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July 27, 2010
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Steve Beatty - Jeff Miller
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Return Partner's Suit?
I very much appreciate the participation and thoughtful comments. Partner seems to have room for one card, even if holding the top diamonds (as seems likely). If it is the club ace, it will take care of itself. If it is the heart king, you need to switch to a ...
Return Partner's Suit?
I should have noted MP's -- sorry. Not four spades. Either way, a diamond return leaves partner on lead after running the suit (however long). You can signal for a spade along the way.....
Return Partner's Suit?
Working out partner's diamond length is only part of the problem. A higher diamond spot might also have suggested five. Assuming the diamonds run, what do you expect partner to do next?
USBF seeding. Total PP's vs. Deep Bye PP's
Ok. Peter and Adam have convinced me.
Jeff Miller's lead problem: 9642 76 J8 QJ753
This would also have been an interesting bidding problem, since neither table got the hand played from the right side. The 1NT responder was 3343 with no cards in either spades or clubs. Partner had 5 hearts headed by the Jack, but he did have ATx of clubs over dummy ...
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: 6 AKQJT9 765 543
Thanks to all of the voters, and especially those commenting. 4S and 5H each go down one on careful defense, but bidding one more does put the pressure on.
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: T65 A63 K5 K9542
I wonder if anyone plays a double here as maximal style. It seems like it might be a high-frequency situation. My partner passed my 3S call, holding KQJxx, X, AJTx, QTx. He felt that I had enough to bid 4, and that it would pressure the opps. While I appreciate ...
Is there a dominant style?
Thanks to all those who voted and especially for the range of thoughtful comments. While a particular hand is only one piece of evidence, it is interesting. In this case, partner had J954 AJ76 JT8 J5. When responder bid 1 he was able to raise to 2 creating ...

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