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Jeannie Fitzgerald
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March 29, 2013
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Why Abstain?
Why answer 'Other'?
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you Fred. BBO bidding practice, play and vugraph has opened a world of opportunity and a window into top level bridge to bridge players everywhere. I have had the happiest of times. Enjoy your retirement.
AI and Bridge
Some candidate algorithms with potential to be applied to bridge are: deep learning combined with Monte Carlo tree search -- as used in AlphaGo, or reinforcement /deep reinforcement learning.
Coming to Istanbul for the European Open?
Several flights from Dublin have been cancelled by Turkish Airlines. Some of these were automatically rescheduled for 1-3 days either side of the original bookings!
Thank you Zia!
Truly inspirational leadership from both of you. Thank you for sharing the story.
Ethics and legality
Thinking when there is no bridge reason to do so, other than a desire to find the most deceptive card, seems likely to succeed in deceiving the opps -- because of the thought rather than the card played. if my partner leads the 10 in the mid game and declarer thinks ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
'Memphis in the Meantime' by John Hiatt
The price of headaches is, he said...
Goldman found that some proportion of elite athletes and will take a drug that will probably kill them in 5 years if it gives them overwhelming success in the meantime. Later research showed that the numbers might not be quite as high as Goldman reported, but that the effect is ...
Competitive agreements after partner opens, they overcall 1NT, you X and LHO bids
Thanks for the responses. So far nobody has mentioned 2NT or 3. Would be interested to know how people play these continuations.
Competitive agreements after partner opens, they overcall 1NT, you X and LHO bids
yes you should

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