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June 16, 2012
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Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
What am I missing ? After the lead, the main chance seems to be 2-2 and 4-3 : K, AK, ruff, 9, ruff, claim. When S follows to AK with Q9, you may reconsider and play for the actual layout. But the main chance is not ridiculous, although ...
Never Ending
Nice deal ! However I don't buy your conclusions : this is definitely *not* an at-the-table problem. It seems to me the recommended solution has a negative EV, since it loses an overtrick 60% (needs 2-2 for 13 tricks) in order to win the contract 1% more often (both majors ...
One for the Money
On the second deal, it seems continuing taps declarer just enough : he needs to draw trumps before giving the K, you can duck the first , and when N finally gets in he has a to cash (if he found never to discard one).
Active Ethics and the Alert Procedure
Reading this article, I really think that first of all ACBL players should be lobbying for more use of screens. Here in France, most events beyond club level are played with screens (I played around 1000 hands last year, 24 of them with a designed director and no screens, 96 ...
Delta Swiss Final VIII: Poppa Jake's Suspicion
Shouldn't it go 2 down ? There is a legitimate chance to make if W holds the H8 : cover the J, unblock a big H from dummy under the K, then cover the 8 and the timing is wrong, either S will take the 3rd H and cash the DA ...
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