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Jason Leith
Jason Leith
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April 28, 2017
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19 hours ago
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United States of America

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Rhian Davies + Jason Leith
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Heijnen Leith
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Jason Leith (woolsey, std 2N)
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Tom Reis, Jason Leith
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Minimum number of !Cs?
"guaranteed 8 card fit" Is the fit guaranteed because South would never raise here on three, or is the fit guaranteed because North holding only four spades would use spiral instead of a HSGT?
Points, Community, Quality
Community and quality aren't orthogonal -- if I'm playing in a practiced partnership, that is, with someone I know and have a relationship with, the quality of my game will be higher. And likewise for my opponents.
Michael Bodell has played inverted psycho suction over a penalty X of partner's weak 1NT opener. This isn't quite what you asked about, but it gives me the chance to say "inverted psycho suction", which is almost as great a pleasure to type as it is to say ...
Club Closings
The ACBL should not just recommend closures; it should cancel the sanction of games.
Anyone heard ANYTHING on how long live bridge will be crippled for?
Insofar as this is a demand shock, yes.
Olympic Champ Sun Yang Banned 8 Years
Olympic Champ Sun Yang Banned 8 Years
Timo: "This is like having an infected leg that was tried to be rescued by antibiotics and surgeries and many other ways which did not respond well and patient will die unless it is amputated and the patient is saying that "I do not want my leg to be amputated ...
How light are preempts these days? CLUB GAME PABC MATCHPOINT SCORING
If partner has enough for a heart game facing our hand, they have enough for a 2 response.
Sandwich NT versus X
Typical 1N is 4M+5m, offensively oriented. Typical X is 4-4, with defensive values, near-opening strength. Basically what Larry, Louis, Mike N., Neal, and Ken said.
4NT after partner has denied any Ace or King
One of my partners likes control responses to a 2 opener, and we use these responses to keycard asks: 1st step = lesser number of keycards 2nd step = greater number of keycards, nothing extra 3rd step = greater number and extra stuff outside of trumps 4th step = greater number with extra ...
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