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Jeff Halle
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Jan. 13, 2012
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Revoke Prevention Responsibility
My comment addresses your example. I usually (not always, I'm not perfect with this) ask when there is a chance my not asking will potentially transmit UI to partner. If the suit distribution is known to partner due to the earlier play, I might not ask. Accidents can happen ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
And I suppose you've never accidentally pulled the wrong card?
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
I ask when by not asking it could tell partner my holding. If everyone can count to thirteen at that point, l might not ask, but probably will, anyway.
Controlling noise at your club
Starting next year, you have a use for the Stop Cards you've removed from the boxes.
Wish Trick
I actually had this happen once at trick one. I don't remember the details, but we all had a laugh when it happened.
Overtricks at Imps
No, we were getting trounced regardless. At our table we played ok, but the opponents played near flawlessly. And the other table was an adventure. But I do feel I was able to play better by not sweating the small stuff.
Overtricks at Imps
It's not worth the mental effort. Just last week I had a choice of lines in a slam. I could try to set up a suit for a discard, needing a 4-3 break, but carefully managing entries, or take a simple ruffing finesse. Both lines were for the overtrick ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
A couple decades or so ago, there was an article in TBW where the defenders alerted that they ALWAYS play the J from QJ. (Or some equivalent agreement.). The article went on to show how that changed the calculus of RS. And there have been plenty of articles analyzing the ...
Jeff Halle's bidding problem: A853 9 KQJ5 Q742
From a recent sectional, decent field
Shortest Board Ever
Not the shortest board, but the fastest claim. A few decades ago, i opened 1NT. We had a sequence ending in 7NT. After the last pass, partner faced dummy and said, "Lead." There were around 15 or so sure tricks based on my stated controls.

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