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Jean-Baptiste Fantun
Jean-Baptiste Fantun
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Jan. 31, 2012
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Jan. 5
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Bridge Player

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Winner Coupe de France 2017 and Interclubs 2019
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Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
We discussed it over dinner and we did not even know the existence of a memo. And to be frank we were already very impressed by the ruling that seemed very professional to us .The bridge situation itself is quite complex and I would not have been surprised had the ...
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
Now that comments are over, I should mention that my team was involved; not me but my teammates who were verbally attacked by an angry declarer who repeatedly said that "they should be ashame of winning a board in such a way"...(He was also very aggressive towards the Director ...
A New Bridge Bot?
For obvious reasons I will answer your questions in private Richard :)
A New Bridge Bot?
Yes Richard this is definitely our approach.
A New Bridge Bot?
Good move Alan, we would obviously be so happy to contribute ! (Thanks R Willey and M Bodell for mentioning NukkAI by the way) NukkAI is a private lab of Artificial Intelligence, based in Paris (but proactively engaging in an international approach), whose scientific objective is to build a program that ...
Bridge Player Archetypes
Bridge is dying and it is a game for old Western countries. Looking at Under 21 World Championships might convince us that the future of Bridge lies in China, Singapore, etc
Bridge Player Archetypes
At NukkAI ( we are developing (for research purposes) bridge bots that can in particular adjust their settings to their human partner. We are thus working on such psychological profiles (adapting them to bridge) and will soon launch a study to define categories, determine which categories are overrepresented ...
AI Bridge: Our Last Hope?
Well at NukkAI ( we do build bridge-playing bots relying on modern AI methods but I can assure you they are no threat to anybody, except to their partner at the moment :)
Another Game Won by Alpha
Yes exactly but we do not admit it publicly :)
Another Game Won by Alpha
Alphago's victory against Lee Sedol has not made Go irrelevant. Have you ever thought about the reason why researchers tackle games ? Because there is a limited number of rules, because data are clean, because the algos you develop to solve a game prove useful in real-life applications...

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