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Jim Griffin
Jim Griffin
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 28, 2010
Last Seen
June 18
Member Type
Bridge Pro
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding 7D after our auction began 1H.P.2H
Bridge Accomplishments
Won NAP 1993,1994,1999...GNT Flt A, 2003
Regular Bridge Partners
Ken Schutze, Pat Griffin, Harvey Brody, Gene Simpson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
San Francisco/Marin county
Favorite Tournaments
Monterey regional, San Francisco nationals
Favorite Conventions
Toad club relays
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What Is Partner Showing?
I confess with KJxxx I would bid 1, but in general partner should play me probably for 4+-9-. I admit I'd bid 1 with KQxx though...I'm pretty aggressive at the 1 level with a fit.
What Is Partner Showing?
After partner's free bid (not showing much more than 5-9 points) a raise just alerts partner to the fact that I have 4, but don't promise extra values. With a hideous T/O double (even with 4) I would pass though.
Aaron J Jones's bidding problem: Jxxx Axx xxx QTx
I have a much better hand than I could have had (and a double fit). I'm not letting 3 go (impossible for partner to compete).
Deb Paul's bidding problem: Q872 K542 J65 52
I abstained (would have DBL'd 1). If I HAD passed 1, I would bid 2 here.
Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: --- AT76432 QT96 62
Playing suction (as here it seems) partner's Pass=long . My hand has apparently become quite marvelous!
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AKJ96 98 AT96 A7
Although I felt like all the system description messages were prompting me to Pass, I bid 3 anyway...
Aaron J Jones's bidding problem: K9x Qx 98x AKTxx
OK, so I decided to treat this as a GF (right or wrong). 2NT seems pretty obvious now.
David Corn's bidding problem: A9654 KT4 Q6542 ---
Using "ZAR points" (=27--you need 26 to open) it is..using any other valuation probably not... ZAR points=HCP+controls+(sum of two longest) + (longest-shortest)
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 2 AJ9 KQ8743 A84
Since I appear to have a quantitative hand with 6 and short , isn't 4NT the simplest (and least likely to get misinterpreted) action available (other than the conservative Pass)? In a more finely tuned partnership with more solid agreements, 4 would probably be right...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: AK3 A9874 82 Q62
Partner is likely short in and still could not act...I doubt we're missing a game and if partner has 2+, we definitely do not want to be in this auction. I'll stay fixed and hope we go plus...

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