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Jarek Wyganowski
Jarek Wyganowski
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Oct. 6, 2015
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15 hours ago
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bridge player

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Really bad or not 2?
Probably. But if I bid 4 I can be assured 4 comes next.
Really bad or not 2?
I don't want to hear 4 from the opponents.
How to get to 4!h
Blame the methods you use.
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: AQ7 AJ5 A AJ7642
You need a convention to increase your chances on hands like this. I play 3 as 6+ hand GF.
TD Ruling
If you think appeal without merit, I am there with you.
TD Ruling
Declarer is definietly damaged, as according to explanations from his screenmate, finesse gives him an easy and safe 10 tricks. As to whether E would have played a Q on the first trick - why? Unless EW play 2nd-4th lead, E with suit knows that lead is from singleton ...
Símun Lassaberg's bidding problem: K97 Q4 AQ6543 A2
4 after a GF 2 must be some type of slam invite. I have significant extras and I am not passing. I also feel like I underbid this hand earlier not showing my spade support.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 754 764 AK96543 ---
Too strong for 3 white vs red, too week to open 1, so 2 is what is left for me.
Suggest an Auction
1 1 1 2 3 3 (setting trumps) 3 3 (cue-bids, up to 4N) 4 4N 5 (0|3) 5 6 (Q+K) 7
Forcing pass or not - again
The way I play it: xx creates force to 3, showing quick defensive tricks, so pass below 3 is obviously forcing.

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