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Jeff Ford
Jeff Ford
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Jan. 8, 2011
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about me


I helped write the new ACBL Convention Charts and now I'm working on updating the alert procedure. I've been on the ACBL Competitions and Conventions Committee since 2014. So basically I'm a rules nerd, and I'm happy to get any comments you have on possible improvements.

I learned to play bridge in grad school. Our department offered us free donuts once a week with the caveat that we had to stay in the common area while we consumed them. Someone taught us bridge as an activity to do while we ate the donuts (because unstructured socializing would have been just terrible) and I got hooked.

I still work full-time so bridge has to fit around that, but I usually manage to get to at least two of the three NABCs.


United States of America

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+1800 for only a 90% board
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Kim Eng, Chris Gibson, Ray Miller
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Sapphire Life Master
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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
Why do you think 4 over 4 would lead to getting too high? It just offers a choice of games between spades and diamonds. What's not clear to me is whether with this hand you want to offer the choice.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
And you’re leaving us hanging?
Crowd-Sourcing the ACBL's February 2020 It's Your Call contest
I think that it is fine to post an occasional bidding problem that you found particularly interesting from the curated sets in the magazines, but that posting the entire set is inappropriate. I don't dispute that it's *legal*.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T873 --- AQJT9765 A
Ruling on opening 1NT with small singleton (ACBL)
I think it's important to have some line in the sand rules for a few reasons. First, it is nearly impossible to judge fairly whether a particular call is truly a deviation or is not. Second, it is not fair at the table for someone to not know whether ...
Should a 2/1 by advancer be one round forcing?
You have a few options: 1. New suits are forcing 2. New suits aren't forcing, but the cue bid doesn't promise a fit. 3. New suits aren't forcing, but jumps in new suits are forcing.
Law 16, alerts, and ethical considerations
Craig - I don't know who told you that (although I have my guess), but it's definitely not correct. It's fine and normal to routinely ask about alerted bids.
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
At the other table 4 did pass out on the same auction (although 1 was 2+, 11-15).
You be the Comittee .
Ed, that would be a different way to do it that would mean that all the other tables don't compare at all with the table with the adjusted score.
You be the Comittee .
Let me give a simple example. There are three tables. Table 1 scores +480 NS. Table 2 scores +980 NS. Table 3 has an adjusted score of 20% of +480 NS and 80% of +980 NS. We agree that table 3 will get adjusted to the correct number of matchpoints ...

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