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Jim Munday
Jim Munday
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July 27, 2010
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about me

Living near Memphis, frequently found on BW or BBO.

Part-time engineering consultant; sports enthusiast, and puzzle maven.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Making KO round in 1st US Trials experience
Bridge Accomplishments
1st 2013 Fast Pairs, 3rd Platinum Pairs 2015, 2nd 2013/2015 NAP Flt A, King of Bridge 1984,
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Sue Munday, Larry Sealy, Richard Pavlicek, Richard Oshlag, Alex Kolesnik, Bill Hall
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Paul Linxwiler - Jim Munday
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Alex Kolesnik - Jim Munday
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Mark Bartusek - Jim Munday
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Dave Smith - Jim Munday
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Richard Oshlag - Jim Munday
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Paul Munafo - Jim Munday
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David Eddleston's lead problem: Q752 963 Q42 K43
Not clear to me why bridge logic says to lead the one suit partner could have Doubled and didn’t. Of course it’s pretty rare for this hand to be on lead with Strong NT bid to our left so I would understand partner not Xing at that point ...
7S puzzle in segment 7
At the time I looked , Billy Miller had made 7. Not saying his line was best, just that someone did (per archive when I looked).
What does 4S mean here?
Responder could have bid 3 to suggest that strain so this is a clear Q for me.
John Torrey's bidding problem: --- KQ982 AQJ975 Q3
My exact sentiment, club game is the perfect opportunity to try it . It might even work out well, though I’m less concerned with that than passing up the opportunity
Making a sow's ear out of a silk purse
Why warn the opponents when lead is such a standout?
Do you have a 6 card spade suit ?
The spade question aside (agree poorly worded on both sides, should ask/answer shown not do you have), how is a ruff not sufficient if South has the A? Maybe South could have T9x systemically, but that's a different argument.
Buffett Cup 2019 Scoring
Ok, I’ll bite. The Buffett site has scores posted which include fractions and odd #s in the team/pair accumulations (supposedly factored by 6/2 respectively). That does not match the scoring as I (barely if at all) understand them.
What to expect of your opponents
Also of note is that you are not necessarily down if LHO does have singleton honor (possible trump coup) on some layouts.
Ron Steele's bidding problem: KJ954 8 Q93 A952
Much better for advancer to stretch to Q here when we can still stop at the 2 level, though granted overcaller is as good as can be.
Ron Steele's bidding problem: KJ954 8 Q93 A952
if I judge this hand is not good enough to open, how is it good enough to invite opposite a simple raise? Being a PH, my range is pretty narrow so advancer can cue pretty aggressively.

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