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Jeroen Wieland
Jeroen Wieland
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Feb. 19, 2013
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29 minutes ago
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Jeroen Wieland's lead problem: Q K964 76 KJT876
my 4 lead was into declarer's AQ. leading any other suit would have defeated 6
The Best Bridge Writer
Victor Mollo
What is the correct ruling?
“Please note that the current (and past) laws do not recognize this term...” Let us hope that future versions of the laws will continue to not recognise this term
Too much information?
As a player, it is not my job to judge whether some piece of information should or should not have an impact on the action of an opponent. It IS my job to alert if the regulations in force require me to do so.
3 is preemptive in
Showing the Joker
“Michael, I wonder if the 4 'likes' you have thus far are for the content of your post or for your statement that you have decided for now to stop (or perhaps for both)? :)“ I can’t speak for the other three, but I can assure that I liked his ...
Showing the Ace of Spades
"Or alternatively, you could go through all the hands and see how many anti-percentage actions fit neatly with partner. " That is only statistically valid if your hypothesis was not derived from "all the hands", but from some another source. That source should also not depend on "all the hands". How ...
Showing the Nine of Spades
Avon, an isolated example, or an answer to David C's question?
Showing the Five of Spades
both passes (calls) were made
Showing the Five of Spades
Could you please also provide the links to the polls for north after pass-(pass)? and after pass-(pass)-pass-(1)/pass-(1)-?

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