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Jeff Halle
Jeff Halle
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Jan. 13, 2012
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Bronze Life Master
Jeff Halle - Witold Palosz
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Jeff Halle - Sorina Negulescu
2/1 GF
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Art McCann
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Is 2N Lebensohl or not here ?
This is not the same situation as a double over a weak 2. Here the first double is takeout, which you declined when it would have been a free bid. The second double is TAKE OUT, so you bid as if RHO had not bid 2 the first time ...
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
There's one recent world champion who is usually seen chomping on a cigar - unlit, of course.
Jeff Halle's lead problem: J9 QJ9654 8 J754
No, 4NT was a key card ask. (I thought that was clear from the additional text.)
The Levin-Grue auction
While 1 is not alertable when bid, it ought to be post-alerted, though I doubt it is a requirement. (I always do, as do my F partners.)
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: AQT43 QT7 A2 752
Or BeechNut
Zonal Governance Proposals
"A larger number at least gives you a better chance of finding some talent." A larger number also gives you more people that get in the way of the competent people.
In the dark. (ACBL)
I basically did this with one person. I asked, "What is it?" and got the reply, "Cappalletti." I then said, "Please describe," and got the reply, "Cappalletti." I tried again to no avail. So I gave up. As this pair was weak, and was likely to mess it up anyway ...
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
Was in one a few months ago. The director did it by hand for the first 2 rounds with six teams. After that he could get no pairings without dupes. We figured out we could finish with three-ways. What a mess it was until then.
Bridge Players and the movie world
She was also in a TV movie of "Witness for the Prosecution", playing the Witness role Marlene Dietrich originated. (Gosh, was that really 35 years ago?)
Bridge Players and the movie world
Or for those of us eligible for senior events, Emma Peel.
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