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Jean La Traverse
Jean La Traverse
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 11, 2013
Last Seen
March 24
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Bridge Player
about me
  • ACBL Ruby Life Master
  • District 1 Alternate Director
  • District 1 President

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
2012 Vanderbilt, 1st round match against Team Monaco, winning two sets from Helness-Helgemo, then Tor telling me on Tuesday "we had a much easier day today!"
Favorite Tournaments
CAN-AM, NABC, CBF BridgeWeek
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: 652 AJ3 K KQ7432
I like 3 as relay to 3NT in all auctions, to play or for slammish hands like these.
Jean La Traverse's bidding problem: --- --- A987653 AKQ862
With 94% approval on the 1 opening, not much traction around 4NT opening, although not surprising. Thanks everyone.
Jean La Traverse's bidding problem: --- --- A987653 AKQ862
4NT was suggested by a well respected local player, but it appears to not have much interest
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: J8xxx 8x A9 KTxx
Switch the with the and I have sympathy for 1 overcall. If this hand is ours I can show bad later in the auction
Daylight Savings Time
Thank you for the update. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this NABC BoG meeting. I have secured a proxy. Good bridge to all attending and best of luck to our District 1 representatives in the three NAP flights.
Who Will Win Open World Bridge Games?
I did not vote but I'll be rooting for my Canadian friends Kamel, Nic, Zyg and Fred with Nicolas and Judy
Drew Casen's bidding problem: xx xx KJTxx AKxx
I prefer 2 to show majors allowing partner to bid 2 showing equal length in majors. At this VUL I expect partner to be 5-5 but I've seen 4-5-0-4 patterns before. Passing 2 is not an option for me
Stéphane Turcotte's bidding problem: xxx xxx AKQTx Ax
Void K1098xx Jxx KJ9x Probably not enough for 5 or 5
Stéphane Turcotte's bidding problem: xxx xxx AKQTx Ax
At our table I opened 2 and partner bid 2NT, what are the merits of bidding 2NT in IMPs with South's hand? The auction then went out of hand with 2 - P - 2NT - 4 5 - 5 - ? Does this auction not warrant a 6 ...

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