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July 27, 2010
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Steve Beatty - Jeff Miller
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Is there a dominant style?
Thanks to all those who voted and especially for the range of thoughtful comments. While a particular hand is only one piece of evidence, it is interesting. In this case, partner had J954 AJ76 JT8 J5. When responder bid 1 he was able to raise to 2 creating ...
Is there a dominant style?
I actually meant "unthinkable" as part of a general preamble, not a reference to this bid. I'm sure we have all made our share of light overcalls, esp those like 1 over 1 and 2 over 1.
Defending Champions
Nice hands! I enjoyed. Steve and I worked in the same office for a few years. I would bring him my problems -- a wide variety of bidding and play. He got them all right -- all of them. Sometimes it was something like "here is the bid to get partner to ...
Defending Champions
I have my own way of scoring a regional. Since I still have to work, I compare my results only to players who competed in the same events. I could not beat them in the others. (Just as they could not beat me in the stock market on those days ...
USBF Junior Celebrity Guest Night: Bob Hamman
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: Q72 Q AJ7543 862
Yes, it is a style problem. It is often helpful to see what style people find to be most successful. I chose to pass. My opponent bid 2D. This hit a big fit from partner, so her bid worked well.
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: AQT A652 T75 QJ8
Thx to everyone for joining in. Typically I give my own hand, but sometimes it seems like partner has the problem. I thought that dbl checked out the heart fit with 3NT still available. I can see that the overwhelming number of my respected friends disagree. The other hand was ...
I agree with Kit, Larry, and Oren, and I am glad to see Bob coming around!
3 card major suit responses
So long ago I played this system with the inventor, Bob Sundby. While the 3-card major response came up occasionally, alerting it always had opponents watching out for what Bob would call a "rara avis."
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: K5 T764 KQJT A83
That was exactly my reasoning. With a fifth diamond, would have bid the grand last time. Some feel that even what you hold is enough, but it is possible that he has a stiff club. We know he has a second round control.

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