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Jeff Roman
Jeff Roman
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July 7, 2013
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge, cooking, traveling, scuba diving, golf, reading, and my sweetie, Cam Meyer.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Many great memories, many good friends, many close acquaintances.
Bridge Accomplishments
Dozens upon dozens of Regional wins and a few high National finishes, but no National wins...yet.
Regular Bridge Partners
Tom Carmichael, Huub Bertens, Aaron Jones, Leo Bell
Favorite Tournaments
Far too many to list.
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Platinum Life Master
Wash, DC Nationals
Some good stuff and some Dutch stuff.
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NABC Appeal
I’ve been saying this for a long time and gotten very little traction, but I’ll say it again: There needs to be a lot of work done on how to conduct polls so that they are relevant to the case at hand, and acknowledgement that there are times ...
NABC Appeal
Tom, I think that’s gonna be a tough case to make if our agreement is that jumping to 6s shows Q of spades, no kings. Of course, with only 1 key card that starting to look like a pretty lousy 1nt opener. :)
NABC Appeal
Of course I have. If responder realizes what has happened and bids 5s in tempo, then opener is free to decide to pass if that’s what s/he decides has happened. My point is that once the 5s bid is out of tempo, it’s forcing.
NABC Appeal
6c. I appreciate that by passing, people are trying to be ethical, but here that attempt is misguided. No matter how long it takes, or that it’s not only undiscussed but we’ve never heard of this auction before now, 5s has to be forcing. If our hearts were ...
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Thank you, Mark. He was a great man. It was a privilege to know him and to get to chat with him, which I got to do numerous times.
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Thank you, Bobby. :)
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
Randy, I’m picturing a Gary Larsen frame with a man scanning SCOTUS opinions looking for the word gargoyle. The caption: “lawyer nerds”. :) Great story, and thanks for sharing!
Blue Over Red Boards
This issue doesn’t bother me, never occurred to me, nor had I heard anyone say anything along these lines until right now. I mention those facts because Debbie’s point seems SO obvious that I’m amazed red boards didn’t set alarms off in my head the first ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
The question “what does redouble mean?” is a club game. Rick, you handled that with admirable (predictable) aplomb.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
People make mistakes, sure, but “...occasionally inept...”, Ellis? (To the tune of “Jet Song” - West Side Story) When you’re inept you’re inept all the way From you get out of bed ‘til they cart you away When you’re inept when the sh*t hits the fan You ...

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