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Jazi Zilber
Jazi Zilber
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April 16, 2018
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April 22, 2018
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fabulous series. Thanks so much for all the videos!!
What did I do wrong?
Thanks Ed
What did I do wrong?
Ed Reppert, Aren't there cases where you ask BW to find 5 keycards, but will not go slam with 4? I thought that there are middle cases.... Alan Martin, My idea was asking queen to drag the bidding. Not for the queen proper. This sometimes gives the space to ...
What did I do wrong?
vastly above my level. But I think that if you asked RKCB, it is somewhat your responsibility to decide further. So, your 5H is easily construed as having just 1 more keycard + hand too weak to go for slam with 4 keycards. Did you have an asking for queen convention ...
Where Do We Go From Here?
Geller, Agreed about video. Collecting all the info is first order. But once we cancel wins from cheaters, the money can go to the detectors. Also, the condition to participate in a tournament will be to sign for arbitration clause, and low level of proof for cheating. (i.e. balance ...
Where Do We Go From Here?
The best way to encourage cheater detection is to promise prizes. The prizes will be from confiscated prize money of cheaters. Enforcement is by having a code that every player signs on before entering tournaments. This signature (along with enforced arbitration clause), will make it legally binding. "balance of evidence ...
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