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Jeroen Wieland
Jeroen Wieland
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Feb. 19, 2013
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Do You Count Your Cards?
Tollemache Qualifier - Group A
“For non-English and Welsh people, ...” I think most Welsh people would like to be referred to as “non-English” as well :-)
Lead out of turn accepted and then what
“But certainly Law 12.A.1 covers me very clearly. The violation not being merely making an insufficient bid, but the violation being making an insufficient bid when the player knew darn well that a sufficient bid would show a better hand that the player does not hold.” 12.A ...
Jeroen Wieland's bidding problem: 9732 QJT9 AJ KJT
What are your criteria for a redouble after 1C-(X)?
Dirty Talk
and South receives an educational lecture
If Looney Tunes Had a Team
Superman would be sitting north (pole) playing with Lex Luthor south. Lex brings some kryptonite to the table which is required to enable Superman to play boards 2,4,5,7,10,12,13,15. WADA doesn't like it, but cannot act (yet) because Kryptonite is not on the ...
Anyone who is found to have cheated in an ACBL sanctioned event, at any level, should be banned from the ACBL and ANY ACBL-sanctioned event, permanently.
I’m not a mathematician, but I share your “black & white” view of the world. Imho “- 2 + 2” equals zero.
Partner misdescribed my bid. Did I do the right thing?
Hand 1) I think you acted correctly. From the AI, it appears that partner does not have a diamond control. Hand 2) instead of telling the opps they could call the director, you should have called the director yourself and inform him about partner's wrong explanation. The director will ...
Software for tournament organizer to prove honesty
Jeroen Wieland's lead problem: Q K964 76 KJT876
my 4 lead was into declarer's AQ. leading any other suit would have defeated 6

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