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Jim Munday
Jim Munday
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July 27, 2010
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about me

Living near Memphis, frequently found on BW or BBO.

Part-time engineering consultant; sports enthusiast, and puzzle maven.

United States of America

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Making KO round in 1st US Trials experience
Bridge Accomplishments
1st 2013 Fast Pairs, 3rd Platinum Pairs 2015, 2nd 2013/2015 NAP Flt A, King of Bridge 1984,
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Sue Munday, Larry Sealy, Richard Pavlicek, Richard Oshlag, Alex Kolesnik, Bill Hall
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Paul Linxwiler - Jim Munday
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Alex Kolesnik - Jim Munday
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Richard Oshlag - Jim Munday
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Wrong Sided?
It also applies after 2-2-2 (kokish)-2 3= 1 suiter , 3= + though we are in GF in any case this time.
Wrong Sided?
I do like this play, wish I'd thought of it.
Wrong Sided?
Remember that the weak hand is playing this one due to the 2 response.
Wrong Sided?
I don't view it any differently from any other loss. There were a multitude of swing hands and the Lusky team was able to capitalize with timely bidding and aggression. If all those tricks held, we might have won.
Wrong Sided?
3 showed hearts 3 showed a fit --- creating GF, 3 over 3 would deny fit (i.e. Reverse reds) and allow opener to bid 3 NF or introduce new suit 3 over 2 would show clubs --- poor disrespected clubs , that strain was costly ...
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: J JT96542 K65 62
3 weak would be a good description but if you have no agreement to that effect it would be asking for trouble. With a singleton spade I would not expect to be able to bid hearts cheaply after a neg X. Will need to guess well.
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
Full service grocery on front st about 1/2 mile east of playing area called Metro.
Your continuation after passive lead
I'm curious after a low heart lead (won in hand, spade finesse) if the Diamond continuation would be as popular (since that's actually what happened at the table)
Uber at Pearson Airport - Pro tip for the Summer NABC
Thanks for the tip Adam The train was $12 1 way to union station but I was leaning towards uber.
Grand National Slams
Good luck in Toronto Oren. On the 2nd deal, you state that there are extra chances including diamonds playing for 3 tricks. I don't see how that helps if the K is offside, though it might ease some of the handling if trumps are 4-0.

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