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Jim Fox
Jim Fox
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May 2, 2011
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21 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge player for over 50 years (hard to believe I don't play better).  Did take several years off a few times for family and work. Two grown children and four wonderful granddaughters (who don't play bridge but are all super softball players).

Professional computerist (everything EXCEPT electronics and hardware engineering) for over 40 years and still counting.  Education in Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Business Administration.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
World Rosenblum Teams - Orlando, FL
Bridge Accomplishments
Overall in WBF Rosenblum Teams, National Open Swiss Teams (twice), Senior Swiss Teams, and Mixed BAM; Many Regional A, Open, and Bracket 1 Teams and Pairs wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
and favorite bridge partner - my wife.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Philadelphia and Lille World Series, New Orleans, San Francisco and Washington Nationals, Cambridge and Virginia Beach Regionals.
Favorite Conventions
Puppet over 1N, Exclusion Blackwood, Delayed Splinters, Michaels, Unusual NT
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Sapphire Life Master
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Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
OK, I guess this is like saying "I don't want to win big or lose big, but I am willing to lose close."
Computer Bridge: Card Combinations in Notrump
The programming decision for many cases of whether to use a catalog/database or to deterministically analyze the situation is very complicated and normally ultimately gets down to a determination as to which is quicker (in execution and/or coding/entering) and/or more efficient. Deep Finesse is basically a ...
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
Jeff, you are correct, I WAS "...assuming that "any team that wants to "play up" ...(wants)... to play up to the top bracket." Are there really many situations where say, somebody in bracket 3 wants to move to bracket 2 or 5 to 2 or stuff like that? I have ...
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
One reason is that "...what they want.." might be self-serving in a bad way. Second reason is that, in the extreme case, allowing all players to self-designate whether they want to move up or down could lead to (number of teams) X (number of teams - 1) combinations. Admittedly, the extreme ...
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
It seems like there is a reasonable solution in MOST cases. 1. Form the brackets in the usual way initially (by MP's, with significant delta between brackets if possible). 2. If you have team(s) that want to play up, place them in bracket 1 if that would not ...
Translation: Thanks for your mail. No, it is not possible to play in Havana, only a few players meet in one to play rubber bridge. Only when there are international championships can you play bridge tournaments and the next one will be in May 2021.
ACBL - Running a KO with a qualifying swiss?
On the other hand, you also can't feel lucky that you drew bottom seeds in your first two KO matches and made the money round. Seems like the feelings are symmetric. Increasing the "luck (random) factor" was the whole reason for making KO's unseeded in the first place.
ACBL - Running a KO with a qualifying swiss?
I have yet to hear a good reason why with 9 or more teams and 4 sessions, you shouldn't play the traditional KO's with as many 3-way matches as necessary. I wonder if those who favor Swiss qualifying with 9 or more teams are really more interested in ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Ken, your comment makes me wonder how many times the known cheaters have won National or World events with players who were infrequent partners and presumably not involved in any way with their cheating. I have seen lists of the events the cheating partners have won (and come in second ...
World's Greatest Gamesman (Eddie Kantar, Sports Illustrated, January 11, 1971)
I will call him Mr Kantar because I had never met him previously, but did so at the last San Diego NABC outside the Keohane Swiss venue. Not sure why he was there, my impression is that he makes few appearances these days, but he knew my partner from "back ...

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