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Jason Leith
Jason Leith
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April 28, 2017
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United States of America

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Rhian Davies + Jason Leith
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Heijnen Leith
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Jason Leith (woolsey, std 2N)
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Tom Reis, Jason Leith
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4NT after partner has denied any Ace or King
One of my partners likes control responses to a 2 opener, and we use these responses to keycard asks: 1st step = lesser number of keycards 2nd step = greater number of keycards, nothing extra 3rd step = greater number and extra stuff outside of trumps 4th step = greater number with extra ...
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
With the weak hand, the last contract that makes may be 2 of something other than spades, so giving partner a chance to show four of a minor or a sixth heart and stop there may keep you from going negative. With the invitational hand, you know that even if ...
Questions about 1NT overcalls
More important than what system you play is being on the same page as your partner and having a good style regarding what kinds of hands overcall and which don't. Do you use Mel's rules of 8 and 2? Are you going to have 5332 for a natural ...
Hugh Hughes's bidding problem: 853 AKJ8 A93 532
Swap the diamonds and the clubs and I'd consider 1 rather than 1.
Any sort of announcement etc. required?
"Our 1NT opening bid is 12-15 and may include a 5-card major, so 1M - 1NT - [[2]2]m guarantees a 4 card suit." What do you do with 45(13)? Or do you play Flannery and a very short 1? Or 2 Flannery?
A 1!d response to a 1!c opening by partner...
Some people also play in between up-the-line and Walsh: responder bids diamonds first with longer diamonds and an invitational hand, i.e., strong enough for New Minor Forcing or Two-Way New Minor Forcing or XYZ.
Different Defenses Against No Trump in Direct vs. Balancing Seats?
My newest partnership has a very simple card in general, but we still have a split system for direct vs. balancing against either strong or weak NT. Direct seat is just Landy with penalty X, but in balancing seat X is a sound opening hand with an entry and a ...
Nadav Trumer's bidding problem: KQ QJ5 KQT3 KQ98
Pass. I have a good lead; their –100 is better than our +90; I don't have a five-card suit to establish on offense.
Intelligible Muppet Stayman summary?
I think Benoit is talking about responder's 3 after 2N-3; 3.
Zia would know what to do
A popular add-on when playing sandwich NT.
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