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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith
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March 8, 2011
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17 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Telecommunications law expert by day, bridge player and die hard NFL fan by night.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Top 8, 2013 Bermuda Bowl
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner 2007, 2013, 2015 and 2018 Canadian National Team Championships
Regular Bridge Partners
John Zaluski, David Sabourin
Favorite Tournaments
CNTCs, Kingston Sectionals, Bermuda Bowls,
Favorite Conventions
Raptor...or as my friends call it...Craptor.
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ACBL Ranking
2018 CNTC / WBF
< Very Modified Polish Club (please ask about 1!c opening bid NV)
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2019 CNTC
< Ottawa Club
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Hi Jan, do you have a link to the WBF announcement that officially cancels the 2020 World Championships and locks in only one World Championships in 2021? I ask, because I could not find the announcement on the WBF website. Thanks!
Big congrats to Erik Sælensminde and his partner Morten Olsen
One humble suggestion, it seems that leaving a tournament you have already spent considering time and money to attend is counterproductive as is refusing to play against cheaters since that in many cases will get you barred from a tournament, but I wonder if perhaps bidding 7NT at either partners ...
New Event - Double Elimination KO - Toronto Regional
Innovation is almost never bad. I like the concept, being able to complete an entire KO in a single day is the real benefit here...18 board matches reduce variance because the 12 board matches in traditional compact KOs just lead to too many feel bads.
An awkward 2NT opener auction
I like 4H agreeing diamonds, 4S showing 4S and no slam interest, 4N denying 4S and denying diamond support ostensibly to play, and any 5 level bid is a RKC response agreeing spades as trump.
Jeff Smith's bidding problem: KQJxx --- Axxx KQxx
It really depends on the trust you place in the 4H bidder, if he is a solid citizen, you can probably expect partner to be pure and thus slam has play, if the 4H bidder could be doing this with QJxxxxxx, then you could be going WAY overboard with 5H.
Upcoming chart change looks HUGE for the open field.
Yet still no Multi is allowed in NABC+ pairs games. I can't help but wonder if this is pro's trying to protect their clients...quite simply a disgrace.
Serious 3NT question
My rules for a 3NT bid to be serious or non-serious or natural is, 1) a game force must have been established prior to the 3NT bid 2) an 8 card major suit fit or longer must have been promised. Rule #1 is not met, so for me, this would ...
Pam Fiorini's bidding problem: AT64 AT98 K AQJT
I would have bid 2NT over 2H to begin with.
Jeff Smith's bidding problem: AT76 J853 AT92 6
If you decide to pass, (which I did), it goes 4C on your left, and then the tray takes 56 seconds to come back from the other side of the screen.... You are effectively barred at this point. You are of course cold for 4H and are only able to ...
2015 Canadian Women's Team Trials Cancelled
Canadian Women’s Bridge is dying...most (certainly not all) of Canada’s best female players are well into their 60’s, some even their 70’s, I am sure Nader (Canadian Bridge Federation President) is struggling with what to do and how to move forward. To be honest, I ...

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