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Jason Leith
Jason Leith
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April 28, 2017
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2 hours ago
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United States of America

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Rhian Davies + Jason Leith
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Heijnen Leith
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Jason Leith (woolsey, std 2N)
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Tom Reis, Jason Leith
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A 1!d response to a 1!c opening by partner...
Some people also play in between up-the-line and Walsh: responder bids diamonds first with longer diamonds and an invitational hand, i.e., strong enough for New Minor Forcing or Two-Way New Minor Forcing or XYZ.
Different Defenses Against No Trump in Direct vs. Balancing Seats?
My newest partnership has a very simple card in general, but we still have a split system for direct vs. balancing against either strong or weak NT. Direct seat is just Landy with penalty X, but in balancing seat X is a sound opening hand with an entry and a ...
Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
Pass. I have a good lead; their –100 is better than our +90; I don't have a five-card suit to establish on offense.
Intelligible Muppet Stayman summary?
I think Benoit is talking about responder's 3 after 2N-3; 3.
Zia would know what to do
A popular add-on when playing sandwich NT.
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
Maybe we belong in hearts or spades.
Best defense against Big Club?
Ronald, so something like this? X = me too, good defensive values 1 = multi in a major, constructive 1//N = color/shape/rank Higher = natural Lowest cue they have is 3. Maybe make 1N = majors and 2N = minors. Or 1N = good two-suiter w/ at least one major ...
Help Please: Continuations over 1X - 1Y - 2NT?
The example responding hand, Ax Qxxx x KQxxxx, is an advertisement for methods that allow you to play 1-2 as possibly invitational with clubs rather than as a strict game force, depending on various artificial followups. One such is this one, by Nigel Kearney: ...
Bidding over a strong 2C
Something really cool that Randy Thompson offered here is to use 2 and 2 as paradox double-negatives. Responder almost always bids 2, and the Kokish relay applies. If responder's hand is worthless in hearts but possibly worth a trick in other strains, they bid 2 ...
System Win
"In the middle of the hand, the director came by (after looking at the hand records) and asked if we were playing in 2♠. I responded in the affirmative. He said okay, so he apparently approved of the auction." While the director's question and response to your answer is ...
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