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Bob Okker's bidding problem: KJT7 Q AQJT2 KJ3
K&R=18.15. With 7+HCP implied with the double, I want to be in game, even at MatchPoints. So 3NT it is.
What is 3D?
What about that specific hand : 2=5=2=4, 18-19 HCP, with concentrated values in hearts and clubs, and no diamond stopper?
No blame. I might have chosen 3 instead of 4 with South's hand, because I hate 4441 hand, but 4 is a reasonable bid.
ATB missed slam II
Maybe 3 is a splinter agreing diamonds. But I agree that if it's natural, then it's the perfect bid.
Michal Rosa's bidding problem: Q6 764 AKQJT5 A5
Isn't 4 forcing in that auction? I believe it is, but I'm probably wrong.
Merijn Groenenboom's lead problem: T AJ94 KQJ53 AT6
Has Partner really bid 5 at unfavourable with that hand ?
James Huntington's bidding problem: Q87 Q93 QJ8 AKJ9
And my usual question: is it a forcing pass situation? I really don't know but put a small bet on "no"
Which Slam Is Best
I have to admit I would have passed with North hand, with only 11 HCP and a doubtful Q. But just swap the hearts and the spades and I agree with 3.
Bill Bartley's bidding problem: AK T9732 8632 AQ
That's funny because 55% is the poll results for bidding 4.
ATB: Wrong red suit?
Using french system, I can't see any alternatives to double and 3 (2 would show a hand with less than 8 HCP). Now North might have bid 3, and 4 would have been reached. But it's really not obvious to bid 3 with ...
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