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Jarek Langer
Jarek Langer
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Aug. 7, 2017
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57 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Played the Polish "Our System" in high school with my dad, then didn't play bridge at all until I moved to Austin 4 years ago. Always trying to learn and get better, with mixed results.

United States of America

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First fraction of a platinum point at my first nationals
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Bridge Center of Austin
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Good/bad 2NT
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Silver Life Master
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Jarek Langer's bidding problem: KQ753 5 Q8763 A2
It can't, 2H range on our card is 3-9
John Schuler's bidding problem: KJ QJT8 KQ7642 Q
Seems like a good hand for good/bad 2NT?
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: J6 5 KJ9763 8763
Yes - partner was a robot so I obviously didn't feel bad posting this, and wanted a sanity check. 6C failed of course, partner's only useful feature was the JS
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: T8 732 J864 KT52
The comment is about the double, not 4S of course
Jarek Langer's lead problem: 85 63 T54 J98752
Thank you for the votes/comments! 4NT was explained as keycard, 5S showing two with the queen, should have mentioned that. W hand: T2 AKQJ985 J76 6 E hand: AQ763 T2 Q98 AKQ Basically no hope after a club lead, which is what I chose.
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: A52 98543 9 K654
I thought that might be partner's shape as well and masterminded with 1S. Partner was actually 4=1=4=4: K Q T 7 T K 6 5 4 A J T 2 After LHO bid 3H (!!), partner unfortunately bid 3S, and we went for ...
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: A 65 T98732 AJ93
Thanks everyone. Partner had a leaping Michaels hand, which we unfortunately do not play, and W for some reason did not raise with 4 spades: 8 5 A K Q J 3 A 10 8 7 4 2
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: AQJ65 KQ753 92 K
Yes, clear for this partnership. What W bid would unambiguously agree hearts on this sequence for you?
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: AQJ65 KQ753 92 K
Thank you everyone! Richard's comment is spot on - wanted to see if anyone would pull to 6NT since it's MPs. Partner's hand was: K 3 A 10 9 K Q J 8 A 9 8 3 Hearts were 4-1, so this actually ended ...

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