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Feb. 28, 2016
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"Just" a Grand finesse? ...or heading for Year-end champagne?
East bids 4H on J empty 7th? He must be highly distributional, so 1-7-1-4 seems reasonable.
Did this Director in Charge make the right ruling?
Why does he have to pitch the spade on a H? Can't he ruff the H, lead J of D's, ruff the return and draw the last trump, play off the C A&K and lose a spade? He already made a backhand reference to a trump loser ...
Best line of play to make 4H
Why not lead a D at trick 2 to set up a club pitch? Pulling 2 rounds of trump and then taking a club finesse leaves you open to making only 4. D at trick 2 allows you to pitch the club, play A of C's and ruff a ...
Declarer Play Plan in 4!H
I considered that and on a D return you still have the opportunity to play a 3rd round and if D's are 3-3 you now have a pitch for the C.
Declarer Play Plan in 4!H
If the Q or J of Clubs is played at trick one, win and play D to K. Run the Q of Hearts unblocking 9 from hand. If this wins pick up trumps and play two more rounds of Clubs. When K of H's is offside or East has ...
Simple 3NT
After winning in hand and cashing the K of clubs, I would duck a spade. If they continue H's I would play spade and another spade. If they are 3-3 I have 9 tricks. If not and they continue the H attack, lead up to clubs planning to play ...
Best line to make 7 diamonds
I would play two rounds of trumps, HK - HA - ruff H, club to the A, DK pitching a S, KQ of C's, if the clubs are no worse than 4-3, ruff 4th C, A of S cash good Club. You would pitch a S on the 3rd club leaving ...
Another day another brain teaser - II
What about a low D lead? Can't E shift to a C at trick 2? Now you will be off a C and two spades and a D? You won't be able to draw trumps and make the spade play from the right hand. If you duck the ...
Play this 6NT Hand
I agree, thanks
Play this 6NT Hand
Win the H and pitch a S from your hand. Run all of the D's pitching a heart and a club from dummy. Cross to the AK of Clubs and return to hand with K of Spades. Play the Q of Clubs and squeeze one of the opponent is ...
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