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Jarek Wyganowski
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Oct. 6, 2015
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James Huntington's bidding problem: 93 AQ7652 K752 9
1 or 2, but not 3, which I would have opened at this vul without A and K.
WOLFSON Wins Vanderbilt
Congrats! I really enjoyed aggresive action generated by Crouch - Hydes.
OnTakeout doubles
Its the first double when you decide your intent, so "relaxing" would need to happen there, rather than in the balancing position. If you want to further compete you can double again, but that also promised extras.
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: KQ973 A3 4 97653
Partner pass is forcing to me and implies slam interest
Is doubling after this (slight) pause Justified?
Potentially multiple other factors to consider on this wild auction. How E looked like when bidding 5? How long did it take him to pull? That certainly could influence S timing as well as N decision to double.
Paul Dalley's bidding problem: KJ7654 86 J864 6
For me standard treatment for 3 is invitational with fits in both majors, and that is what I am assuming without any discussion.
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
I play transfers, with 1 showing usually a weaker hand while 1N response being balanced 9-11/12.
Adam Kubica's bidding problem: J2 2 T984 Q76432
3 was desperate, but partner bid after initial pass must indicate support.
East could have doubled. West could have at least raised. Both went low.
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
Did you mean rebid or response i.e. 1m - 1M - 3m or 1M - 3m? Edit: nevermind, it seems you are asking about 1m - 1M - 3m, just statements you make about 2/1 context, or 2/1 except suit rebid, seem not relevant at all to the jump rebid when 2 ...

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