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Bots, Funbridge, GIB etc
There are lots of different issues involved here: - BBO-Funbridge: I have no clue about the details of the merger but in a context of rising competition I like the idea that American and European companies join their effort to build a leading actor on the computer bridge scene. - I know ...
Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando
We have defined some milestones but no date has been precisely settled yet.
Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando
Thanks Richard ! We were recently having a heated argument about simulations and I said "if only R Willey was here... !! ". Will sure let you know if we come to Boston or NYC.
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Of course it is all the whole case is about. Just a little story: weeks after the FN case was exposed, there was a French Bridge competition (Finale Nationale d'Interclubs) whose participants included the Z team and some prominent local teams. One would expect that Mr Z would step ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Just shameful and very bad for bridge image. I am told that a Facebook post showed the Monaco federation rejoiced at such news...How long before FN join the Z team again ?
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Mike, please read the article and you will understand that when very few simulations are run (as is the case for Wbridge5 and its competitors), the choice of the seed does matter and it is proved empirically in the paper. You may think that the paper is not scientific, then ...
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Thanks Richard, I will forward the comment to V Ventos :)
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Ok Richard, my bad, I thought someone who knew well Bridge PRNGs would also know for sure that: - Bridge PRNGs ARE borked (but I would be happy to see one that is not) - Although WBridge5 is the one which runs the biggest set of simulations, it is still much too ...
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
The authors are working on a global project involving Ai and Bridge and you can certainly email V Ventos to have details about the project (including other papers).
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
I envy those who have time to spare criticizing the grammatical errors in a paper written by a non English-speaking researcher, instead of trying to understand the scientific message.

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