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Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: xx QJT9 AJT9xx x
For the doublers : what is your plan if your partner bid 3 (which is probably what he is going to bid...)? I feel it's very close between pass and 3.
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: --- QJ95 Q9632 KJ92
This is clearly not a forcing pass situation (none of us has made a bid that was forcing to game). I think I would have passed with this hand, like a chicken. But double is a clear alternative.
Unusual action with UI
The simulation is maybe incomplete. North must (or should) haved diamonds and spades "well" stopped (and "well" is hard to define for the simulation)... About the UI : I would bet that opener has an offshape 4=2=5=2 hand... and funnily, that would make the 5 bid less ...
what does this bid mean
I agree with Kieran. For instance, what do you bid on that auction with a 4=1=5=3 hand with 16-17 HCP? I believe 2NT is correct.
Alec Fettes's bidding problem: KJ74 AQJ73 T7 85
It looks kike a lead problem... A? or 8?
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: 8 AJT642 K8542 A
I believe 3 must be consider as forcing in that auction.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: AQT92 Q KJT8642 ---
I prefer to give up slam ambition facing a Partner who has passed at his first turn. But maybe I'm too pessimistic.
1- West should pass over redouble instead of bidding 2, which I think shows 5 spades cards. 2- 3 by East is based on the "known" double fit (but there is no spades fit...) so not ridiculous 3- 4 is IMHO the worst bid, violating the law
Yosep Hutasoit's bidding problem: AQ54 A64 AKQJx x
But what's the use of double if you're going to bid 6 anyway?
AI and Chess
Poker is a game with incomplete information and I've heard that AI has reached the top level at poker.
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