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ATB - Just another missed slam
What about 4 instead of 5?
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: Q83 42 KQ732 KQ8
I do agree, even if I have voted for 4. I believe that most of the time, both contracts are down 1.
David Liu's bidding problem: A3 AT985 KQ8 Q64
It is very rare rhat 4M is not better than 3NT with a 9 cards fit in M. So I prefer to ignore these rare situations and always play 4M. With a 5-3 major fit, that is more complicated...
No Race
An hypothetical question : if East have chosen to bid 2, would you pass or propose the spades game (with 3 I presume) with the West's hand?
Alan Frank's bidding problem: QJT63 A74 --- T9532
You are lucky enough to be able to bid 2 natural... which in most systems is not. So just bid it.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: QT42 QT653 2 Q87
I thought the poll results would have been closer… Pass is a real good alternative and can be the winning choice.
First hand of Swiss
I would start with a double (showing in my system a one-suited hand with opening values), as this is the only forcing bid I have… It is not forcing usually (partner can pass with values), but here you know that partner has nothing. I wouldn't stop before 4.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: Q63 AJ83 Q32 AT9
I would bid at IMP, but prefer 2NT to 3 : I would like to suggest that 3NT is an alternative to 4.
Were EW damaged?
After having a second look at the auction, 3 seems inadequate : only 4 diamonds cards, and 4 hearts cards… I don't know if opening 1 promises 4+ diamonds cards, but even if it was the case, I would always bid 1.
Were EW damaged?
I just wonder if 6 can be made on a diamond lead. edit for the answer : 6 seems unbeatable double dummy
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