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Jeff Roman
Jeff Roman
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July 7, 2013
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June 21
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge, cooking, traveling, scuba diving, golf, reading, and my sweetie, Cam Meyer.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Many great memories, many good friends, many close acquaintances.
Bridge Accomplishments
Dozens upon dozens of Regional wins and a few high National finishes, but no National wins...yet.
Regular Bridge Partners
Tom Carmichael, Huub Bertens, Aaron Jones, Leo Bell
Favorite Tournaments
Far too many to list.
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Platinum Life Master
Wash, DC Nationals
Some good stuff and some Dutch stuff.
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Who Will Direct the Directors?
If bidding a 3cd M here is, as the Chief TD said “...quite common”, and that is in fact the partnership agreement, these factors lend great weight to evil intent on declarer’s part. One’s responses to questions about alerts in basic situations become robotic, i.e., “puppet to ...
Would you roll this back?
Thx Kit. Well said. I absolutely understand that this is how our rules are, it’s not at all clear to me that they should be. To my case above (where N announces HIS hand instead of his perception of partner’s hand) I offer this: It goes 1h - p ...
Would you roll this back?
Ed, don’t know if you saw this, put the OP said (a few boxes above) that N offered “5 to 7, any” gratuitously with his alert. He wasn’t asked.
Would you roll this back?
Lemme put the arithmetic a different way: If instead of the gratuitous “5 to 7 any” North had instead offered “Alert. I don’t know what it means but I have 20 balanced, so I’m bidding 3nt”...would we still be taking polls? Because that’s essentially what happened.
Would you roll this back?
Thanks, Andy. If you think of something relevant to say, be sure to share. This is different from a BiT, where polling helps determine if a player gets to make the decision they made...this player was told point blank that they needed to keep bidding.
Would you roll this back?
As I previously stated, it is my view that once “5 to 7” comes out of North’s mouth, 3nt ends the auction, period. What I AM curious about is now that we understand that N did in fact say that out loud, do people still think a poll is ...
Would you roll this back?
My point is that if N said “5-7 any” out loud, it no longer matters what S thought was happening...he is simply (nearly) barred. “Nearly” because if he had a 7 or 8 card major, or some huge number of hcps (where the moment partner opens 1c we’re ...
Would you roll this back?
Steve, suppose that N, when asked about the meaning of x, said “balanced, exactly 4-4 in the majors, 11-13hcps” and then bid 3nt. Would you invite slam?
Would you roll this back?
This one seems pretty clearcut to me...if N said “5-7 any” (prompted or gratuitously), then 3nt ends the auction. If no mention of the meaning of x until after the auction, result stands. The problem with Kit’s proposed poll is that S’s knowledge or lack of knowledge ...
Please, One More Time for this Theme
Ed, not only would I pass 100% of the time in such a situation, I personally believe that such bids get rolled back by definition. An invitation was issued and partner declined it. You’re done, end of story. So you understand the depth of my feelings in this matter ...

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