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Jeremy Martin
Jeremy Martin
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 11, 2012
Last Seen
April 30
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm a serious club player without much time to go to tournaments.  In real life I'm a mathematics professor and like how math and bridge interact.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Finishing 2nd in the GNT-C in 2005
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Kaw Valley Bridge Club (Unit 234)
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Jeremy Martin, Grant Sutton
2/1, Weak NT
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Craig Huneke, Jeremy Martin
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Brian Donovan, Jeremy Martin
2 over 1
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Lynn Hui, Jeremy Martin
2/1, Weak NT
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Jeremy Martin's bidding problem: KQJ9xxx --- AJ ATxx
At the table, partner held AKT9-eighth of hearts, a spade void, and out. Sriram's prediction is exactly what happened.
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: AQT852 4 854 QJT
I bid 1 - the club holding is enough for me to regard this as constructive. I'd bid 2 over 2, but I could stomach pass. Not enough for 2NT.
Lead against slam
Club ten. Dummy is 0=3=5=5, right? So I don't think the spade king will accomplish much. Maybe partner is void in clubs (wouldn't a double ask for a diamond lead?). Hopefully this will not cost a club trick; even if it does (dummy has ace-jack-fifth ...
Lead against slam
Just looked at the hand. Guess I was wrong. :-)
Conflicting Clues
Great article. Please keep them coming.
what to do?
I think it's clear to agonize for 10-15 seconds, realize I probably shouldn't pass having tanked, grit my teeth, and bid 4H. I catch a quacky 3=1=5=4 and lose several IMPs. What's the problem?
Awkward Ask or Hamman's Hammer?
This hand seemed to come up about once every matchpoint session when I was a beginner. My guru (you know who you are) taught me to bid 3NT. I always bid 3NT and it always made. I haven't looked back since.
forcing pass????
I consider myself somewhere in between the caddy and Hamman (probably closer to the caddy). I don't know whether this is forcing. Therefore, it's not forcing. Right?

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