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CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Hope all this is clear, dont hesitate if you've some more questions.
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
the grid of payback is the same than for the "players pool", but the winners are here the buyers and shareholders, not the players themselves. In 2017, the owners of the winners have shared 100000 Euros.
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
about auctions : minimum auction is 5000 Euros, reduced to 2000 for Ladies, Junior, Mixed pairs. If nobody buys your pair, you're obliged to buy it yourself. If someone buys you, you may buy back from 10 to 50 (even more if buyer agrees). this creates the "auctions pool", which ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
then, about the pairs : entry fee is 1500 Euro, reduced for Juniors, Ladies and Mixed Pairs. This creates what is called a "Players pool", we give back 90% of the entry fees. Tournament A (the 20 or 22 first after 2 days) gives back from 25% to the winner, 15 ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Hi Max.. first answer, about the Teams. Here there's no auctions. Then simple, we give back 90% of the entry fees, on a very classical way: more or less 1/3 of the teams, winner takes 35%, then 25, 15,10, 5,5,5.. In 217, entry fees 96000 ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Dear Roy, thanks for your mail and your support: such strong decisions are rare, but not easy, and they have to be taken, for the safe of the tournament. You did it, we did it, hope we dont have to do it again too often. About 2012, which was my ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Jean-Pierre, just one word : restricted in number, yes, because the size of venue is restricted and because accept 300 pairs when you have only 3 days of game moves to a lottery. But restricted to wealthy people, no: you've at the Cavendish three kinds of players : * wealthy people who ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Dear Greg, thanks for your time with such a post, which is raising a lot of very good questions. My problem is that I think that some of your answers are not good (but of course we're allowed not to have the same opinion!!). Let me try to answer ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Concerning the second part of your post, yes FS were authorized to play the teams, but not the pairs, in 2013. For everybody, the meaning of this decision was absolutely clear, we have strong doubts. and this raises two questions : if someone had told you "come and play the teams ...
CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
Dear Boye.. we had the opportunity to talk a lot, my philosophy is not exactly yours, it's not new!! Some people ask, because they need to know, probably because they have to decide if they come or dont : I agree, these people have sent me a mail, I've ...
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