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Jeff Fang
Jeff Fang
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June 23, 2010
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Dec. 13
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bid 7NT off three aces
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Mixed raise
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The 25 HCP Deck
Playing after East winning first should defeat the contract. Declarer can win ruff the and play 2nd , East then plays his last club allowing West to discard last . At this point, the best declarer can do is to pitch (if ruff with SQ, I ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Seems like this topic has escalated to a higher, personal level.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
For me, I would pass over 2NT. But when my lho jump to 4H and partner bid 4S, I would let opponent play any contract under 7S.
Jeff Fang's bidding problem: J85 --- QJ9842 K752
The pause could be longer but BIT was noticeable. It was played without a screen. We could tell that N was hesitant about the double.
Jeff Fang's bidding problem: 4 AK4 AKQT874 K4
Pass would result in three down (+500). Bidding 5 will survive if K was lead. Win the A, pull three trumps, play K, and East will eventually be endplayed in trump (+400). Of course, defense could prevail w/ A lead (w/ S playing k), ruff, and ruff ...
Jeff Fang's bidding problem: J85 --- QJ9842 K752
Both 5m and 4H makes. There was a BIT (around 8 seconds) before doubling 4H and South pulled to 5C. Just wondering if pass is a logical alternative. N Axx Kx AKT A9xxx E KQTx AJ9xx x QJT W xxx QTxxxx xxx x
ATB - Fail to compete
Hi Michael, Originally, I had East hand as below and S w/ stiff heart S Txx H QJxx D KQx C KJ9 Not sure if the extra HJ would make this hand more appealing to double 1NT but it makes 4H virtually cold. Later I decided against it and revised ...
ATB - Fail to compete
There are other possible results: If west doubled, pushing opponent to 3S (3 imps) or if east doubled 3s (9 imps).
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