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March 2, 2017
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about me

Since 1976 I've owned and operated bridge clubs in New York City. Since 2014 that club's been Honors. We currently run 18,000 duplicate tables a year, but we are most proud of the dozens of classes, the now eleven rubber bridge sessions, and the five games for players with fewer than 50 master points, that we offer every week. Just last year we merged with Aaron Silverstein's two NYC clubs, Aces and Cavendish. I am now responsible for overseeing 27,000 tables a year.

I'm also the 1st Alternate on the BoG representing Unit 155 and a member of Steve Moese's BOG Teacher and Club Manager Committee.

My 2018's ABTA Introductory Book of the Year,,"A Taste of Bridge"  (Master Point Press) is the result of 40 year's teaching and watching others teach bridge to the absolute beginner. It is the first book of its kind to be published in many years and reflects a more modern and simple approach to reaching todays students who bring a lot less to the table, in terms of practical card skills, than did their predecessors. 

 For those of you waiting for a beginner book that teaches card play before bidding, bidding starts on page 101 of ToB.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Every hand where I get the better of it, or they do, through guile, stealth, or rarely in my case, brilliance.
Bridge Accomplishments
Forty unbroken years running a club in NYC and being directly responsible for bringing a large portion of those playing bridge today in NYC (and Florida) into the fold.
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
I know this thread is not about Gates and Buffet but for those interested in the million Warren supposedly put up for teaching children, I can speak to this from experience. The people he entrusted with the money were not bridge people. Worse, they were hopeless at following through on ...
The Huntsman Games
The Utah event holds three 2-session games on three consecutive days. I've been told a luncheon is included in the $79 registration fee and so is a banquet dinner. I believe it too is on one of the three days. The card fee is 4 or 5 dollars per ...
Would You Successful Beginning Teachers/Club Managers Please Help with this Decision?
This is why one size does not fit all. NYC does not have to compete with country clubs. But if I did, I would try to offer something they couldn't. Master points of course. But good instruction with the social bridge would be made available. So would guaranteeing a ...
Would You Successful Beginning Teachers/Club Managers Please Help with this Decision?
You know how I feel.
Would You Successful Beginning Teachers/Club Managers Please Help with this Decision?
Social players can be put under the heading of "Supervised Play". That way it is part of the teaching program. Always have an instructor in the room and maybe a volunteer or two. We charge the same for SP as we do for duplicate. The range for the duplicate game ...
Would You Successful Beginning Teachers/Club Managers Please Help with this Decision?
My friend Roberta recently took a beginner series of tennis lessons. Six in all. They met once a week. Now tennis is a lot like bridge. There are so many parts to it. The trick is putting them all together. There is the serve, the forehand, the backhand, top spin ...
First three classes
Sounds reasonable.
First three classes
My bad...even worse 5 weeks to winning bridge is more like 5 years today. Just updated it. TY
First three classes
I haven't been allowed to sit in on Best Practices, that is, not unless I sign up and pay for the course. No matter that I was asked, and volunteered, my time and expertise, along with many others, in helping design the program in the first place. Since I ...
First three classes
Even changing just two symbols can be disconcerting. Ever try winning a queen with a knave?

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