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July 12, 2013
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Oct. 15
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Chairman of the English Bridge Union

United Kingdom

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Entering leads on Bridgemates
I don't understand the comments about using it to find the trump queen etc. As others have commented the lead is validated only after the end of the hand when EW are checking. If that is not the case then updating the software might be a good move! You ...
U31 junior event
Spare a thought for NBOs who now may have to try to fund yet another series.
Looking for a bridge club in Southampton
Southampton Sutherland is the closed club referred to above. Titchfield has a reasonable size duplicate. It meets on Monday & Wednesday.
Steve Barnfield
Biscuits is Jim Proctor now retired from directing but still playing.
Steve Barnfield
The hand (which won't qualify for Tom's column) was at Peebles when Steve held S - H AKJ109xxxx D KJ9x C- . He opened 4H and it went x No 4S. He passed and stood my double. I held the singleton HQ and DA10x amongst other things. 4Sx made and ...
EBU Summer Meeting
The new forum has appeared and awaits its first comment! Go to
EBU Summer Meeting
Other venues can be and have been considered. One reason why we are no longer at Brighton, whatever its attractions, is that the economics don't work amd stopped doing so when the entry fell below,say, 300 pairs. The rate at the venue (and possible alternatives) went up and ...
EBU regulations NT range (what should I write on my convention card)
If it is written as 9-17 your opponents might wish to know what you will invite on. I've never understood how methods like this are playable but perhaps that is my shortcoming. What you say or write on your system card is about giving opponents a reasonable description of ...
Someone has blundered
One of my hobby horses is the way people waste time at the table (I've met a lot of Eric Kehr's opponents I think). I'm not talking about them playing slowly although that can be annoying and having played with a very slow partner for some years ...
Lessons and Power Point
It's not called "Death by Powerpoint" for nothing!

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