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Jeff Miller
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July 27, 2010
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Steve Beatty - Jeff Miller
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Jeff Miller's bidding problem: Q72 Q AJ7543 862
Yes, it is a style problem. It is often helpful to see what style people find to be most successful. I chose to pass. My opponent bid 2D. This hit a big fit from partner, so her bid worked well.
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: AQT A652 T75 QJ8
Thx to everyone for joining in. Typically I give my own hand, but sometimes it seems like partner has the problem. I thought that dbl checked out the heart fit with 3NT still available. I can see that the overwhelming number of my respected friends disagree. The other hand was ...
I agree with Kit, Larry, and Oren, and I am glad to see Bob coming around!
3 card major suit responses
So long ago I played this system with the inventor, Bob Sundby. While the 3-card major response came up occasionally, alerting it always had opponents watching out for what Bob would call a "rara avis."
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: K5 T764 KQJT A83
That was exactly my reasoning. With a fifth diamond, would have bid the grand last time. Some feel that even what you hold is enough, but it is possible that he has a stiff club. We know he has a second round control.
25 Years for Gates and Buffett
Perhaps because of common perceptions about our game (tea and crumpets)most of us appreciate that notable people share our interest. Gen. Eisenhower, Omar Sharif, and Justice Byron White are a few examples. Long ago, Sports Illustrated carried a bridge column. Here (link below) is Charles Goren's account of ...
Philosophy answering bidding forum problems
TBW used to have a section listing the top panelist scores, but they dropped it for the reasons you mention. How about getting some regular partners and teammates to join you in answering. You can play the contest with your official answer, and stimulate discussion with the privately-circulated option 2.
Philosophy answering bidding forum problems
The value to readers is seriously reduced if panelists are just choosing what they believe others will do. It is better to get a range of experiences and choices.
Melville Wins NABC 10K KO
Well done!
Jeff Miller's bidding problem: A52 97 QJT76 AJ3
Sure. Let's play:)

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