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Jeff Halle
Jeff Halle
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Jan. 13, 2012
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Silver Life Master
Jeff Halle - Witold Palosz
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Jeff Halle - Sorina Negulescu
2/1 GF
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Jeff Halle - Charlie Hage
2/1 GF
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Art McCann
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Too Conservative or just Unlucky?—ATB?
You have 12 dummy points and 7 losers, borderline gf. But you have 4.5 cover cards, which is certainly a gf. You’ll probably make game more often than not with that west hand and normal east hands.
What’s Your Plan?
But a bidding problem only addresses the first round. I’m just as concerned with subsequent bidding.
Is Bridge a Sport?
Synchronized? Hardly. Brownian motion is a closer description.
Bright and Zeller Win Imp Pairs
Great job, Greg
Massimo Lanzarotti in Vanderbilt
Perhaps his screen mate will be a klutz with his scalding hot coffee.
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Good news. I found The Prisoner on Amazon Prime.
Exclusion Blackwood at 5 level
Me, too, but I did a refresh (F5 or the circle arrow) and it fixed it.
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Marshall, any idea where to find The Prisioner on cable? (My all time favorite mini-series.) The box set is just too ridiculously expensive.
Director Ruling
First we need to know if “director” refers to a TD or to a member of the BoD.
Lame Claims
I’ve played a couple times in a club where the stated rule was no claims. Too bad, I claimed anyway, though only against players who weren’t clueless. Because there were too few of them, I haven’t been back there in years.
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