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ATB - duplication
- 4 is a little bit optimistic but reasonable IMHO - after hearing 4, South, with 15 HCP, an undisclosed fifth trump and good trumps, has to accept the slam proposition and bid 4. - after 4 4 seems automatic. - bidding 4NT without the club control is strange ...
Long Hesitation
if 2 was GF, then Pass is not a LA. If 2 was forcing (but not GF) or not forcing, then Pass is a clear LA.
Forcing or not?
In the french system, 2 is "third suit forcing", and may be not natural. On this bid, 2, 2NT and 3 are weak and can be passed. But if responder bids again, this is GF. Other bids by opener (i.e not 2, 2NT or 3 ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: KQT6432 6 Q42 T7
Looking at my hand, double from partner can't be for penalty, so it is probably extra values. But without looking at my hand, I would have serious doubts about the meaning of that double, for it is useless as takeout : penalty or extra values?
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
After 1-2, do you invite at Matchpoints with South hand? Not sure... After 1, will you invite with a direct 3 bid with the North hand? Really not sure...
Stefan Olausson's lead problem: A9876 A8 43 T932
Playing bridge for money with robots as Partner? You should try Russian roulette, that looks safer...
Conceal the Spot
Good article as usual, thanks! A simple question : if North passes (instead of bidding 2NT,) what is the correct bid for East : Double, 2NT or Pass? I don't feel it is an easy choice.
Barry Buehler's bidding problem: AJ942 8 5 AT9872
With no agreement, that should be natural... So 7. But the absence of bids from opponents is strange with a huge 12 cards diamonds fit. maybe diamonds are 6-6 ?
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: --- AQJ3 KJT964 KJ8
Steve, I totally agree with you, and have voted double for its flexibility.
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: --- AQJ3 KJT964 KJ8
I'm surprised by the poll results, even if I have voted for "double" : I believe 5 is a strong alternative, and think that it deserves more than 4% of the votes.
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