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Jay Barronen
Jay Barronen
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May 24, 2013
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about me

Bridge Goth is a American 30 year old bridge player from Oklahoma who has played on professional teams as well as taught bridge professionally. Through the years as a bridge player he found that had a huge library of hilarious stories that he would like to share with the world about the game of bridge. He also loves to answer bridge questions and help other people out who are looking to improve their game. He has written his own bidding system called The Finnish Club which has been proven successful in tournament play. He is one of the few in the world to be fully versed in the world famous "Fantunes" system. Later he was able to combine to 2 systems and create the highly effective "Finntunes" system, which corrects the many flaws of Fantunes.




Inventor of: Mylläri, Skipbo, Turunenbo, 5LTFmA2NT, Nightwish, Jansen, as well as the Finntunes system. More information about these provided upon request.





United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Finding a score correction to qualify in the Platinum Pairs when we originally did not qualify.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jimmy Cayne
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Kickback, Non serious 3NT, Skipbo, Turbo, Mylläri
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Finnish Club
Finnish Club -- Sound Initial Action
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BridgeGoth pfbr
2/1 Weak NTs
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Sound 2/1 with 5 card majors
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David Sackett's bidding problem: K3 K9652 7 AKT72
We'd be in a much better position if we had bid 4 the 2nd round rather than 3.
Tilman Seidel's bidding problem: A6 QT72 AKQ5 KQ8
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: A5 J92 532 87642
Assuming the ops are following the law, they have 9 trumps, that gives partner 2. So 18-19 balanced is a very strong possibility. Factor in that ops are more likely to overstate the law than understate when not vul, he could even have 3 spades.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: A5 J92 532 87642
Partner's a heavy favorite to hold a stopperless 18-19 balanced here, and with my hand, I can't imagine 3NT playing too well. Where are we suppose to grab 9 fast tricks before they get in? As for 5 clubs, with 2 balanced hands and 23-24 points, going to ...
What sort of strength does doubling and then making a free raise of partners response to the 2 level show?
I play it shows about 14-17 playing points. If it's just any random hand with 4 trumps, you don't have any good way to show extra, or a lot extra but less than GF, like 19-21 hands. Having X and cue 100% deny 4 card support is critical.
Another "what is standard?" poll
Steve- Yes I meant 1M, corrected. And that was my list of exceptions to the rule, so for me those are all NF. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Another "what is standard?" poll
My default agreement is that any bids after an invitational bid below game are forcing, unless it's been previously agreed as not forcing, such as 1 1M 2 2N 3, 1m 1M 2m 2N 3m, 1M 1N 2m 2N 3m. I answered the poll based on ...
Another "what is standard?" poll
Forcing, but doesn't have to be 19+, just a hand that wants to play game opposite the values shown.
For those of a certain age
Playing 1NTx down 7 and saving at the 7 level knowing you will likely only take 2 tricks is not bridge, that's just gaming the rules. I am glad this was taken out.
ATB - -930
The poll should have been what was West doing before the game started to make him/her think that doubling 3 and passing 3x was anything resembling Bridge.
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