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Jeff Lehman
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  • An attribute I value (for bridge and otherwise) is recognizing what you do not know: ask more questions, state fewer conclusions.  Only sometimes do I act as I say one should act.
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  • Wish that master points award system would motivate players to continue to challenge themselves to improve: need to better align awards with the achievements producing the awards.
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  • Wish that club directors would (politely) instruct players about Unauthorized Information and Logical Alternatives; that is, Fair Play.  Not a crime (but then, not an accolade, either) to take too much or too little time to think about a call or play, but is unethical for partner to take winning inferences from the pace of the call or play.
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  • Am deeply involved in developing and teaching after school bridge programs.  Teach play before bidding (mini-bridge), teach declarer play before defensive play, teach notrump play before suit play.  But, first, ensure kids are safe, have fun, allow other kids to learn, and respect each other, the teachers, and the school. See
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  • Loved bridge from the moments I learned to play, but placed bridge behind other matters such as career and family.  Took a 15 year hiatus from significant play.
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  • Still improving as a player.  Do not look forward to the time when my skills will plateau.
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  • Best skill as a bridge player: envisaging during the auction how the play might proceed.  Poorest skill as a bridge player: perhaps too many to mention.
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Partner fails to alert. Should you do the same?
That is good advice to share, Ed. Do you believe that directors would affirm that advice ... to call them to the table whenever partner has failed to alert or misexplained a bid? (Not to mention what would be my partner's reaction to the director being called, rather than my ...
Partner fails to alert. Should you do the same?
In some previous thread on Bridge Winners about a non-competitive auction, I was castigated for trying to avoid tipping of my partner's failure to alert a call by not alerting subsequent calls during the auction. My thinking, simply, was that my alerting subsequent calls would cause partner to re-think ...
Bowling Along 3 - Manic Monday
Jess, I think that the text in the post is as intended. The 5 bid referenced was a slam try by East, successfully landing EW in 6. As a side note, I would be inclined to bid more than 4 with West hand as advancer. Hoping that ...
Weak Jump Shift or Splinter?
If undiscussed -- and I know it is undiscussed -- I prefer to not make the bid, even without regard to how clearly the bid of 3 might otherwise describe my hand. In my partnerships, we generally play WJS in competition, and so that would be my choice.
Weak Jump Shift or Splinter?
Might you want to clarify which side is doing the bidding? I suspect you are trying to ask about 1-(2)-3; that is, where 2 is an overcall by the opponents.
Youth Bridge and Robots
ANY way that encourages kids to play bridge, especially competitive bridge, is a good way. Ideally whatever way is pursued now can be converted to F2F play at clubs and tournaments, but, as I see it, the main goal of youth bridge efforts should be to get as many kids ...
USA1-Monaco Board 6
Last paragraph reverses directions of the two sides.
Assuming you belong to the group of players who would conduct the part of the auction shown in the post (i.e., you do not play weak notrumps, you do not play Walsh style, you would not skip showing an unbid four-card major at the one level, you do not ...
Lecture--"Balancing"--Tips Requested
By my observation, the "over 500 mp club" (Mark's audience, although I assume that it does not include those who are much closer to expert level) balances too much, rather than too little. Pretty quickly in one's bridge life, players learn to compete for the part score and ...
May you bid after partner's hesitation
Thanks, Bill. I had missed that line (that East is a pro). Well, now I know I am not in the "class of players" of East, but since I consider bidding 3 a choice without LA to me, I can certainly be convinced that the same conclusion would be ...

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