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Jess Cohen
Jess Cohen
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June 28, 2010
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about me

The good news is that I have won events in Nationals, Regionals, and sectionals. The bad news is that it was 40 years ago, and the player who won those events went away about 20 years ago, and now only comes back for short visits. Sometimes for a hand, sometimes almost for a whole session; but usually he just stands back and grimaces about how I play these days. I used to be the only person in Minnesota who had won events in Bridge and Squash. Now I play in the Friday afternoon duplicate, and play pickle ball in the park with the geriatric set. I was always a better writer than a player. I have had pieces published in the Bridge World and the ACBL bulletin. Favorite convention: mini splinter. Favorite song: Love is a mini splintered thing.  I became a bronze life master in 1975 (it was harder then) and stopped playing in tournaments for over 35 years because of work and family obligations.  Now retired so I started playing locally about six years ago in Grand Junction, Co. and for the past year in Scottsdale, Arizona.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being asked to turn the dummy in the finals of the Reisenger.
Bridge Accomplishments
Have won events in Nationals, 'Regionals, and Sectionals
Regular Bridge Partners
: Alan Salem, Anita Knaysi Feb. 8, 2013 R.I.P
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In Tempo, Scottsdale
Favorite Conventions
mini splinters Favorite song: "love is a mini splintered thing"
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Bronze Life Master
Basic 2/1 card jess anita
2 over 1
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Curoiser and curioser...
Ninety one comments and I still don't know who had the ace of spades or if there were hand records,or why the hands were not posted. If South had the ace of spades and the defense had four tricks when the question was asked, and North must get ...
Curoiser and curioser...
The OP says declarer, East, cashed spade ace and ruffed a spade. It appears South did not have the spade ace.
Which club?
With UDCA Do you also play upside down suit preference? If I lead back a deuce for you to trump is that calling for you to return the lowest ranking suit or the highest? I played the eight of clubs thinking it might call for switch to the laowe ranking ...
Too good to sign off?
I voted close. could partner have QJTx AK9x xxx xx and declarer Axxx xx KQx Axxx. There are limit raises that would make a nice game, and we play cue bid as limit raise or better so I think it ;might be a close decision. At imps one should have ...
Finesse or Drop?
Plan the play
I voted for ducking the club before I read this, and I like it better now. I want them to play the majors for me and they just might do that if they feel a switch from diamonds is called for. That might happen given that East has discouraged in ...
pass fail
FWIW This was hand number six in the common game on August 29, 2017. Only two percent of the East West pairs scored three hundred, and two percent scored five hundred. Most East West pairs were plus 140 (32%) or minus 100 (26%)) Six per cent were plus 170 and ...
pass fail
I think the polls show: 1. West had an opening bid. 2. If West had opened in first seat, he had a clear acceptance of a limit raise. 3. After the opponents had bid diamonds behind him, the situation for West becomes more cloudy. 45% of the voters signed off ...
pass fail
Lynn: I agree that you do not invite over an invite. Since a limit raise is an invite (inviting partner to accept by bidding game with the appropriate hand or sign off with the wrong hand) then wouldn't any bid except three spades be an acceptance, since you don ...
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: T954 A5 JT63 A43
I thought the question asked by Jordan was: "what would be a game forcing spade raise after pass, pass, one spade, two diamonds?"

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