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Aug. 24, 2010
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Oct. 24, 2019
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Dealing Effectively With Cheating Allegations
1. It is impossible to prove the negative. 2. This thread/discussion deals with, what, 1% of duplicate bridge played? What about the local club/sectional/congress director, where whatever % of the pairs are illegally signalling? What are these directors, who are the bedrock of duplicate, and the people who ...
Opener's strength unclear and TBD. Not balanced (X - 4+ - Y - 5+) or 4144 else would opened 1NT or rebid 1NT (neither denies 4cM). If 2425, honor distribution matters.
May La Force be with you
Did I say too much?
So let me see if I get this right. East, trying to figure out whether to compete, and, if so, to what level, asks what the opponents' agreements are. As a a result of his/her question, the opponents discover unauthorized information. And take advantage. And the director condones, even ...
Jim La Force's bidding problem: 652 ATxxx --- ATxxx
Ah well. Another flop. Idea was that, in (old fashioned) SA, 2C was natural and a 1 round force (without the complicated 4th suit 1 round forces agreements in 2/1 or modern SA). My thought was 2/1 foisted one into 2S, while the more natural SA allowed a ...
Jim La Force's bidding problem: x Kxx KQJxxx KJx
The rest of the story: the auction continues 1C X 1D 2S* 3C 3S ? *weak And you?
Kitty Munson Cooper's bidding problem: x AJT98xxx x T98
Why did lefty bid 5H instead of 7D? Where are spades? Seems pass stands out.
Why Are Women's Events Dying and Should We Care?
Great idea! And NOW is the time, as ACBLScore currently is being rewritten, and additional categorization of entries/scores should be relatively easy.
Why Are Women's Events Dying and Should We Care?
Just a thought on why, perhaps, men outshine women in the two mind games Kitty mentioned. It is well known/recognized (by most psychologists et al) that women are much more verbally adept than men. Men's relative strength comes in spatial abilities. (And yes, these are generalizations.) Success in ...
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: QT65 K965 7 9872
4D shows max (previous) pass and what you have. I'm with Hendrik. (And no, I would not have doubled previous round.)

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