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Jean-Pierre Rocafort
Jean-Pierre Rocafort
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May 23, 2012
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about me

French bridge player, coach and writer (newspapers, web-site, books); living in Toulouse, working in Meteo-France company, native from Catalonia, born in 1952.


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Bridge Accomplishments
1996 French Teams 2nd; 2001 French Pairs Champion; 2014 French Senior Teams Champion; 2014 French Cup winner
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michel claret, jean-marie py, catherine barthe
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
The calculation of bridge auctions can be found at:
Building a bidding system
Would you be ready to read french, you could try on the same theme:
Efficient bridge thinking tricks, and how to learn them
You need specific exercises to train yourself. Take some cards of a suit and try as quickly as possible to infer which are the missing cards. in order to approach playing conditions you may arrange them in groups: AQ106, J843, 7. Which are missing? they must be four, they are ...
Seeking a Counter Defense
Agreed. Not the most effective method against every NT intervention system, but assuredly the best combination of simplicity and efficiency.
WOLD is Senior USA1
Will he have to make a choice between playing and managing the lady team?
What is going on?
it can't occur
ATB - 15 imps away
it's available at: it's in french and you can activate an automatic translator but result may be unexpected!
ATB - 15 imps away
"You need a way to overcall with a major on a 2 level."? you can have it both ways: -a major suit overcall shows a 3-suited takeout of that suit -double shows an overcall of a major (multi vs multi)
Bridge Training Suggestions
As for every sport training, in order to improve your efficiency, you need other exercises than mere playing. You should try elementary exercises directed towards focus. For instance: you mentally name every card played by the 4 players; you stop in the middle of a deal, hide dummy and your ...
Electronic Scoring
Why only at matchpoints? With the same logic it would be normal to make available on the bridgemate the score of the other room in teams of 4. If the goal is the pleasure of paying players, it should be an improvement.
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