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Jeff Ruben
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April 15, 2011
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Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
I was the Chair of the Sectional in question. Last year (when I was not the Chair), 12 teams showed up - 5 for A/X, 7 for BCD. The Director and the then-Chair combined the field into one event. Sounds reasonable, but the BCD players complained bitterly about having to ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
Forcing by unpassed hand, not forcing by passed hand.
GLASSON Wins Senior Swiss
Way to go, Joann and guys! Big congrats from back home.
A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
How about 2C-anything-5C asking for club honors? With any other club hand you can bid 3C first.
Full Disclosure ?
I always alert the 2S bid in this situation. I don't know if an alert is required, but the opponents certainly deserve to know what my partner knows about the bid.
What are your leads?
I believe this is true and not apocryphal: A player named Sam Scafidi from the Pittsburgh area called a female opponent a "fat cow" and was suspended. After the suspension, he sat down against the same lady, looked at her, and said "Moo" - and was suspended again.
Free to a Good Home
Tried to estimate via the USPS website. Three boxes, total of about 105 pounds, would cost around $250 to ship. If you are interested in pursuing this further, let me know. By the way, we have a player around here named Larry Plotkin - any relation?
Free to a Good Home
No puppy, just my dogged determination to get rid of the Bulletins.
Free to a Good Home
No idea, but I will look into it and let you know.
Play 3NT
I was East. I ducked the first trick (rightly or wrongly) with an encouraging card from Axx. Declarer went after diamonds; partner took his ace and we cashed our hearts for down 1 (partner had KT9xx). I held Qx of clubs, so going after clubs would have worked, at least ...

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