natural way. In effect, you have more occassions ...
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
With my pard we extend this M/m trick by showing a double fit using 4om (more exactly, 4c is always a double fit and 4d is a major fit and a good hand). Considering the rest I fully agree and I play this way. Below 3nt and without a ...
Transfer breaks after 2NT
All Polish authors here, for at least 15-20 years, have been advocating the treatment where direct acceptance of the transfer is exactly 2 cards. 3 cards fit is sold by 3nt and other bids show fit 4(+) and significant extras. And yes - many simulations have been done in this area ...
Transfer breaks after 2NT
March 2019 (NewBM1903)
responses to 1NT
Subsequently, responses 3 and 3 were abandoned, mainly due to their low frequency. In recent Martens' works these distributions are shown by "transfer after Stayman". 3 and 3 responses proved to be more useful, in spite of the fact that their frequency is also not spectacular.
And the 1!C - 2!D Jump Shift
Really fresh idea, much more appealing than pure multi after 1, as is e.g. in a system of Lauria. My 2 cents - what do you think about replacing GF in by GF in ? If we have a strong clubs hand, our partner has a weak NT ...
Do you prefer to play Gazzilli?
Following transfer ideas, 2 is a transfer to hearts (full range, 11-21) and 2 is a nonforcing switch to 5 4. I have been playing this way for about half a year, but still do not have enough statistics. But in all 3-4 cases it worked ...
Inverted Minor holding a 4-card major
I play a somehow close structure (however my 1 is a real suit): 1 - 2 is weak Multi (Lauria patent?); 1 - 2 is weak reverse Flannery; 1 - 2 is more or less like inverted minor (10+); You have awakened my interest, please feed ...
Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
Interesting opinion, I've met this treatment already but I was always thinking it sacrifies too much bidding for the not so frequent hands. Maybe I was wrong with this impresssion. To clarify: you mean 2 as weak 5 4 and 2 as a stronger option ...

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