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Jeff Roman
Jeff Roman
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July 7, 2013
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Feb. 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge, cooking, traveling, scuba diving, golf, reading, and my sweetie, Cam Meyer.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Many great memories, many good friends, many close acquaintances.
Bridge Accomplishments
Dozens upon dozens of Regional wins and a few high National finishes, but no National wins...yet.
Regular Bridge Partners
Tom Carmichael, Huub Bertens, Aaron Jones, Leo Bell
Favorite Tournaments
Far too many to list.
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ACBL Ranking
Platinum Life Master
Wash, DC Nationals
Some good stuff and some Dutch stuff.
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Who is to blame for this disaster
I didn’t read the entire thread, so I apologize if this has been covered, but “kind of a support x and/or showing extras” is unplayable (support x can be made with a minimum). S should’ve bid 2nt over 2s “kind of” no matter what their bids to ...
What is the largest penalty you have ever seen?
My partner held 0-0-6-7 at all red and when his rho opened 2c, he overcalled 4nt. Like the awful partner I am, I held 5-7-1-0. When we went back to our teammates, they said "if you went for 2300, it's a push." :)
The rest of the story...
Seriously, Tom? You can't recall ever passing over an opening bid and then doubling 1 (3?) nt for penalties? It's not like this is THAT rare. My last one was not that long ago (but not Toronto) with Leo Bell, and also involved the diamond suit. They decided ...
The rest of the story...
I guess what made my head explode on this one was my belief that double shows a trap of 1d, as opposed to the 3rd (1 for each of us so far) chance we get to make a takeout x of 1d. At the end of the day, this hand ...
The rest of the story...
In this situ, I would say that if anybody passed, then this player must. I'm not saying that would be my view in all cases, but here? What I really wanted to do was slip this person a deal where the auction goes the same, but they have a ...
The rest of the story...
I was going to get to this, Dave, but since you got the ball me, this double was ch...egregious. A flagrant use of UI. The thing is, all that happened was polling. Yes, the polling went my way. Yes, I filed a Recorder form. But in my ...
The rest of the story...
Suppose literally every player would double because matchpoints is about "frequency of gain" rather than "amount of gain" and they literally unanimously judge dbl to be a 53% action. For this particular player, however, it's a 100% action. Yes, that seems wrong to me.
The rest of the story...
Folks, I wasn't able to post an article, so I wrote in the comment section of this post. Please continue downward to see it...
The rest of the story...
Jenni, it's not clear to me that you responded to what I asked you. Certainly I agree that the original polling question shouldn't mention the reason you're being polled (although most can figure it out pretty easily), my question was...AFTER you get the response do you ...
The rest of the story...
Well, I'm very disappointed that I was unable to post the article properly, since I have no idea how many people will click on this, see nothing and just leave, never seeing the thread, but what you said just now is exactly where the rubber meets the road. I ...

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