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Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
Qualifying in Zone 1 through European championships, almost as tough as reaching the QF in Bermuda Bowl. Congrats to the winners and all participants.
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
As illustrated by the result, helping the partner on lead with the 2 overcall was well worth the risk. Kalita's aggresive style is always fun to watch.
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
Does This Landy Variant Have a Name?
Landy is just 2 overcall over 1NT showing both majors. The other overcalls you mentioned, like 2 and 2M, whatever they show, are not part of Landy. Landy can be part of some more complete defenses over 1NT, like Woolsey (also called Landy-Multi) but I would not call ...
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
You can easily differentiate balanced vs. unbalanced raise if playing transfer Walsh. I play 1 - 1 (4+s) - 1 showing balanced 15-19, while 2 raise showing unbalanced raise.
Jarek Wyganowski's bidding problem: AKT9 5 932 AKQT8
This is pretty silly - I forgot to include the bidding. Here is a companion problem with the bidding:
What is redouble?
Redouble means - I don't think they got us, but possibly we got them.
What went wrong here?
After 1st double East has clear 3 bid. If he fell asleep and didn't bid it, after the 2nd double it is time to wake up and bid 4.
Common Game 5/23/19 Hand 7
Yes it can. Its matchpoints though and worth it. 5 clubs and 4 diamonds means other hand is 6-5 in the majors. W is unlikely to hold 6-5 in the majors, as he didnt act over 1nt. I stand by that line at MPs.
Common Game 5/23/19 Hand 7
Play AKQ (throwing a spade), to locate possible 4-0 split. If someone doesnt follow after 3 rounds of clubs, play him for the length in diamonds.

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