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Dec. 10, 2012
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Sept. 21, 2016
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Playing the weak NT
Thanks Roqui, most interesting !
garbage stayman
The opener is weak, you have a weak hand, they will interfere most of the time, the hand belongs to them ! So most of the time you won't have to exercice a choice on 2NT. With 5-5 in the majors not too weak or strong I would bid 3 ...
garbage stayman
I play a weak NT too (12-15) Why can't I use stayman with weak 45xx? On 2 you have no problem and on 2NT you choose the best contract 3 (The opener can be 62(32) or you bid 3 of your 5M, you will ...
garbage stayman
I may be off-topic as I realized that the OP has only three responses to what he called "Garbage Stayman" so I apologize in advance. But If you add one more response to the 2 relay (I prefer to call it a relay), e.g 2NT promising 52 ...
garbage stayman
I play that 2 in response to 2 Relay/Stayman always promises 3 cards in You solve most of your problems .... My range for 1NT is 12-15 HCP With 0-5 HCP will always bid
Better than Michaels.
FYI, what is known as "Ghestem" was never played by him, 3m over 1M was always preemptive with long m. In his system, ALL interferences are transfers.
FIFTY Thai Police Raid Bridge Game in Pattaya
Latest news : Not over yet Quote Khun Chakorn, the District Chief, who instigated the raid on the Pattaya & Jomtien Bridge Club in South Pattaya on 1st February, has re-iterated that he intends to process the prosecution against the 32 Bridge players and allow a Judge to decide if anything illegal ...
FIFTY Thai Police Raid Bridge Game in Pattaya
Does anyone know what happened to the Lady who refused to sign the document ?
FIFTY Thai Police Raid Bridge Game in Pattaya
Chris you are very right about rampant gambling, still most of them do buy National Lottery ...
FIFTY Thai Police Raid Bridge Game in Pattaya
Why did nobody stick with the old German Lady attitude who refused to sign the « guilty » document in thai and refused to pay bail ? Whatever any thai Lawyer may say … The Thai police would have been very annoyed if it had happened …
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