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Jess Cohen
Jess Cohen
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June 28, 2010
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

The good news is that I have won events in Nationals, Regionals, and sectionals. The bad news is that it was 40 years ago, and the player who won those events went away about 20 years ago, and now only comes back for short visits. Sometimes for a hand, sometimes almost for a whole session; but usually he just stands back and grimaces about how I play these days. I used to be the only person in Minnesota who had won events in Bridge and Squash. Now I play in the Friday afternoon duplicate, and play pickle ball in the park with the geriatric set. I was always a better writer than a player. I have had pieces published in the Bridge World and the ACBL bulletin. Favorite convention: mini splinter. Favorite song: Love is a mini splintered thing.  I became a bronze life master in 1975 (it was harder then) and stopped playing in tournaments for over 35 years because of work and family obligations.  Now retired so I started playing locally about six years ago in Grand Junction, Co. and for the past year in Scottsdale, Arizona.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being asked to turn the dummy in the finals of the Reisenger.
Bridge Accomplishments
Have won events in Nationals, 'Regionals, and Sectionals
Regular Bridge Partners
: Alan Salem, Anita Knaysi Feb. 8, 2013 R.I.P
Member of Bridge Club(s)
In Tempo, Scottsdale
Favorite Conventions
mini splinters Favorite song: "love is a mini splintered thing"
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ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Basic 2/1 card jess anita
2 over 1
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It's Bridge Jim, but...
the bidding diagram on page four is incorrect. IT is correct on page one, but got transposed by page 4. This is disconcerting because the wrong diagram is what you see when yuu see all four hands at the end.
Who's crazy ?
the consensus of the comments seems to be that auction one is marginal to poor, and auction two is insane. If that option were there, then I think the result would be different. Describing auction one as fine is rigging the result, since the other answers are not acceptable and ...
How do you rule?
Steve: Thank you for the help on setting up the hand. However, South is dummy and East made the false concession. Actually, it was an attempt at a real concession, but it didn't hold up. Maybe it was a pseudo concession. North did nothing wrong other than smiling graciously ...
How do you rule?
Barry: There is a small prize for funniest comment. So far you are leading, but it is only May first.
How do you rule?
I thought the split ruling law under consideration would give west two tricks as per law, and penalize east one trick for stupidity.
Electronic Scoring
where is the search button, exactly? The bottom of my home page starts with FAQ and ends with DMCA, but there is no search that I see. Maybe the reference to the search button is sarcasm; if so please put an S in brackets after it for those of us ...
Is there something better than BBO?
Jack and Win Bridge are maintained by the developers. I believe they are proprietary systems and would not let other programmers change them, so BBO would make an arrangement to license the system or a revenue sharing basis, I would think. If not used by the market, then there would ...
Is there something better than BBO?
If some of the robots, Jack and Win Bridge have been mentioned above, are believed to be better players and bidders than GIB, then I sense a new revenue stream for BBO. Set up a system where players rent their favorite robot for a surcharge for each tournament. The idea ...
Is there something better than BBO?
BBO is great for people with disabilities. Four people, otherwise house bound, can join on BBO and play bridge. I also like the weekly free duplicate tournament. BBO has a great business model. It makes its money because it sells lots of seats to duplicate games and uses some of ...
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
How much data does the app use?. I share a data plan with my daughter and her family and I have to be aware of how much data I use. When I show the app to people, the question of data use comes up. Not everyone is on an unlimited ...

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