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Jarek Wyganowski
Jarek Wyganowski
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Oct. 6, 2015
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5 hours ago
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
Asks for shortness agreeing in my methods. Trying for game.
Who underbid in this vulnerable game
To me, raise of any invite to 3n is automatic regardless, considering its vul and imps.
Who underbid in this vulnerable game
Decision whether S hand is worth GF depends on how light they open. If sound openings, S is definietly worth GF. If light openings, S may go through 1N.
Who underbid in this vulnerable game
S should bid 3 after 2, but N is too good to pass 2N, having those nice middle fillers.
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
I would start with xx now and let partner decide.
Jarek Wyganowski's lead problem: J876 AT52 T9 KJT
North hand: A94 864 65 A7652 If you chose a lead - congrats! Down one. Otherwise makes, unless you lead A and immediately swithed to a .
ATB: Overbid slam
Maximal splinter with a hand that needs golden values for a slam is bad, and the source of this disaster. Save yourself bidding space.
Systems Poll
Or actually haven't used it in decades... Time flies.
Systems Poll
I voted Forcing Pass (multiple systems) as my favorite too, but haven't used it in years.
I play it 5-5 GF. In my methods the 2 4th suit is not GF though, and could contain invitational hands with 5. With bad hand partner can bid 2 in his 3rd round, to play.

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