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Jim Priebe
Jim Priebe
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July 1, 2010
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Oct. 13
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Bridge Writer
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3D making
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canadian champ
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joan, paul
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Emerald Life Master
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Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
My wife and I had the pleasure of touring Scotland a few days ago and we took time to play in all the little bridge clubs we could find. Every single grandmother in these clubs played multi. We had a simple D worked out and could have cared less. I ...
Jim Priebe's bidding problem: AKT964 AT 7 KJT7
Serge, thanks for the comment. Gazilli is not well known in Canada, but seems like a useful tool
Effect of the Recent ACBL Rules about opening 1NT with a singleton
So acbl has a rule. You have an infraction of a well known and understood rule and you complain!. No sympathy. Why would one want to declare NT with a singleton S or whatever? I would strive to get partner on play in NT. Whole discussion is ---.
Unduly Harsh - episodes from coaches and captains
I am absolutely sure John would, but not necessarily on the same day.
To Sabine and Roy
I cannot see why anyone would hang onto a championship they did not win.
Rusinow/standard leads against no-trump
I like Rusinow vs both. Standard leads with shortness (doubleton vs suit, 2 or 3 vs NT) An example of where shortness agreement vs NT helps is this holding: (and similar) Dummy Kxx Leader 3rd hand QJx Axx On this layout, 3rd hand knows there is no future in the ...
Hand from Reisinger
much ado How could one pass with this golden hand? 2 working Q's and a 5 card suit. Also how could not anyone hesitate with the other hand? Ridiculous. He has said it all. Give partner a nreak when you have a good hand.
Reisinger final round
great acting by EW. E told pard he did not have a singleton D. West let on that he had a problem at trick 2. An Oscar possibly?
Nausicaa (Kaya) Chua's bidding problem: QJ8765 AKQT A7 4
do not want D bidder on lead.
Fisher/Schwartz videos edited
terrific piece of work.

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