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Jeff Sapire
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Dec. 18, 2010
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about me

I teach bridge for a living. (Before that I was in the sports betting business).

My favourite bridge book is Culbertson's Red Book on Play.

Reese and Kelsey are my two favourite authors - they opened my mind up to what bridge is really all about.

I've represented my country, South Africa, in a few World Championships, and always look forward to coming up against the world's best players.

When I think about how much of my life I've devoted to the game, I'm reminded of what the great writer, Somerset Maugham, said;-

'I would have children taught it as a matter of course, just as they are taught dancing; in the end it will be more useful to them, for you cannot with seemliness continue to dance when you are bald and potbellied; nor, for that matter, can you with satisfaction to yourself or pleasure to your partner continue to play tennis or golf when you are well past middle age. But you can play bridge so long as you can sit up at a table and tell one card from another. In fact, when all else fails - sport, love, ambition - bridge remains a solace and an entertainment.'

South Africa

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Forcing auction or not?
I agree with all 3 comments above. A friend who is not on Bridgewinners asked me to post this, to settle an argument . (He wasn't satisfied with my opinion). The vote so far, 36-0, is pretty much what I expected.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: T653 --- A6 AJT9875
Thanks Steve and Peg - corrected now.
Required Percentage of Boards
So 33.2 deals with MPs (Master Points)eligibility, and 33.3 states that MP eligibility and the right to be a title-holder are one and the same. I was under the impression that the American majors are either the same, or very similar - but I'm not sure.
Required Percentage of Boards
Steve, apologies, but I simply copied and pasted. I did realise it would be difficult to read. Thanks very much for setting it out with paragraphs.
Assign the blame, history question
In the 70's, British Bridge Magazine had a column called Cui Culpa? (who's to blame) - conducted by Bill Pencharz.
The Origins of RKCB
Dave, thanks for mentioning this. I've just hauled out 1956 and read the article. Most interesting - and Morrow says that "this variation in the Blackwood Convention was invented by a Dallas, Texas, bridge expert by the name of Oswald Jacoby in a book he wrote for the Four Aces ...
The Origins of RKCB
Maybe your memory isn't too bad. In 1969 the Blue Club book (by Benito Garozzo and Leon Yallouze) appeared, and in the same year The Italian Blue Team Bridge book was also published (by Benito Garozzo and Pietro Forquet). In this book, it seems that ordinary Blackwood was used ...
The Origins of RKCB
Avon, in my copy of the Blue Club (first published 1969) by Benito Garozzo and Leon Yallouze (adapted by Terence Reese):- Page 166. B. BLACKWOOD 4NT AND 5NT We use conventional Blackwood in only two situations: 1) When there is a JUMP to 4NT 2) When the bid occurs on ...
Vugraph Malfunction?
In BB; Italy v Norway, an Italian pair also went wrong. On the lead of the 9, declarer played the ace, north following with the 6. Declarer drew 2 rounds of trumps as north played 2 then 9. When declarer next ran the J, north played the 3. On winning ...
Variations On A Theme
Someone pointed out a very clever and deceptive play that west could have made, which was almost sure to fool declarer. When a heart was played to dummy's 9, he should have won with the queen, not the 10! That would have been a great defensive play.

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