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Jean-Christophe Clement
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Jan. 18, 2014
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Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: KJT52 86 A63 Q83
I bid 7 because I think there is a great chance to push them one level higher
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AT864 KQJ9 K KQ9
Obviously partner doesn't say he has K with his 6 bid.:) So what does 6 mean? I bet it shows the specific number of Kings (0 or 3). Here it is 0 => 6NT.
Assess the blame (13)
4 is really awful so I assess 100% of blame to South. I wonder if I would have bid 3 or 4 at my first turn. It's not obvious, especially at Matchpoints.
Jim Olson's bidding problem: AKT2 --- AKQ83 K764
The slam is on more than 50% of the time (A in North hand ; no club lead ; Partner has Q or club stiff...) so I simply ans straightly bid it
Who's crazy ?
If you had build a simple bidding poll for hand 1, you would have get answers for 2, pass and 3, with probably a majority for pass. But 2 would not have appeared as insane. On hand 2, well... Nobody would have passed on 1.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: 93 AK654 J96 K63
I think this is a forcing pass situation, because 4 forces to game and says "we are on the attacking side", and opponents have reached the 5 level. But I'm completely lost with the concept of forcing pass and I'm usually wrong half the time. :)
What is going on?
How would you bid with (for instance) : AQ AQ5 85 AKQ865 A hand too strong for a straight overcall, and with clubs. I think that can be a hand correponding to the auction
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: 65 KJ72 Q98763 T
The next question is : what would you do on Partner's double?
Ruling and Appeal (alert failure)
This is the first time I hear about a "take out double" on 1NT... I think it means a balanced pattern with an opening hand. I can't believe that East bid 3 without knowing 1NT was 10-12. So East was just looking for a way to cancel a ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AJT65 A6 A6 AQT8
Responder has already precisely described a 10-12 HCP hand. His jump to 4 should then show a minimum fit (3 cards) in a minimum hand (10 HCP). So Pass it is.
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