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Jeff Ruben
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April 15, 2011
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May 27
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Play 3NT
I was East. I ducked the first trick (rightly or wrongly) with an encouraging card from Axx. Declarer went after diamonds; partner took his ace and we cashed our hearts for down 1 (partner had KT9xx). I held Qx of clubs, so going after clubs would have worked, at least ...
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: 9 T98765432 Q3 9
Why should the opponents have a slam, or even a game, especially with East passing? Can't partner have a big hand?
Defend against Barry Crane
Crane actually held QJTx, AK, QT98x, KT. He did not know that the clubs were running, so he hoped that I would win the diamond and lead another spade, which I did, to give him nine tricks (he wound up with 12). The only way to defeat the contract so ...
North should certainly cue bid 4 hearts, but I give a bit of the blame to South, as he has unexpected distribution and partner is likely to have at least one of the red aces for his 3 club bid.
Defend against Barry Crane
Sorry, I messed up. Your clubs are QJ, not KT. Corrected above.
Who Goofed
If I tried that trumps would be 4-1.
What does this 4NT bid mean?
I agree. My partners and I use Kickback, so 4D here would be key card for clubs.
Jeff Ruben's bidding problem: --- AK7653 --- AQT7543
Probably but not necessarily. LHO, with 3 diamonds and very few HCPs might not bid at equal vulnerability, partner who had a minimum with Qx of hearts has nowhere to go, and the preemptor likely would not bid again. Partner actually held AKQxxx, Qx, xx, Kxx. At the table I ...
3NT is available to give both natural slam tries and cuebids.
With some partners I play that 3NT is a trump cue bid, showing the ace or king and asking for first round controls up the line, then second round controls.
Who did what to whom?
Agreed that if you respond 1 heart instead of 1 spade you will not miss a 9-card fit, but you could easily miss a useful 5-3 spade fit. What do you do when partner rebids 1NT or 2 of a minor? Bid 2 hearts and hope for the best?

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