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Jess Cohen
Jess Cohen
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June 28, 2010
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Oct. 16
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Bridge Player
about me

The good news is that I have won events in Nationals, Regionals, and Sectionals. The bad news is that it was 40 years ago, and the player who won those events went away about 20 years ago, and now only comes back for short visits. Sometimes for a hand, sometimes almost for a whole session; but usually he just stands back and grimaces about how I play these days. I used to be the only person in Minnesota who had won events in Bridge and Squash. Now I play in the Friday afternoon duplicate, and play pickle ball in the park with the geriatric set. I was always a better writer than a player. I have had pieces published in the Bridge World and the ACBL bulletin. Favorite convention: mini splinter. Favorite song: Love is a mini splintered thing.  I became a bronze life master in 1975 (it was harder then) and stopped playing in tournaments for over 35 years because of work and family obligations.  Now retired so I started playing locally about six years ago in Grand Junction, Co. and more recently in Scottsdale, Arizona.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being asked to turn the dummy in the finals of the Reisenger.
Bridge Accomplishments
Have won events in Nationals, 'Regionals, and Sectionals
Regular Bridge Partners
: Alan Salem, Anita Knaysi Feb. 8, 2013 R.I.P
Member of Bridge Club(s)
In Tempo, Scottsdale
Favorite Conventions
mini splinters Favorite song: "love is a mini splintered thing"
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Basic 2/1 card jess anita
2 over 1
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Mixed Open Pairs Final - Session 3
After adding up the scores could you tell us what we would have needed to place in the top ten overall, or better yet what the top ten finishers scored.
Is this forcing?
For a somewhat analogous sequence where the threading the needle metaphor was used see
Is this forcing?
I believe that what most people are saying with their votes is that when you bid over the invitational bid you are accepting the invite, and thus the bid is forcing. If you didn't accept the invite then you pass two tn trump It is rare to find two ...
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
I think you should merge with the MIT group. It is all the thing in education these days: If you can't get it at your campus, you get it at another school. I believe Wellesley and MIT have this arrangement along with many other schools. Also you could contact ...
Carding with doubleton
I give count. Sometimes partner has five.
The Pandora's Box Coup
Richard Pavlicek actually read and commented on one of my posts. Check another item off the bucket list. Item 37 on the list from some years ago was finishing in the top ten in one of the contests on Richard's web site. Thanks, Richard, for maintaining a wonderful site ...
The Pandora's Box Coup
but still funny.
The Pandora's Box Coup
The Pandora's Box Coup
what are the odds
thanks Steve. Very helpful.

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