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Jim Munday
Jim Munday
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Basic Information

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July 27, 2010
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20 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Living near Memphis, frequently found on BW or BBO.

Part-time engineering consultant; sports enthusiast, and puzzle maven.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making KO round in 1st US Trials experience
Bridge Accomplishments
1st 2013 Fast Pairs, 3rd Platinum Pairs 2015, 2nd 2013/2015/2019 NAP Flt A, King of Bridge 1984,
Regular Bridge Partners
Sue Munday, Larry Sealy, Richard Pavlicek, Richard Oshlag, Alex Kolesnik, Bill Hall
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Paul Linxwiler - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Alex Kolesnik - Jim Munday
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Mark Bartusek - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Dave Smith - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Richard Oshlag - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Larry Sealy - Jim Munday
2 over 1
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Paul Munafo - Jim Munday
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Meaning of 4C
Was 4 bid not explained/alerted?
Meaning of 4C
You could with this hand ;>
Kyle Rockoff's lead problem: J8 J86 KJ75 T642
Know the hand so abstained. There are leads more challenging than others but declarer can (should i think) always succeed.
Lee and Wang win Blue Ribbon Pairs
Congrats to Roger and Wei, didnt get a chance to on site after official results posted so wanted to do so here. Well done.
Paulo Brum's bidding problem: AKx 9xxx Qxx 9xx
So partner has to double 4 to say i really meant to bid 2? Unfavorable at IMPs in sandwich position is not a pre-balancing spot for me.
Now I Can Die in Peace*
Can't they always get 800 here by shifting to spades after 3 cashed (allowing 4 trump tricks to be scored)? That might affect your decision in the play. Of course West might also have been surprised that East held that spade holding but maybe that's a factor ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: 72 QT9642 853 Q7
Since it's a problem, i'll gather that 2 was the winner. I "know" that we have 7 spades, which is more than i can say about hearts, let alone a level higher. Yes, the opponents have expressed an opinion about our chances in spades but they are ...
Sometimes You Just Want to Throw the Cards
I've done much, much worse than this many, many times. If asked, just say they led clubs ;>
After a Polish Club sequence
It would seem that a stiff K with RHO is the simplest route to 3 spade tricks (playing low). That's not to say i would necessarily do so.
Bidding philosophy
Problem with 1N is that opps will now drop your K.

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