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Jeremy Dhondy
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July 12, 2013
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Sept. 23
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Chairman of the English Bridge Union

United Kingdom

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Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
The length of time is was taking to learn certainly puts off some and that is why EBED developed the Fast Track course which has been taken up by a number of EBU clubs and teachers. It is designed to get people playing very much more quickly.
English selection for Venice Cup
The minute is an accurate reflection of what took place at the meeting. Circumstance didn't allow the original team to float so another was selected and they have all accepted the invitation. I'm not entering into discussion of what happened or why other than to say it isn ...
The Next Step
And we have all seen how immune to error VAR and DRS are in their respective sports. It may (eventually) be an improvement but it ain't perfect
Stratification Issue
Of course but alleging some possible impropriety here is much more fun however inaccurate.
Stratification Issue
The B next to Jason's team means "winner of the Blue Section". Relevant because if they did not win a prize in the final then they would still have got £60 as section winners. Perhaps B wasn't the best letter to choose but if it gave pleasure and ...
What should the selectors do?
We do get legal advice when needed. We do have a solicitor on the Board. We do have an honorary counsel and, of course, Wikipedia is not the fount of all knowledge or even most of it. Other sources say something similar. Are you challenging it?
What should the selectors do?
I agree confusion is unlikely but why not get it right instead of sounding like Rhett Butler?
What should the selectors do?
One difference is that a standing committee is elected by the shareholders. A Board sub committee such as the Editorial Board is not. There aren't that many who are standing for the committees these days. A sub committee would be responsible to the Board whereas a standing committee serves ...
What should the selectors do?
The EBU Board are responsible, ultimately, for both selection and allocating the money needed to finance most of our teams. Therefore it does not seem unreasonable to me for there to be Board representatives on the standing committees (I wanted to update the process and have sub committees of the ...
What should the selectors do?
I'm surprised you don't give a damn, Richard, about using the right name.

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