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Jean-Baptiste Fantun
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Jan. 31, 2012
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July 9
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Winner Coupe de France 2017 and Interclubs 2019
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Bridge Hackathon Crowdfunding - your help needed!
Congratulations Kiat for the success, not surprised ! You are doing a tremendous job, NukkAI is thrilled to help you build this community who represents a real hope for Bridge.
Appealing to a Wider Audience
Totally agree Kyle, NukkAI is contributing by trying to show that Bridge is one of the major challenges for Artificial Intelligence. What DeepMind achieved cast a very positive light on the game of Go and we want to take this a step further for Bridge by building algorithms that play ...
Bridge Hackathon II - Sat 20th June 2020 - 24 hours from 06:00 UTC
Good luck with this superb initiative ! NukkAI will definitely be there and try to help.
Can AI help make better bidding decisions ?
@Michael and Richard: thanks for your most extensive comments, with you guys we get ready for the fiercest peer reviews :) And we have some other papers to come ! @Magnus: We share your concerns about AI and the possible loss of control by humans. We think that keeping humans in the ...
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Thanks all for sharing all these insights, I am sincerely impressed ! And we will definitely get back to you as soon as we have structured a real survey. See you soon all.
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Thanks Nancy for the great insights. We definitely want to dig deeply into the players' styles and psychology, for research purposes (boost some machine learning algos) with the possibility a side fun tool (are you more Zia or Chip, what is the profile of your ideal partner, etc) This survey ...
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Richard, your idea is consistent with what we are doing here (survey) and have been doing in the past (described in our article about opening or not with 11HCP). Building clusters for bridge players is interesting in many ways: to boost machine learning algos, to define different categories or help ...
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Totally agree it will be necessary in the final survey to have clusters that are based on the bridge level. And the categories ypu described are very interesting.
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Thanks a lot Brad, could not agree more !
AI, Cognitive Science and Bridge: we need you
Very interesting point, no clear answer at this point :) May some bridge players also be aggressive bidders and passive leaders for example ? I would assume yes.

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