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Jeff Sapire
Jeff Sapire
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Dec. 18, 2010
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about me

I teach bridge for a living. (Before that I was in the sports betting business).

My favourite bridge book is Culbertson's Red Book on Play.

Reese and Kelsey are my two favourite authors - they opened my mind up to what bridge is really all about.

I've represented my country, South Africa, in a few World Championships, and always look forward to coming up against the world's best players.

When I think about how much of my life I've devoted to the game, I'm reminded of what the great writer, Somerset Maugham, said;-

'I would have children taught it as a matter of course, just as they are taught dancing; in the end it will be more useful to them, for you cannot with seemliness continue to dance when you are bald and potbellied; nor, for that matter, can you with satisfaction to yourself or pleasure to your partner continue to play tennis or golf when you are well past middle age. But you can play bridge so long as you can sit up at a table and tell one card from another. In fact, when all else fails - sport, love, ambition - bridge remains a solace and an entertainment.'

South Africa

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2NT over a cue bid raise
Steve and Jay, thanks for the responses. I've added an extra option, so you may want to change your vote. I should have had it in initially.
Unusual 2NT
Good point. I've amended it to 'both minors'.
Something bothering me about bridge...
I recall reading (I think it was an old Bridge World), where Alvin Roth was playing with someone who hesitated noticeably on defence with xxx when declarer led the Jack from KJ10 towards dummy's Axx. The Jack held the trick (Roth had the Queen). When his partner later asked ...
2NT overcall of a Multi 2!D
Thanks to all those who have given their opinion.
Interference after a transfer
If playing 2NT as competitive in a minor or hearts, then opener can do the following (over 2NT); 3 - POC (not 3) 3 - a maximum with 3 3 - a minimum with 3 One could switch 3 and 3, but it seems to ...
ATB - missed game
Thomas, After 1 (P) ? Kxxx xxx Axxx xx the normal response would be 1. When it goes 1 (1) dbl, all it says is that you were going to bid 1, but you have only 4. No suggestion of extra values, and nothing to do ...
ATB - missed game
It says at the top: Teams, both vul.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: AKJ76 6 532 AKJ7
I'm not a 4 bidder, but in retrospect I should have maybe made the J the J instead.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: AKJ76 6 532 AKJ7
RR: I agree with you. Many voted for 4, and it's fine to read about their reasons for doing so. All I was trying to do was keep the answers simple, in that I was wanting to see, from among those who didn't choose 4, whether ...
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: AKJ76 6 532 AKJ7
No you didn't.

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