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Jeff Sapire
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Dec. 18, 2010
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about me

I teach bridge for a living. (Before that I was in the sports betting business).

My favourite bridge book is Culbertson's Red Book on Play.

Reese and Kelsey are my two favourite authors - they opened my mind up to what bridge is really all about.

I've represented my country, South Africa, in a few World Championships, and always look forward to coming up against the world's best players.

When I think about how much of my life I've devoted to the game, I'm reminded of what the great writer, Somerset Maugham, said;-

'I would have children taught it as a matter of course, just as they are taught dancing; in the end it will be more useful to them, for you cannot with seemliness continue to dance when you are bald and potbellied; nor, for that matter, can you with satisfaction to yourself or pleasure to your partner continue to play tennis or golf when you are well past middle age. But you can play bridge so long as you can sit up at a table and tell one card from another. In fact, when all else fails - sport, love, ambition - bridge remains a solace and an entertainment.'

South Africa

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1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
I have don't have a copy of their Convention Card handy, but I recall that some years' ago, Meckwell wrote 'frequent upgrades, no downgrades.' (I would imagine under: System Summary; General approach and style). So they thought it was worth uttering.
ATB --270-ish degrees slam
Is this 2/1 or not? If 2/1 why didn't south just raise to 3?
To bid or not to bid?
David, as you clearly feel very strongly about this issue, I don't know why didn't vote (but it's no big-deal). Btw, I'm in full agreement with most of your comments. I had the hand at the table and felt compelled to pass. I disagree with the ...
Buchwald on Bridge
Thanks for posting. Buchwald's stuff is terrific.
To bid or not to bid?
Kieran, I think calling the first pass wet and the 2 bid comatose is bizarre.
Obscure suit combination
Of course this concept first appeared in Play Bridge With Reese, entitled 'The Little Old Ladies.'
After opener raises a major suit response
Ok Joe, I've added stuff in the main post.
Best line in 6!h, with an eye on an overtrick?
So what's your line of play to make 12 tricks?
Trick 1 signal
Same here.
Trick 1 signal
What is the obvious shift, Phil?

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