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Jeff Aker
Jeff Aker
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Sept. 30, 2010
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
4th place as member of USA2 in 2015 Senior Bowl; reaching quarterfinals of 1988,2009 and 2015 Spingold
Bridge Accomplishments
see above
Regular Bridge Partners
Kate Aker, Doug Simson, Barry Rigal
Favorite Tournaments
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ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Best Movement for 6 pairs? (Party/non sanctioned)
Larry Cohen wrote up a similar method, which I've played. 2 teams of 6 with team A NS at all tables. After playing x boards, normal Mitchell movement and switch the arrows. Each board has now been played by 2 of the 3 pairs. Now you've played 3x ...
Penalty or Responsive
However you play this, don't confuse it with an auction such as 1d (1h) p (p) 2c (2h) x. This, in my view, is clearly a penalty double. If you had enough for a responsive double you would have acted last time.
Advice sought on ethical question
Under the "pulled the wrong card" scenario, I believe that he's entitled to know that he's shown diamonds, and that his partner thinks he's shown clubs and can act accordingly. He could have passed 3c, for example. That wouldn't be true if he had mistakenly thought ...
Advice sought on ethical question
there's a third possibility, that he knew that he had diamonds and knew that his correct call was 2n, and simply pulled the wrong card out of the bidding box. The National Laws Commission in the US has ruled that the correct auction is always authorized information even if ...
What is a good grand slam?
I remember reading that Hal Sims told his teammates never to bid a grand slam. Before the days of Blackwood, to be sure.
What is a good grand slam?
I had a partner who told me that in a reasonably long knockout match the odds you needed to bid a grand should equal your estimate of the odds you have of winning the match. It's not a bad rule of thumb. I once lost a match for being ...
WOLD is Senior USA1
Congratulations guys, great job.
Who Goofed
Against us in the other semifinal, West competed to 3d on an otherwise identical auction, making 4 (guessing trumps after 3 rounds of clubs) At the other table, after a natural 1c -1d-p-2d South bid 3d and wound up -100 in 4c, so competing to 3d was worth 3 imps ...
Why aren't you playing in the USBF Trials?
2008 Palm Beach was also opposite a regional
To finesse or drop
The calculation can be simplified. The contract is only at risk if east has both of the small spots spots and a singleton club (leaving west with 6 clubs). This leaves east with 10 spaces for the K of clubs and east with 7. Thus, in the 17 cases where ...

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