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Jeremy Dhondy
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July 12, 2013
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Feb. 18
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Chairman of the English Bridge Union

United Kingdom

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Public statement from and myself
I'm confused here. I thought the CAS decision applied to whether F-N could play in a European Championship of some description run by the EBL. I did not think it was the same as respecting a ban by another NBO. The EBU, as I commented upthread, have always viewed ...
Public statement from and myself
It's normal for NBOs to respect bans imposed by other NBOs. From time to time the EBU get a list of players who are banned for a period of time. We respect that ban.
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
David: You are, of course right about the Swiss and I will have it corrected on Monday. No reason not to add trials to this and I'll look at having it done but it may take a bit longer.
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
David Gold: If you can let me know of errors in the archive and any available evidence then putting it right seems obvious and I'll do that.
ACBL to adopt EBU results file format
In England the grading scheme is popular. It is the 2nd most popular page to view on the website after the front page and people can look up how well they are doing or perhaps how badly someone they know is doing. It does, however, lead to disputes about how ...
Junior bridge: My $0.02 worth
This is a discussion we have had in England recently. It is important to encourage more juniors but inevitably jobs and family get in the way for many as they go into their 20's. Some of those come back to Bridge much later in life. If they are to ...
Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
If there is a ban by their NBO, the EBL or the WBF then we would not allow them to play in an EBU event.If not then there is nothing currently to prevent them.
Bridge not a sport for VAT purposes says EU court
The total was 50k and is now a little under 55k so it has gone up. The only point I was making was that there is an inactive element in that total then and now.
Bridge not a sport for VAT purposes says EU court
To answer Sarah's questions: All board members are elected and so are all officers. You can't do more than six years as an officer. My time is up in November 2019 at the latest. The number of universal membership sessions (clubs only) was 1.81 million in 2010 ...
Bridge not a sport for VAT purposes says EU court
I did a presentation at the outset of all this at an EBL seminar so the EBL were well aware of what was going on as were virtually all the NBOs. I got a sympathetic email from the President of the EBL yesterday. Other countries (Germany for example) were having ...

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