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July 13, 2011
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Dec. 29, 2017
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Play Problem
When East has 3 spades and 5 clubs, over 80% of the time West will guard hearts. You are giving up West's having 4+ hearts without the king of diamonds for East to have 4 hearts ie a singleton diamond. Is it not better to have diamonds as the ...
Patterns (II)
Perhaps I did not make myself clear. Your second line is only better than your first when West is 3=3=7=0. For your second line you say - If trumps are 3-1 and RHO has the length, cash the AK of spades. If you don't learn anything from ...
Patterns (II)
Frances Hinden's second line is surely better than her first, but it can be slightly improved when West shows out on the second trump. Cash the top spades. If nothing happens, play to ruff the fourth club. This gains when East is xx=3=4=Jxxx Her first line ...
Working out the odds at the table
If you look, I was responding to Kurt's claim that doing these calculations is not easy with pen and paper. I did not reply to your attempt to calculate as at the table. I should have added that this was nothing to do with the question originally posed.
Working out the odds at the table
Kurt You may do bridge probability problems for fun. I do them to try to get the correct answer. When all low spades have appeared but no jack, you can finesse the jack of diamonds. This wins if. N has the SJ ie S has DQxx. But not if S ...
Working out the odds at the table
If you want to find the probabilities, why not do these problems the easy way using a bridge calculator? Armed with Frances Hinden's sensible assumption of a 4-3 heart break, go to Enter the missing diamonds and assumed vacant spaces and you find a useful diamond finesse ...
Help needed on a beautifully frustrating declarer problem
No this doesn't work due to entries. On ♠QA you now play AK♦ and ruff a diamond, ruff a heart, ruff a diamond now you can ruff a heart and play a diamond? (Correct me if it is a different line) Now West gets in with the ruff and ...
Help needed on a beautifully frustrating declarer problem
Best is to play for 3-3 diamonds and the king of spades onside with a 3-2 break. Take the spade finesse at trick 2 and cash the ace of spades. Then ace-king of diamonds discarding a club and ruff a diamond. If the diamonds don’t break, you still have ...
Best line in slam?
There are calculators which solve these problems very simply. I use the one at but there is probably one on Richard Pavlicek's site. You put in the relevant cards, here: S and HQxxxxxx, and the vacant spaces, here: 12 each after one round of trumps (If there ...
Percentage play in Bermuda Bowl (Quarter finals round 4, board 25)
A simple way to look at it. Both lines make when the three key cards are onside. Clubs first fails when there are four spade tricks and the CJ is offside. Spades first fails when there are four club tricks and the SQ is offside. Four spade tricks is at ...
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