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Jean-Baptiste Fantun
Jean-Baptiste Fantun
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Jan. 31, 2012
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Sept. 29
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We played 230 boards in Wroclaw, perhaps most of which against Polish pairs. Very few of them had no Convention card and all of them were eager to explain their bidding, carding, etc in detail. What's more, Polish Club is basically natural and very easy to understand. Finally, I ...
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: --- --- AJT72 AKQ86543
5 then 6 over 5, I want to play in 6 :)
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: KT8 AT94 AK985 2
I like to show that X shows a strong hand or just a good one with some shape, typically with 5+ diamonds. When partner bids 2 and not 2 over the X, i expect he often has 5 spades and I feel compelled to invite with this control-rich ...
Jean-Baptiste Fantun's lead problem: QT5 J8764 5 Q983
If we are certain that declarer does not hold the K then the lead is a killer. The contract goes down on a lead if declarer has Kxx xx xxxxxx xx
Jean-Baptiste Fantun's lead problem: QT5 J8764 5 Q983
The actual hand was xxx Kx xxxxxx xx I reasoned that RHO maybe would not have bid 2 with this hand but I was wrong.
Jean-Baptiste Fantun's lead problem: QT5 J8764 5 Q983
Well as you can guess I got the toss up wrong…again :) a 29 imp decision as our teammates were in 3NT
Jean-Baptiste Fantun's lead problem: QT5 J8764 5 Q983
I agree François about dummy's hand and the need to ruin West"s entries, it screams for a major lead. Would East bid 2H with xxx Kx Vxxxxx xx or alike ? Then is Kxxx x Vxxxxx xx more likely ?
FFB Statement removed?
It is true that without video equipment there is little legal ground to prevent the Z team from playing in the DN1, although the "force majeure" argument is not totally convincing, allowing them to add 1 or 2 players beacause F-N are banned. This is why I (and many French ...
FFB Statement removed?
The fact that the Zimmermann team has been allowed to add a 5th player is also regrettable, IMO. They have earned the right to play the Division nationale 1 with Fantunes on board, I think the whole team should then be banned from the competition, as I have expressed in ...
Team Monaco does NOT withdraw from French competitions
Salut François, I am in line with most of what you are writing here. About 'legal" choices: if FN are not proven guilty yet, then the FFB has to accept that the Z team show up with them in the DN1. It would be a strange situation but from a ...

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