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Jeff Aker
Jeff Aker
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Sept. 30, 2010
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March 23
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
4th place as member of USA2 in 2015 Senior Bowl; reaching quarterfinals of 1988,2009 and 2015 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
see above
Regular Bridge Partners
Kate Aker, Doug Simson, Barry Rigal
Favorite Tournaments
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Withdrawal from an Open Trials team - GCOC change proposal
Sure, but that's why we have a credentials committee, which would scrutinize such a situation.
Withdrawal from an Open Trials team - GCOC change proposal
By omitting any reference to illness or emergency, we mean to say that the requirements for the remaining players are unchanged. If a player's partner withdraws for any reason and he/ she chooses to withdraw as well, the same presumption applies.
All the Clues
In the other semifinal match the contract was also 4hx at one table. The play started similarly but when east won the Q of clubs he cashed one diamond before shifting to spades. Now after the loser on loser play in clubs there was no way to get back for ...
Faulty Claim Ruling
According to the narrative, declarer didn't say he was going to test spades...evidently he thought he had 6 spade winners. Arguably, the second round discard wouldn't change that opinion. If he plays 5 rounds of spades pitching clubs (why not after all, he's going to pitch ...
Card Combination
A different issue is how you should play if you only need 5 tricks from this combination. You take a finesse, which holds, and now...?
Card Combination
Yes, 1189, death of HenryII
While waiting for the ruling or appeal, what happens if you refuse to play against an alleged cheating pair?
Gary, I remember that Connecticut tournament well. Tannah's team did indeed refuse to play against Sion's, and lost the match 0 victory points to 20. As a result, Sion's team won the event and mine was a close second. I felt then, as now, that if they ...
What happened on this Platinum Pairs hand ?
My partner stripped the hand and threw in south in trumps. A club here probably would have held him to 10. The actual diamond didn't.
Correct Ruling?
I don't know how I'd rule here, but the mere fact that West asked the meaning of 5d gives credence to his argument. Presumably he cared about the answer in choosing his lead, and the reason he gives might well influence the decision.
What do you think about the bidding and the ruling?
That's a bit strong. 3d here as a transfer is a quite common expert agreement, under the name "transfer lebensohl"

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