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I recently completed six years on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Bridge Unit. I am an ACBL Board of Governors member and a representative from the BoG to the Competitions and Conventions Committee. I also help manage and direct a once-a-week bridge club on Mercer Island. And occasionally I find time to play bridge too. Smile

United States of America

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Alerting after partner has failed to alert?
Let's say the auction goes 1NT (P) 2 (X), and that your agreement is to bid 2 with 3 hearts. Is this alertable? If not, why would this be any different? In the auction given it's certainly the case that whether you alerted 1 should ...
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
Given that Brian's club (which is also my club) has been allowing Multi for at least 8 years now, I think we're well aware that we can make our own club rules on conventions.
Free Drew Casen & Friends (or not)
The definition is not the exact one I would choose, but I think there should be some clear rule for what is legal and what is not. A player at the table should not have to worry about whether a director will agree that something qualifies for a 1NT opener ...
Time for a rethink
I joined the committee as one of the Board of Governors reps in 2013. Ellen Kent and Linda Trent were the other reps then, and the three of us have served continuously since then. I don't know the history prior to that, except that Barry Harper was the rep ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
Yes, transfer preempts are allowed, and adding a strong meaning to a preempt is allowed.
Psych Or Not?
I voted psyche, which is what this is if it's a rare occurrence when holding the hand, but if this is the normal bid for this player holding this hand, then it's a disclosure violation.
FYI - suction exception by districts 22, 23 and 17 ends Jan 1st (or so we were told)..
I am not aware of any ACBL-level change that would prevent districts from allowing suction over 1NT with proper advertising. I don't know if individual districts have changed their policies.
Greco is 2016 Player of the Year
An easy fix would be that you get the award you would get for being knocked out of the first event the day before the second event started plus all the points from the second event (unless you would be better off just keeping full points from the first event).
Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
This is just ridiculous. Play with cheaters and keep the rewards. Also, nice timing waiting until after the NABC was over to announce this.
Oh the tangled web we weave!
I think the average bridge player is smart enough to know the difference between "Star player took offbeat action X and got a good score this time" and "You should bid X whenever you are in this situation". The article was only the first one.

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