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Jeff Ford
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Jan. 8, 2011
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about me

I recently completed six years on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Bridge Unit. I am on the ACBL Board of Governors and the Competitions and Conventions Committee. I also help manage and direct a once-a-week bridge club on Mercer Island. And occasionally I find time to play bridge too. Smile

United States of America

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Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
That was the norm in large clubs not that long ago. I remember being excited when I played at a club for the first time that while still shuffle and deal involved making copies of the hands you played in the first round for the other section so that both ...
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
Much more important than fairness - at the bar after it is more interesting to have conversations about the same boards.
San Diego Motions
I'm happy to see a motion to move the Board of Directors meetings back to not overlapping the first Friday national event as they used to be.
Jeff Ford's lead problem: QT8763 4 9652 98
I was given this bidding problem: void AKQ98xxxx Axx x (1) 1 (1N) P (3N) ? If you bid 4 you got doubled and made 590. If you passed you got 600... if partner found the right lead. So I was curious how likely that was.
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
If you want to know "what should I have done?" it generally works well to post the hand as a bidding problem without giving away any of the UI. Just say that 2 was both majors and leave it at that.
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
Perhaps it helps to think about it differently. At the time you passed the opponent's score expectation had actually increased. It was only at the time you made the illegal lead that their score expectation decreased.
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
When there are multiple infractions you must apply the "had the infraction not occurred" separately to each. Part C is referring to the fact that you can't say "Pass is illegal" and then give some percentage of pass in the weighted score.
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
I think this is a bit more complicated than some people are making it. There were two potential places where UI affected the result - the decision to pass and the opening lead. The director should determine in both cases whether there was a logical alternative that was less successful than ...
Combatting slow play
That would be pretty weird. 3S making 3 wins an imp against 2S making 3?
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KQ94 4 97432 943
Not willing to admit that you played ACBL-illegal bridge and the opening was actually 1 showing hearts? :)

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