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Jeff Lehman
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Aug. 3, 2010
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Bridge musings:

  • An attribute I value (for bridge and otherwise) is recognizing what you do not know: ask more questions, state fewer conclusions.  Only sometimes do I act as I say one should act.
  • Wish that master points award system would motivate players to continue to challenge themselves to improve: need to better align awards with the achievements producing the awards.
  • Wish that club directors would (politely) instruct players about Unauthorized Information and Logical Alternatives; that is, Fair Play.  Not a crime (but then, not an accolade, either) to take too much or too little time to think about a call or play, but is unethical for partner to take winning inferences from the pace of the call or play.
  • Am deeply involved in developing and teaching after school bridge programs.  Teach play before bidding (mini-bridge), teach declarer play before defensive play, teach notrump play before suit play.  But, first, ensure kids are safe, have fun, allow other kids to learn, and respect each other, the teachers, and the school. See
  • Loved bridge from the moments I learned to play, but placed bridge behind other matters such as career and family.  Took a 15 year hiatus from significant play.
  • Still improving as a player.  Do not look forward to the time when my skills will plateau.
  • Best skill as a bridge player: envisaging during the auction how the play might proceed.  Poorest skill as a bridge player: perhaps too many to mention.

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Gold Life Master
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ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
This is also a good hand extolling the benefits of "preempt when you can". I have partnered many players who would never even consider opening 2 given the vulnerability, the side suit void, the weakness of the long suit, the fragment in the other major I think such partners ...
When you get to choose the poison [Declarer Play Problem]
Nicely played. I gave the post a Like vote. ... but, might you have wanted instead to have asked readers "how do you play?'
What is 3D?
Forcing (hence, strong) and natural, within one card of 1=5=3=4.
BOD Restructure Vote
If there were a comprehensive plan to change governance for the better, then I would agree with the "one has to start somewhere" argument and be open to plans to implement the comprehensive plan one step at a time. But, not only do I not see a comprehensive plan in ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Is the "right direction" getting better decisions from board, or is the "right direction" getting a smaller board sometime in the future? I am shocked at how many folks seem to think that the size of the board is the biggest governance problem to solve. Less money spent on board ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Vetted by whom, Adam? Are board members going to continue to be elected by unit directors? Bless those who are unit directors, they do a lot of work to help make local sectionals a pleasant experience ... but when was the last time you read anything about unit directors vetting board ...
BOD Restructure Vote
I think that could work, Richard ... but I also suspect that having a lower position in the governmental hierarchy leads to a lesser degree of acceptance of the position of the brief. I'm reminded of the line in Fiddler on the Roof song "If I were a Rich Man ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Richard, I don't think the representation of a constituency has to be proportionate to the size of the constituency. I do think that the points of view of any significant constituency (or stakeholder, if you prefer) has to have their point of view presented (for concern that other constituencies ...
RIP Ken Cohen
Wasn't there something in a book about an expert wanting to play certain doubles as penalty doubles opposite one member of Kehela/Murray partnership and as takeout doubles opposite the other member?
BOD Restructure Vote
Steve, since you seem to be so personally upset at my questioning your expertise in concluding the meaning of NY not-for-profit law, would you care to tell me if an expert was engaged by ACBL? Who? Was that expert given an objective of identifying all the options for downsizing the ...

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