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Jason Larrivee
Jason Larrivee
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Jan. 11, 2013
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am very good at seeing the truth in you (on a personal level) as well as noticing what your strengths and weaknesses are at the bridge table. Then I take this information and use it to modify my personal communication style to suit yours then I modify my convention card to suit yours but most importantly I drastically modify my bidding style to compliment yours. Of course you won't notice me doing any of this but after finishing a round of bridge with me you are very likely to think to yourself, "I always knew I was this good a bridge player."


Bridge Information

Favorite Conventions
I invented a GCC legal bidding system called Blastorscape but I have marketed it very poorly (
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Help me understand my partner's penalty doubles
When I asked her about it afterwards she said she initially wanted to double for takeout but knew that we played it as penalty. She eventually decided that a penalty double felt right.
Help me understand my partner's penalty doubles
Correct. We are playing a canape precision system. 2D is art GF, 2H is a signoff and 2NT is a strong spade raise.
Charlotte Regional
Congratulations on achieving a win in the 2 session open pairs and an 82.5% score in the Side game. Both are accomplishments that I have been trying and failing to attain for a long time now.
Who are those guys, anyway?
In the 2.5 years since I became a member here I have read and or enjoyed hundreds of articles but I have only made 7 comments in that time. Attempting to turn my "About Me" section into an interesting read seemed to be exactly the least I could do ...
Should 2NT opening with 7- 17pts showing 5-5 or longer in both minors be a Pre-Alert in Club Games?
Other people occasionally pre-alert their weak 1NT when I sit down at their table and that seems to go fine. On the other hand, I have enough hassles from the opponents about the two pre-alerts I am currently using that I am not about to add anything else.
Should 2NT opening with 7- 17pts showing 5-5 or longer in both minors be a Pre-Alert in Club Games?
For 4 years I have been playing a GCC legal though very unusual system that features 10-13 1NT, 9-14 light opening bids, precision style 1C, 1D showing 14-18 balanced, 4 card majors with some minor suit canapes and 0-10 2NT showing both minors. As per ACBL requirements, I pre-alert the ...
The Bridgemate
I am fond of giving it to the opponent that is the first to finish writing the result on their score sheet.
59% - Didn't Place!
For four years I kept track of statistical oddities like this at my local club. At that time they were running 10 pairs games per week. Here are the most extreme examples in a number of different categories. Highest % score that did not earn points - 60.00% (3rd) in a ...
Zia Joins Lavazza Team
Here are the details for all to see and comment about. Having watched a lot of viewgraph but not kibitzed much in person I don't know if incidents like this happen very often or if this viewgraph operator was being extra descriptive. I do know that starting a big ...
Responding to 1NT with a 4-card Major, a 6-card Minor, and Forcing Values
Perhaps I am not the best person to be commenting on the structure that you are proposing here because I am not fond of infrequent auctions that require lots of memorization (having 6-4 distribution when your partner opens 1NT is rare) and I especially don't like those auctions that ...

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