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Jan. 18, 2014
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Mark Whitman's bidding problem: 985 AJ2 KJ763 AT
Pass seems obvious, as the result of that poll shows. The UI is not as clear as it seems : Partner has forgotten to alert, which doesn't mean absolutely that he has forgotten that the partnership plays support doubles. As Buddy Hanby explains in his comment, about half of the ...
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: AT8 T7 AQ73 AQJ6
Maybe a double is possible at MP. At IMP it's just frightening
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: K7 AKJT98 KQT7 5
I abstained because Partner clearly seems to have 4 diamonds cards, and I don't know why he bid 2 instead of 3 : does it show minimum values? Does it imply he has 6+ spades cards?
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: J6532 T9864 72 8
I knew it was a great idea ... ;)
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: J6532 T9864 72 8
What about doubling 4?
What do you need to bid 2!h here
2=6+hearts with a hand I would have opened 1. K seems ok for this
Sarper Uslupehlivan's bidding problem: JT72 Q5 T873 KJ8
3 asks to add the fourth if not minimum. I believe this hand is sub-minimum
Jean-Christophe Clement's bidding problem: 52 Q9752 AK Q642
Thanks for your answers ; Partner's hand was : AQ8 AK6 QJ953 AK If you pass, Partner will open 2NT, and you will probably reach 6 (our opps had a RKC misunderstanding and stopped at 5). If you open 1, you are in a ...
Victor Aronov's bidding problem: AT432 AK32 AQ75 ---
These were real hands, but it's hard to believe that 4 was a real bid... :)
David Libchaber's bidding problem: Q97542 KQ93 AK4 ---
The decision seems easy at MP. At IMP, I might pass but this is really frightening.
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