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Jean-Pierre Rocafort
Jean-Pierre Rocafort
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May 23, 2012
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about me

French bridge player, coach and writer (newspapers, web-site, books); living in Toulouse, working in Meteo-France company, native from Catalonia, born in 1952.


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1996 French Teams 2nd; 2001 French Pairs Champion; 2014 French Senior Teams Champion; 2014 French Cup winner
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michel claret, jean-marie py, catherine barthe
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Director, please!
The bid that needs investigation is 2S. Did West alert 2C? Did West explain 2C? Did East hear explanations? Why did East bid 2S?
Vaguely spade-oriented system -any thoughts on where it's from?
If you were interested in "La Majeure d'Abotd":
It's About Time
Experiments have been made with clocks but they were not very promising. Bridge players are much less disciplined than chess players; they don't mind to make final passes or to correctly call dummy cards so they will still less mind to hit the clock when required. Furthermore the timing ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
Main problem with mini NT is that you have to deal with one more balanced zone. 5 instead of traditional 4 (12-14, 15-17, 18-19, 20-21 for instance). This may be dealt in different ways. Using 1C and 1D independently of minor lenghts to differentiate strenght zones is not in my ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
As Karen indicates, bridge plagiarism is frequent, along different forms. Word for word copy of someone's else text is shameful but easy to prove and a simpleton's effort. Plagiarism of deals is more convoluted. I had a funny experience a long time ago. I was writing a weekly ...
Providing Information When Not Asked
You could write on your CC: "Rusinov with exceptions needing clarification". On another side, there are sometimes regulations forbidding the use of some conditional agreements.
You are certainly right and i was confused.
Sally Brock (maybe Horton at the time she created her game-try)
Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
probability that west has DQ: p=(a+b)/(a+b+c+d) a: west has SK, SA, DQ; b: 1 spade honour, DQ; c:SK, SA; d: 1 spade honour a=C(10,23)=23*22*...*14/10*9*...*1 = 11*Q b=2*C(11,23)=2*23*22 ...
Do not misplay this slam (like I did ....)
Probability p that west has both spade honours = a/(a+b) where a is the number of possible west's hands consisting of both spade honours and 11 out of 24 remaining EW cards; b is the number of possible west's hands consisting of one spade honour and 12 ...
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