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Jeff Sapire
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Dec. 18, 2010
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about me

I teach bridge for a living. (Before that I was in the sports betting business).

My favourite bridge book is Culbertson's Red Book on Play.

Reese and Kelsey are my two favourite authors - they opened my mind up to what bridge is really all about.

I've represented my country, South Africa, in a few World Championships, and always look forward to coming up against the world's best players.

When I think about how much of my life I've devoted to the game, I'm reminded

South Africa

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The 10th trick
Maybe you're right, Rohit. When this hand arose, I was kibitzing, so that probably made things much easier.
That's if you're playing transfer responses - which I did say weren't part of the methods to be considered for this poll. But thanks anyway.
Phil and John, your questions are of course valid. But I can't deal with every angle. I've added in 15-17, and no transfer responses. Whether you play sound or light opening bids, answer accordingly.
Freezing the suit
Ok, interesting.
Freezing the suit
I based the final paragraph on the assumption that west needed more than 7 points for the re-opening double. But yes, ruffing the diamond is better.
Cui Culpa (who's to blame)
Leonard, the bidding continues beyond 5. Put you mouse on the grey vertical line (with the up and down arrows) just to the right of South, and scroll down.
Cui Culpa (who's to blame)
Curiosity got the better of me, so I looked up David's Latin post. With apologies to the elitists, it translates more or less to;- By a man in anger. Let injury be absent from these words.
Cui Culpa (who's to blame)
Phil, I agree fully with your viewpoint, but note that East bid 5, not 5.
Cui Culpa (who's to blame)
David, rightly or wrongly - their agreements after Drury were; 1) 2 - simply not a subminimum or 'bad' hand, but one with possible game interest, or more. (A 3 jump would be a slam try, requesting responder to cue bid on any hand.) 2) 3 and 3 ...
Cui Culpa (who's to blame)
Though I did Latin at school, I am not sure what this means. But please, don't dare translate it - lest you be accused of elitism. ☺

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