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Jef Pratt
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Feb. 3, 2012
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discovering online bridge
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playing face to face
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Atlanta Summer NABC 2013
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XYZ. 3rd and 5th leads from nothing.
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Jef Pratt's bidding problem: A6 Q642 A9543 K7
err yup...knew I was getting tired when I was trying to work it out! Thanks Kieran.
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: 972 J8653 --- A6542
This is what I imagined Openers Rebids to be after 1-(1)-X-(P) 2=8/9 crds in min 12-14ish 2=6+ 12-14ish 2=4(+) 12-14ish 2=GF+ unspecified 3= 8/9 crds minors 16-18ish 3= 6+ 16-18ish ...
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: Q A5 AJT7 KJT543
It was a class of intermediate players in our region. The actual student bid 4. But then a couple perts (again, regional perspective) mentioned they'd bid 4 reverse. Thus a series of polls to see what this community would have done ending up in this situation.
How Experts View Gerber (Marty Bergen)
Just got "RKC, The Final Word," by Kantar and his position is unchanged in this edition, pg. 182, Keycard Gerber (4) After a 1NT or 2NT Rebid, "After a suit response to an opening bid followed by the opener rebidding 1NT or 2NT, a follow-up jump to 4 ...
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: 9 KJT972 K95 872
Yeah, since I posted the problem, 2 now seems obvious. If the K was a Queen, then I would have bid 2 without a second thought. I still wonder tho, if we shifted all the suits up one to KJT972 K95 872 and 9, would most people make ...
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: 972 J8653 --- A6542
@Richard, that is what my thought would have been at the table without discussion. So often now, it seems that the Negative Double tends to only promise/imply strongly 4+ cards in the other major; with that agreement, I can understand then the 4 being used as a splinter.
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: 972 J8653 --- A6542
@Buddy, interesting, I wouldn't have known 4 would be a splinter here...I wonder how the auction would proceed then?
Jef Pratt's bidding problem: 972 J8653 --- A6542
West's hand was AJ8 AQ97 KQJT52 Void. Cue or 4...not being sly, sincerely curious. I would think tho, imo, slam is still unreasonable to bid...2 Key cards missing etc. This hand came up at the club last week, it takes all 13 tricks in and ...
BBO and ACBL Extend Partnership
While I had a handful of club experiences before I found online bridge, like Sabrina, I learned real bridge from real bridge teachers, teachers with clubs and who've written popular bridge books, on BBO. I was a shut in for many years and it was BBO that helped me ...
Responding to a Precision short Diamond
Old school, pass. Although, the bid promised more than 2...with precision 2 ok being with 5 pc as well as many 11/12 counts also weren't opened so no danger of that as well.

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