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Jim (JJ) Johnsen
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Sept. 10, 2015
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Aug. 9, 2016
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Where Do We Go From Here?
The ACBL has language to this effect on every entry form you submit for an event.
Where Do We Go From Here?
Great post, Steve. I have a few comments. I like the idea of looking for a global solution to deter, prevent, identify and prosecute cheating. I do think it needs to be carefully constructed to avoid corruption - a system with checks and balances. Furthermore, the scope of its purview needs ...
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
And you like responding to your own posts and editing your responses to your own posts because???? nm... where is that ignore option>?
Fisher comments...
Good approach Louis. After all, in court cases the prosecution makes its case first and then the defense responds. The prosecution's case is out there for those that want to look at it. For those that are waiting for the defense case to then make up their minds, that ...
Fisher comments...
Hey Tom, Some people actually have watched hours of video from the Opatija tournament and studied the actions carefully. There is not just a pattern, but a blueprint to the cheating. Kit's articles were well titled: "The Videos Speak". I don't need to hear the prosecution or the ...
Fisher comments...
I can hear it now: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I now call my expert witnesses. Wait for it... not just any experts, no I call the #1 and #2 bridge players in the World who will attest to the innocence of the accused. ...and for no compensation other ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Another great piece, Michael. Thanks for the link.
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Just like with the F/S facebook page, there will always be smoke screens put up in hopes of being exonerated. The proof is in the pudding. The evidence speaks (and shouts) for itself. Btw, can't wait for Michael Clark's video. IMO, nothing about their actions and lack ...
Denver BOD Motions
I applaud what looks to be lifetime bans for collusive and/or flagrant cheating with possibility of parole after 10 years for timely confessions. Edited to add: It looks like they're also getting tough with partners and teammates vacating their masterpoints and titles for the 4 years prior to ...

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