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Jeffrey Rothstein
Jeffrey Rothstein
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July 20, 2012
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RIP Harold Feldheim
Doug Widman who also frequented the Fleahouse says it was Najdorf
RIP Harold Feldheim
Harold was a low keyed expert level player who I knew casually forever. During the past few years we socialized and played on a few teams together. There is at least one story online which includes Harold in the 1960's at the NY Chess and Checker Club (AKA Fleahouse ...
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: AKx AJ8xxx QT xx
Agree but hearts or diamonds are both possible to produce nine tricks. 3H will likely make 3Nt impossible to reach. Pard may pass 3H even if forcing.
Russell Samuel's bidding problem: AKx AJ8xxx QT xx
3NT assuming 3H is forward going but not forcing. Change the diamonds to xx, x or something like that then 3H is clear.
Favorite swindles and other turns of events
In the early 70's I picked up something like xxx, xx, x, KQTxxxx in a regional pairs: Pass, Pass to me so I bid the obvious 1NT: Pass, 2C, Pass Pass Pass with Judy Tucker in the passout seat with a puzzled look at her insane opponent. Down 1 ...
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Richard had a math degree. In the 60's and 70's he worked for a defense contractor as a programmer while pursuing his hobby as a gambler evenings at harness tracks eventually graduating to a full time gambler. At the harness track Richie was known as "the hawk" for ...
Asking a question in the passout seat
Opening leader is required to lead face down allowing questions from the passout position. Unless ACBL rules have changed it is a violation to ask questions in the passout seat unless an explanation is necessary for a possible call other than pass. A director should be called any time a ...
Meaning of 2NT response to 2!C?
Al Roth suggested balanced with four Queens.
Forming a 5013C
try 501C(7) - probably the correct non-profit category. The Cavendish Club in Manhattan was a non-profit member owned club for decades. I was the club accountant for the last ten years of the club's existence.
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Last huff and clarification: I believe card play should always be in real time. I believe bidding should probably be in real time. The nature of the game remains intact even with 1/2 of the table in a different room. The table presence I object to is trying to ...

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