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Jim Olson
Jim Olson
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June 14, 2011
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired Scientist and active bridge student. Avid Bridge World reader and Master Solvers' Club participant. Interested in the use and misuse of bridge simulations...

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 3NT vs Meckwell with 19 balanced opposite 4 balanced.
Bridge Accomplishments
Summer NABC Semifinalist GNT Flt B; a few Platinum points; several MSC problems accepted; and, long ago, a 1st round upset win in the Spingold.
Regular Bridge Partners
Dave, Ellen, Jim, Sarah, Bill, Bess
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO, KVBA, Easy Aces
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, MABC July 4th Regional, Gatlinburg, Charlottesville Sectional
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT, Kickback, Italian cue bids, 2/1 GF except after suit rebid, 1969 Precision
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?
CCWei can also be called "1969 Precision"; see the 1969 World Championship book: Taiwan, playing Precision, played in the Finals losing to Italy.
2/1 vs. Precision
"(Those self-preemptive 2C/2D treatments are more of a *problem* than a “solution”.)" All Precision 2/2 treatments are self-preemptive to some degree. The question is: are these 2/2 treatments more of a problem than opening 1 on: J2 A874 32 AK963 ?
2/1 vs. Precision
Solution to limited minor-suit opening problems: modified 1969 Precision. 1 = 11-15 unbalanced, 5+s and side four-card suit or 6+s 2 = 11-15 unbalanced, 5+s and side four-card suit or 6+s 2 = 11-15 any 4-4-4-1 (mini-Roman) 5-3-3-2 12-15 with a five-card minor are opened 1NT.
Pressure Bid Weak Twos -- Alertable?
One partner and I systemically open five-card weak-two bids in 1st and 3rd seat which we always alert; our convention card says, "5-7 card suit, may have 4 of other major."
Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Well done Phil...!!
Continuations after Minorwood
4m(ask)__________(response) 4m+1, 4m+2 ? 4NT = to play signoff 5m = signoff Cheapest non-signoff asks for Queen of trump: Return to trump suit denies Queen; 5NT or 6 of agreed suit shows Queen, no outside King; suit bid shows Queen and King of bid suit. Cheapest non-signoff +1 ...
Is this forcing?
I like to play that 1-1-2-3 is invitational (NF) with 5-5. And that the slow sequence (2 F1) to 3 is GF.
"Director, declarer had no problem but did not give away his holding!"
LAW 73 - Communication D. Variations in Tempo or Manner 1. It is desirable, though not always required, for players to maintain steady tempo and unvarying manner. However, players should be particularly careful when variations may work to the benefit of their side. Otherwise, unintentionally to vary the tempo or manner ...
Am I just wrong?
Dealmaster Pro uses Deep Finesse for double-dummy analysis of contracts...
A Senior No More?
In 10 years, BBO 8-board robot duplicates will be about my speed.

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