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Feb. 19, 2013
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March 27
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Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q Ax AKQJT9xx xx
I voted for 4 assuming it does not show support
Conflicting Convention Cards
1) I rule misinformation. Would need a few more details to proceed further 2) A warning is a p.p. If this is the first time, it will just be the warning, if not, they get some additional incentive to produce identical cards next time. For the rest of the ...
Superaccepts over 1NT or 2NT with 3 trumps
indeed we can't. needing to stop in exactly 3M doesnt come up often and even when it does we just go one more down than the field for a 2 or 3 imp loss
Superaccepts over 1NT or 2NT with 3 trumps
after 2nt-3h we super accept with 3+ trumps always, max or min. 3nt shows a tripleton, a cue shows 4+ support. accepting the transfer shows a doubleton or (rarely) a singleton honour
Logical Alternative
but information from west, authorised or not, says something about 39 unseen cards, not 52. Interpretation of that information may very well vary with those 39 cards...
Logical Alternative
you have UI that partner was contemplating some other action than pass. This gives some (unauthorised) information about his hand. Like any other information thas partner gives you during the auction (including legal info from the meaning of his calls alone), translating that information into logical alternatives requires you to ...
Statistically, What is the Best Opening Lead in a World Pairs Event?
"So if you do lead ♦7, partner has UI that it must be from a short suit... " At one of my clubs this is "just bridge", no UI.
Class Action Against Mr Nicolas Hammond
thank you Alan, also on behalf of my partner Gerhard Ulysses Libble who finds himself in pretty much the same position as myself. You will receive our cheques soon. best regards, Jeroen & Gerhard
Class Action Against Mr Nicolas Hammond
Dear Alan, as one of the many damaged people I was eager to join the class action against Mr Hammond. As per your post, I contacted your law firm at "I. Will Stuffem at Grabbit, Obfuscate, Grabbit, Sue and Pettifog, 666 Upyour Alley, Wotsursismine", but unfortunately have not yet received ...
Should have known better?
I expect that the alerting regulations will have changed by the time I get to play my 11 millionth board.

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