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Jim Fox
Jim Fox
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May 2, 2011
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14 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge player for over 50 years (hard to believe I don't play better).  Did take several years off a few times for family and work. Two grown children and four wonderful granddaughters (who don't play bridge but are all super softball players).

Professional computerist (everything EXCEPT electronics and hardware engineering) for over 40 years and still counting.  Education in Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Business Administration.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
World Mixed BAM - Lille, France
Bridge Accomplishments
Overall in National Open Swiss Teams, Senior Swiss Teams, and Mixed BAM; Many Regional A, Open, and Bracket 1 Teams and Pairs wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
and favorite bridge partner - my wife.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Philadelphia and Lille World Series, New Orleans, San Francisco and Washington Nationals, Cambridge and Virginia Beach Regionals.
Favorite Conventions
Puppet over 1N, Exclusion Blackwood, Delayed Splinters, Michaels, Unusual NT
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Swiss teams - with hand records, bridgemates and less waiting time - it IS possible!
Best shot to move all Swiss Teams into the 20th (I mean 21st) Century is to sell the new CEO on it and get him to go back to Nick Hammond for software.
Wish Trick
Based on material referenced in the other thread, it appears that my memory is faulty or I am conflating two different memories. Lynn Deas was involved at the table when I first heard the expression (as she was with several others), but I must have confounded that with seeing others ...
Vote as you wish
Yu, apparently we were posting simultaneously, although I was in a similar situation to Nickell only playing against Norbie and Lynn and could have sworn........ :)
Vote as you wish
Repeating my post from the other thread: First time I heard the expression was around 30 years ago from Lynn Deas and 2 3 4 5. Anybody know when the definition on the Bridge World website was created? Edit: After reading the reference from Yu, looks like my memory might ...
Wish Trick
First time I heard the expression was around 30 years ago from Lynn Deas and 2 3 4 5.
Pearls Before Swine
All I can say is: "Har har hardy har har" How many still know the source without googling? And how many remember (or ever knew) the singing group, "Pearls Before Swine".
ACBL Nationals Start times
Right, Ed, you brought back somewhat painful memories of sleepless times serving in the military overseas, pulling all-nighters in the business world and even WORSE, pulling all-nighters in the military LOL
ACBL Nationals Start times
Like, Like, Like. I also work at Nationals, mostly in the mornings but sometimes AFTER the night session and sleep late depending on work needs. Working stiff, Social Security recipient AND almost Super Senior :)
ACBL Nationals Start times
So we have early start times at Philadelphia and Atlanta, but somewhere in this thread it says, people who want early start times are always ignored. EDIT: Misunderstood Joanne's previous comment. She meant last Philly was early, not next Philly.
ACBL Nationals Start times
Sam, "it makes “the next morning” another short break to have breakfast and relax for a very short while over coffee before having to make it to the game by 12:30 latest." What, are you sleeping 11 hours after game completion? If so, good for you. Many of us ...

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