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Jim Wiitala
Jim Wiitala
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July 9, 2011
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Dec. 13
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Vociferously berating my partner after 2 terrible rounds, not speaking thereafter, then winning the event.
Regular Bridge Partners
, Chris Class, Vern Nunally, Frank Brown
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Sequim, WA
Favorite Tournaments
Seaside, Oregon Regional
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Support dbl
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Gold Life Master
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Dummy's LHO mishears "8" or "ace"
No one mentioned whether either play was clearly logical from declarers holding. For example, declarer would usually not play the Ace from dummy if he held the stiff K. I witnessed a high level match where the declarer actually called for the "wrong" card and was allowed to change it ...
Why aren't you playing in the USBC?
My previous comments about pros ruining the gamed will be edited.
Subsequent Action
An old fashioned 1N by East works well as the hand should make either 1-3N or 2H.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AKQ --- AK65 AKT732
I abstained because I would bid 1d/1c. You can handle any subsequent bids. Most opponents reopen with a dbl if it goes 1c-1d-p-p like you expect. Now you can bid 2c to describe your hand. If partner is so rude as to bid 2h, you can bid 3c.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T864 QT96 AQ Q73
Unless you can right side the contract your hand is probably only worth 8 pts. So why not 2NT? If partner bids 3C with 4 3 1 5, rebid 3D and raise partners M response to 4. If he bids 3M over 2NT (5-4 Majors) raise to 4. With a ...
Seattle vs. Green Bay football game unfortunately mirrors too many high-level appeals committees.
I doubt that there was ever a game played with human referees where every call (or non-call) was absolutely correct. Even the "regulars" have made game changing miscalls. So why must this one be singled out as "cheapening" the game? Ironically, Seattle lost a play-off game to Pittsburgh due to ...
Ned Kohler's bidding problem: K83 T AQJT5 JT82
The silence of RHO is deafening. He may have short H's and long S's and is welcoming your entrance. Partner most likely has a H stack or 12- blah pts without good S's. If he can punish LHO by passing your dbl then he also likely has ...
Your lead to 4NT doubled
I agree with your reasoning. Partner also knows declarer has a spade stopper. The only question is are they set to run diamonds or clubs? Partner must be looking at a diamond stopper to dbl so declarer most likely has solid club suit. All that is left to lead is ...
Jim Breihan's bidding problem: KQJ543 --- K987 J65
2S best describes my hand as I show a good suit in 1st or 2nd position. This also has a premptive value.
Yves Lefebvre's bidding problem: K JT97542 Q97 A7
I agree with your latter comments. If you open 3H partner will not expect the side strength and will either miss game or misdefend. If you open 1H, partner will still be looking for your 2 def tricks.

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